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House of Horrors: WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

They announced, via the ring announce JoJo, that the match would begin in the House of Horrors but would end in the Arena via pinfall, submission or forfeiture. We go to a limo pulling up to a house. Inside is Randy Orton, dressed to fight. He exits and there is a house bathed in blue light. One of the lights inside turns off. A piece of farm equipment drives itself past Randy. We hear crickets. At the house, not in the arena back in San Jose. Orton cautiously tries to enter the house. He can spy Wyatt inside. Bray sees him and turns to face the window. Orton goes to the front door. He enters and we see all sorts of cuts. Bray’s voice warns him to “run.”

The door slams behind Randy and Bray attacks him from behind. He slams Orton into a wall and tells him that he took everything from Bray, so now Wyatt will take everything from him. He yelled at Orton that he could never leave. They battled inside the living room until Wyatt fled down a hallway. Randy followed and Bray’s hand broke through a wall to choke at him. Randy goes into a room with a bunch of mutilated baby dolls hanging from the ceiling. They played baby noises. Wyatt attacks the distracted Randy and they slam each other into the walls, breaking the plaster. They were actually hitting some pretty stiff shots that I suspect most will dismiss because this is pre-taped and edited. Wyatt disappeared and Orton tried to follow, demanding to know where he is. Orton entered a spooky room and then a kitchen. Wyatt tried to attack him with a rolling pin and then a frying pan but Randy fought back and beat him down with right hands until they were both down exhausted on the floor. Orton got back to his feet and Wyatt laughed at him. Orton tried to force him into a sink full of dirty dishes and was going to hit him with a frying pan but was low blowed. Wyatt flipped a fridge over and trapped Orton underneath.

Bray goes outside. He screamed “Follow the buzzards” and on cue, the house is now bathed in red light. Bray gets in Randy’s limo and tells the driver to go to the Arena. He sang “He’s got the whole world in his hands” as they drove away.

Bray Wyatt arrived at the arena, stumbled out of the limo coughing and marched down a hallway towards the gorilla position. So, WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt in a “House of Horrors” match continues…

Wyatt made his way down the ring with his complete entrance, carrying his lantern. The announcer teased that Orton hasn’t shown up and would have to forfeit. When Bray blew out his lantern, the lights turned on and Randy was behind him in the ring and attacked, destroying him with a chair. They went to the floor, where Bray was sent over the announcing table at ringside. Orton set up and DDT’d Wyatt off the table to the floor. Orton was carrying his arm as if he had hurt his shoulder. Orton snapped Wyatt across the back with a steel chair. He tossed Bray back into the ring. Orton set up for the RKO but the Singh Brothers from Smackdown attacked him. He fought them off. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail but Orton fought him off and nailed an RKO. Jinder Mahal hit the ring and attacked Orton with the WWE championship belt and walked off. Wyatt nailed Orton with Sister Abigail and scored the pin.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

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