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Randy Orton versus Dean Ambrose
Ambrose has something to say to Orton before locking up. They finally lock up and Orton with a side head lock. Ambrose backs Orton into the corner and he punches Orton. Orton kicks Ambrose but Ambrose kicks back and he chokes Orton with his boot. Ambrose runs Orton’s eyes across the top rope. Orton runs his laces across the eyes and then he punches Ambrose in the corner. Orton with a European uppercut and he gets a near fall. Ambrose with shoulders followed by punches and forearms. Orton with a Thesz Press and he punches Ambrose in the head. Ambrose rolls to the floor and Orton follows and he connects with a clothesline.

Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the ringside barrier. Ambrose tries to get to the other side of the ring but Orton stops him. They fight on the floor but Ambrose sends Orton shoulder first into the ring steps. Ambrose with a clothesline

We are back and Ambrose with a sleeper. Orton with elbows and he escapes the hold. Orton with a head butt but Ambrose with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Ambrose with a wrist lock and he kicks Orton. Ambrose stomps on the hand.

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Even though WWE Superstar Randy Orton had a role in the 2011 WWE Studios film That’s What I Am, opposite Ed Harris, he’s never anchored his own flick. Unlike John Cena, Edge, Triple H and more, Orton’s never been that guy; the one chasing down bad guys and dishing out beatings. Now Orton’s time has come with 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded (the franchise sequel to the 2009 John Cena film), which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, June 4th.

Like the WWE’s Marine franchise, this sequel has a completely different story and hero, with Orton playing EMT worker Nick Malloy, who gets a phone call one night and is immediately thrust into a deadly “12 Round” game that he himself needs to figure out his role in. I spoke to Orton about his new film, playing an “everyman” character, some of the craziness involved during night shoots in shady neighborhoods, and his opinions of third generation WWE superstar Bray Wyatt’s new video and third generation star Curtis Axel’s debut.

IGN: Your character in 12 Rounds 2 is more of an “everyman” type. Not like the cop from the first 12 Rounds movie.

Randy Orton: Yeah, definitely. Well, you know, John Cena. He couldn’t play an “everyman.” Look at him. He looks like He-Man. Put Randy Orton into the EMT outfit however and he can be an average joe. [laughs] But yeah, I agree with you. I thought that was kind of cool. Because when I heard that I was going to be in the new 12 Rounds movie I was like “Okay, get ready, Randy. You’re going to be a police officer.” But no, the character is an EMT worker and I thought that was different. In a good way. It also gave them a way to cover my tattoos up for the entire length of the movie almost with the long sleeves. So they were thinking. There was some motivation behind my profession in the movie. But it was cool because there’s a part in the film where I break a guy’s nose down in a sleazy Chinese motel in Chinatown and I tell him to immediately put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. Because I care about these people. My character doesn’t want to hurt anyone, or police officers even, but I know that my wife is in danger so I gotta do what I gotta do.

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Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes versus Randy Orton and Sheamus

Cody and Orton start things off and they lock up. Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with another shoulder tackle. Rhodes works on the wrist and he puts Orton in a top wrist lock. Rhodes with a knee in the corner but Orton with an Irish whip. Rhodes floats over and Orton with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Orton runs his laces across the face and Sheamus tags in and Sheamus with a slingshot shoulder tackle for a near fall. Sandow tags in and he kicks and punches Sheamus. Sheamus blocks a hip toss but Sandow avoids a short arm clothesline. Sheamus with a slam for a near fall. Orton tags in and he kicks Sandow. Orton sends Sandow into the turnbuckles and he punches Sandow.

Orton with a drop kick for a near fall. Sandow with forearms and he tags in Cody. Cody with punches and kicks to Orton. Rhodes with an Irish whip but you don’t Irish whip Orton into the corner because Orton with a clothesline for a near fall. Sheamus tags in and he hits a knee drop. Sheamus with forearms across the chest.

Rhodes with punches and kicks to Sheamus and the referee warns him. Sheamus with a hard Irish whip to Rhodes followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Cody with punches and Sandow tags in. Sandow with a snap mare and a knee drop. Sandow with a kick to Sheamus but Sheamus with a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Rhodes tries to stop Sheamus on the apron. The distraction allows Sandow to send Sheamus to the mat from the turnbuckles and he gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

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Kofi Kingston versus Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) for the United States Title
Winner: Kofi Kingston (by disqualification)

We have a three on one attack and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to help Kofi Kingston. Orton kicks Reigns and he punches Ambrose and Rollins as well. Sheamus makes his way to the ring because his music is playing. Teddy Long comes out and says that this show is not going to end like that. Since there are six men in the ring, we are going to have a six man tag match.

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Kofi Kingston versus Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns
The match is joined in progress and Reigns punches Sheamus and connects with a head butt. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and Reigns blocks a hip toss from Sheamus. Sheamus misses a short arm clothesline but he connects with a tilt-a-whirl power slam for a near fall. Reigns with an elbow to Sheamus and Rollins tags in.

Sheamus with a hip toss and Orton tags in and he kicks Rollins in the chest. Orton climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Rollins. Orton with a European uppercut for a near fall. Orton with a wrist lock and he tags in Kofi. Kofi ges up top and he connects with a double sledge to the arm followed by kicks and a jumping back spin kick for a near fall.

Kofi with a key lock on Rollins and then he hits a springboard splash for a near fall. Orton tags in and he hits a standing drop kick and gets a near fall. Rollins with a jawbreaker and punch and Ambrose tags in. Orton with a clothesline to Ambrose followed by a suplex and he runs his laces across Ambrose’s face. Orton stomps on the hand and he tags in Sheamus.

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I’ve added 4 photos of Randy meeting with Circle of Champions honorees from Hospice Dreams into the gallery. Make sure to check them out.

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