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Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for September 1st, 2014

Sep 2, 2014
Written by Angela

Chris welcomes everyone to Raw is Jericho. Chris gives us a cheap pop for Des Moines. He says that this is a holiday for hard working men and women like yourself. His guest is someone who has never worked a day in his life. He has been given everything in the WWE on a silver platter.

Chris brings out Randy Orton, but instead of Randy, it is Triple H and he is joined by Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton and they are dressed like they are in an attorney commercial on ROH TV. Chris says that he expected to see Randy come out tonight by himself and not with his law firm of Suck Up, Sell Out, and Schnozz.

Hunter tells Chris that he has never grown up, physically or literally. Hunter tells Chris that he has important business. Chris says Hunter does not conduct important business in the ring unless his wife is being thrown in jail. Hunter says that Chris should be thanking him instead of coming up with witty banter. Hunter comments on Chris’ scarf and Chris comments on Hunter’s pink tie. Hunter says that it is violet.

Hunter says that this is the most historic Highlight Reel in history. Hunter says that he reviewed the match at SummerSlam between John Cena and Brock Lesnar as well as the commentary about it. Hunter says that you can watch it on the WWE Network for $9.99. Hunter says that it might not be best for business to have a rematch between Cena and Lesnar. Hunter says that he is contemplating a new number one contender.
Chris says that even though he is giving Cena his mandatory rematch, who will Hunter give the match to? Randy says that there is only one person who can beat Brock Lesnar. He is a twelve time World Champion, a third generation wrestler, and someone who earned everything.

Kane suggests that it should be a masked man who can raise a demon to face the Beast Incarnate. Seth says that maybe the future has already arrived in Mr. Money in the Bank himself. He did take out Dean Ambrose and he has become one of the most intelligent and most dangerous Superstars in the locker room.

Chris suggests that you give the shot to a six time champion and the first Undisputed Champion in the business.

Friday Night SmackDown: Results and Photos for August 22nd, 2014

Aug 22, 2014
Written by Kaitlin

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

Randy says that just because you have won the battle, it does not mean that you won the war. One match does not define him. One match does not define Roman Reigns. He has been called the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, and the Viper. One thing he has never been called is a loser. All this has done is make him more focused. When he gets more focused, this things happen.

We see footage of Randy Orton RKOing Roman Reigns through a table last month on Raw.

Orton says that is the Legend Killer, the Viper, and the Apex Predator. Roman Reigns will get what he deserves and what is coming to him. Maybe tonight. First things first. He has a match with Rob Van Dam. He tells Rob that he is sorry that Rob is nothing more than collateral damage. It will be a warning to everyone in the back and the WWE Universe. If you stand in his way, he will put you away. Randy says that he is third generation, a twelve time champion, and the greatest superstar in this industry.

Randy says that he deserves your respect. Now that he has his focus back, he will take it from you.

Backstage: Renee Young is in the interview area with Rob Van Dam. Renee asks Rob about his match with Randy Orton. Rob says he feels great and that Randy needs to chill out. There is no shame to lose to Roman Reigns. Randy is obsessed asking for respect. Randy should be worried about his match with the ‘Whole Damn Show’ . . . R . . . V . . .Randy Orton attacks Van Dam from behind and he tells Renee that when Rob wakes up, he will be at ringside waiting for him.

Randy Orton versus Rob Van Dam

Van Dam runs to the ring and Orton goes to the floor. Orton has a kick blocked and Van Dam with punches but Orton sends Van Dam into the ropes and he kicks Rob. Orton with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and Van Dam with a back kick and a springboard thrust kick and a drop kick. Van Dam clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor. Van Dam with a flip dive onto Orton and both men are down. Van Dam puts Orton on the ringside barrier and then he punches Orton. Van Dam does the thumbs before the corkscrew leg drop and Orton moves out of the way and Van Dam hits the ringside barrier.

Orton sends Van Dam into the ringside barrier and then he sends Van Dam into the ringside barrier again. Orton slams Van Dam’s head into the German announce table and then into the ring steps. Orton sends Van Dam into the ring steps one more time. Orton slams Van Dam’s head into the announce table and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match: Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the announce table. Orton looks at Van Dam on the announce table and Van Dam rolls off the table and Orton with a clothesline. He tells the camera man to move. Orton picks up Van Dam and he sends Van Dam over the ringside barrier and Orton hits the IEDDT off the ringside barrier.

Orton brings Van Dam into the ring and then Orton grabs a steel chair. Orton brings the chair into the ring and he sits down in front of an almost motionless Van Dam. Orton mocks Van Dam by doing the thumbs. Orton moves the chair and then he hits an RKO on the chair. The medical staff checks on Van Dam and Orton leaves the ring. Orton tells the announcers to tell Roman that he will see him later.

Monday Night Raw: Results and Photos for August 18th, 2014

Aug 18, 2014
Written by Kaitlin

Randy Orton, Curtis Axel and Ryback vs. Rob Van Dam, Roman Reigns and Sheamus
Axel and Sheamus start things off and Axel with a waist lock. Sheamus with an elbow and side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle. Sheamus with a clothesline but Axel sends Sheamus into the ropes. Axel with punches and Orton tags in. Orton kicks Sheamus and head butts him. Orton with a punch and kick. Orton goes for a back breaker and Sheamus with a Finlay Slam after Van Dam tags in and hits Rolling Thunder.

Orton rolls to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus gets Axel on his shoulders but Axel gets to the apron. Sheamus with the ten forearms to the chest. Ryback goes after Sheamus and stops awkwardly on the apron because it is time for him to get the ten forearms to the chest.

Axel kicks Sheamus and punches him in the corner. Sheamus with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner. Orton pulls the ropes down and Sheamus falls to the floor. Orton tags in and he tells someone to move out of the way and he hits a back drop driver onto the ringside barrier and Sheamus falls into YeatonVille. Orton sends Sheamus into the announce table and then Orton tags in Ryback since it is his home town.

Ryback sends Sheamus into the corner and he connects with shoulders in the corner. Ryback with a hard Irish whip. Ryback with a front face lock. Ryback with a delayed vertical suplex to Sheamus. Orton tags in and he kicks Sheamus in the chest and he sets for the IEDDT but Sheamus gets into the ring and he hits White Noise and both men are down.

Reigns and Axel tag in and Reigns with a Samoan Drop followed by a punch to Ryback. Reigsn with a flying clothesline and he kicks Axel in the back of the leg and he flips. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner followed by a punch and Axel rolls to the ropes for the Juggernaut Drop Kick. Reigns with a Superman punch to Axel and then one for Ryback.

Reigns readies for the spear but Orton with a back breaker. Van Dam tags in and hits a cross body for a near fall. Van Dam with a body scissors for a rollup. Van Dam avoids a splash in the corner and Van Dam with a kick followed by a split legged moonsault for a near fall.

Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Ryback, but Orton with an RKO to Sheamus. Van Dam with an enzuigiri followed by a spear to Orton by Reigns. Axel sends Reigns into the ring post. Van Dam with a step over heel kick to Axel followed by a five star frog splash for the three count.

Winners: Rob Van Dam, Roman Reigns and Sheamus

Backstage: We are back and Randy Orton walks dejectedly in the back. Ric Flair stops him and he wants to talk about Roman Reigns. Randy tells Ric to stay out of his way unless he wants to know why they called him the Legend Killer.

SummerSlam 2014 Results and Photos

Aug 18, 2014
Written by Angela

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton
Orton went after Reigns but was cut off and worked over. Reigns snapped him into the corner but was shoved away. Roman nailed a big right hand then kicked him over the top to the floor. Roman followed him and slammed him into the guard rail. Reigns whipped Orton but it was reversed and Reigns was drilled into the ring steps. Orton tossed Reigns back into the ring and cinched in a side chinlock. Reigns broke free but was grabbed by his hair and snapped backwards to the mat. Orton stomped on Reigns’ hand and foot, holding his foot there after the move. Reigns fired back but was sent into the corner. He kicked Orton away and went to the top but Orton nailed him and worked him over on the turnbuckles.

Orton went for a superplex and nailed it. Randy was fought off and was caught in a sleeper but countered it with a sideslam. They went back to the chinlock. They battled to the floor. Reigns nailed his dropkick on the apron. They sent each other into the guard rails. Orton regained control, sending Reigns into the ringpost and covered Reigns for a two count. Back on the floor, Reignss was slammed on the announcer’s table and sent into the ring steps. Reigns snapped Orton’s throat across the rope as Orton reached for him in the ring. He sent Orton to the corner and brought him to the top. Orton drilled him but was caught for a Samoan Drop off the top scoring a two count.

Reigns nailed Orton with the Superman Punch and set up for the spear but was caught with the powerslam for a two count. Orton nailed the hanging DDT off the ropes. Orton set up for the RKO but was shoved off. Reigns leapt for the spear but Orton caught him with the RKO. Reigns kicked up at the last minute. Good sequence. Orton was shocked he didn’t get the win.

Orton went for the punt but Reigns got out of the way and speared him for the pin.

Your winner, Roman Reigns!

Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for August 4th, 2014

Aug 5, 2014
Written by Angela

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins make their way to the ring. We are reminded that it was announced that Randy Orton will face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Triple H says that we are two weeks away from the biggest pay per view of the summer and you can see it all live on the WWE Network for $9.99. He says that he is not the type of guy who likes to pat himself on the back, but he is going to do that right now. This could be the biggest SummerSlam card in history.

At SummerSlam, you will see Bray Wyatt face Chris Jericho. You can see it on the WWE Network for just $9.99. Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins will face the Unstable Dean Ambrose. You can see it on the WWE Network for just $9.99. Hunter says that Seth came to him with an idea. Tonight, there will be a Beat the Clock Challenge. Each man will try to beat their opponent and the one who does it in the shortest amount of time will get to announce the stipulation at SummerSlam. Dean Ambrose will face Alberto Del Rio. Seth will not have an easy opponent. Seth will face Rob Van Dam. Stephanie McMahon says that she is happy to see the fans booing her too and she is wearing cowboy boots too. We will have the official contract signing tonight for her match against Brie Bella. You can see it on the WWE Network for just $9.99. If Brie gets out of line, she will slap Brie hard enough that she will end up in a hospital bed next to her husband, Daniel Bryan. Stephanie responds to the ‘Yes’ chants by saying yes she will.

Hunter says that in what could be the biggest fight of the summer, the Beast Incarnate will try to take the championship from the 15 time WWE Champion John Cena. You can see it on the WWE Network for just $9.99. Hunter says that there is more and Randy Orton takes the mic. He says the best part of SummerSlam is his guarantee to them. He will continue to methodically decimate Roman Reigns. Roman took something dear from him. He took his chance to be the WWE Champoin. We see the remains from Reigns after what he did to him last week. Last week was only a taste . . .

Roman Reigns interrupts Randy with his music and he makes his way into the aisle. Roman says that Randy claims the Viper is back. That means that Roman stood up to everything that the Viper gave and he is still here. Roman says that he will beat the Viper’s ass for free . . . tonight. Hunter tells Randy that he has Roman Reigns, but he faces him at SummerSlam. Orton wants him right now.

Renee Young is in the locker room with Randy Orton. She asks Randy about the Kane/Reigns match, but Orton has some footage of his own. We see what Orton did to Reigns last week on Raw.

Randy says that he doesn’t want to talk about Kane and Reigns. Kane is one of the most vicious superstars but he is nowhere near as sick, twisted, or sadistic as him. He will prove that he can strike any time and anywhere. He tells Reigns to have his head on a swivel because he might kick it off.

Friday Night Smackdown: Results and Photos for August 1st, 2014

Aug 3, 2014
Written by Angela

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

Randy says that last week on Raw he was informed that Brock Lesnar would be facing John Cena with the World Title. He has no issue with Lesnar, but Randy says that he deserves to be in that match. He is not in that match because of Roman Reigns. Roman stands in the way of his legitimate right to be the champion. As long as Roman is around, he will not be able to get what he so rightly deserves.

That is why on Raw, he left a very distinct message for Roman Reigns. We see the footage of the attack by Orton on Reigns on Raw.

Randy tells Roman that he dares him at SummerSlam to step into the ring with the venomous cold viper who will inject his venom into Reigns’ veins and Roman will ball up in the corner like he did on Raw. Randy tells Roman that he can believe in that.

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