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February 12th, 2013

First of all Ang and I would just like to say thank you to each of you who stuck by us all these years, and still supported us through our much needed hiatus. We appreciate your support and patience so much. Secondly, we hope you all find the new revamped version of the site easy to browse, and appeasing to the eye. We both worked extremely hard on getting it in tip top shape and we hope it was worth it.

We thought it was about time for a new beginning, and decided to start fresh. So, you might notice our past updates going back as far as 2008 are no longer available. In addition to the new design, we also took the time to archive our gallery which holds photos from 2004-2012 and thought it best to start fresh in that area as well.

To make things easier we’ll break down the highlights of the new site:

  • Comments – We have enabled comments once again on our posts, however we will be keeping a watchful eye on them. So, with that said all comments are to be moderated before being published on the site, but otherwise have fun!
  • New Gallery – The old gallery had grown so huge, nearly 100,000 photos and over 18,000,000 views that we decided to archive it. Thus meaning, all new photos are to be uploaded into our NEW gallery while the old would can still be viewed.
  • Screen Captures – We know many of you were saddened to learn of our decision to cease capping Randy for the site about a year ago when we announced it, and with good reason we thought it best to stop. As we’ve said before it is a very timely hassle especially when you don’t have much time to begin with. With that said though, we have decided to bring them back. So you can expect weekly high quality captures as well as us catching up on the year of captures we missed over time.
  • Mobile Ready – For many of our visitors who visit the site via their cell phones we have made sure the site is easily viewable on all mobile phones as well. And it even has an option to turn it off, that is if you prefer to view the non-mobile version of the site.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new design, so feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

WWE posted a new feature titled “The Kids From OVW That Changed WWE” dedicated to telling the story of four superstars who began their start in OVW back in the day only to come to WWE and leave their mark.

We’ve added 4 photos from the feature which you can check out in the gallery!

Original Article: WWE.COM

On February 6th Randy sat down and met with hundreds of fans at the annual Washington Auto show in Washington D.C. – Where as you can see, had a great time getting to take a moment and meet and chat with his many fans.

You can check out the photos in the gallery now.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Mark Henry makes his way to the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry
They lock up, as Orton is backed into the corner. Henry backs up, missing with the Lariat. Orton connects with one of his own to a cornered Henry. Mark throws a back elbow to Orton’s face, kicking his chest. Henry throws Orton to the floor, as he follows. Henry clubs Orton’s back with a forearm. Henry picks up Orton, going to slam him into the ring post. Orton reverses, throwing Henry into the steel post. Henry gets back into the ring, throwing Orton in the corner. Orton sits on the top rope, hitting Henry’s chest. Henry pushes Orton off the top rope with a fist. Henry rolls Orton back in the ring and pins. Kick out. Henry stands all his weight onto Orton’s chest. Henry locks in a claw on Randy’s shoulder. Orton elbows out, but is headbutt. Orton is whipped into the corner, and is hit with a Lariat, followed by a Dropkick. Orton connects with a Rope Hung DDT. Orton calls for an RKO, but Henry reverses into a corner Splash. Henry connects with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner and Entrant in Elimination Chamber Match: Mark Henry via pinfall

In 2003, Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista formed the dominant WWE faction known as Evolution. Ten years later, WWE Classics examines the group’s rise to power and the greed and jealousy that ultimately corrupted them.

Booker’s music hits and Cole says he never thought he’d be so glad to see Booker! Booker to the stage, but Punk says that no one wants to hear from him, this isn’t his show, hit the bricks.

Booker says that’s not true, as Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie allowed him to come out and decide Punk’s fate. He won’t he’s letting the fans do it.

Punk asks Booker if he’s drunk putting it in the hands of these people!

They’re on the Road To WrestleMania, so why not have Punk face one of his past WrestleMania opponents? WrestleMania 26, Rey? Like that? Or maybe WrestleMania 27, Orton? Or, maybe his last WrestleMania opponent, Jericho! “Y2J!” chants. Booker tells the ‘Universe’ to download the App and vote for who Punk should face.

Orton, on the WWE App says he beat Punk, in Atlanta, so he should face him tonight. Punk running his mouth? He can fix that with an RKO.

Cole talks about the App being overloaded and having to send people to King has the mic and talks about the voting for Punk’s match tonight.

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