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Randy Orton
A rebel that spends a lot more afternoons in detention than study hall, Randy Orton sticks to the shadows of WWE High, scoffing at do-gooders like John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Like his WWE High alum dad, Orton has dabbled in team sports, but they really aren’t his thing. Orton’s a loner, and seldom appears at big social events — but when he does, it’s completely “outta nowhere.”

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UPDATE, NOV. 5, 2014: has learned that Orton has been diagnosed with a concussion following further tests by WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino. “Randy exhibited symptoms of a concussion after the Curb Stomp on the announcer’s desk,” Daquino reported to “He also had some facial contusions. Currently he is not cleared to compete and his return timetable is undetermined.”

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — has learned that Randy Orton was injured following an attack at the hands of The Authority, during which he suffered two consecutive Curb Stomps from Seth Rollins; one atop the announce table and another on the steel steps. The extent of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s injuries is unknown at this time, however, as all medical evaluations of The Apex Predator were done behind closed doors. was unable to get official comment from medical staff as to the nature of Orton’s injuries, though locker room speculation is that The Viper had suffered a concussion. hopes to have an official update on Orton’s condition tomorrow.

Check back here tomorrow for an official update on Orton’s condition.

#32 Edge vs. Randy Orton: Intercontinental Championship Match (July 19, 2004)


The Intercontinental Title is held in high esteem in WWE, often seen as the last step a Superstar takes on his path to becoming a World Champion. That idea was stuck in the heads of Edge and Randy Orton as the battled over the prestigious championship.

The competitors who would become Rated-RKO several years down the line were neck and neck with each other in this bout, unable to gain a solid advantage. Edge, the champion, inadvertently took out the referee when The Viper ducked to evade his crossbody block. Orton tried to capitalize, grabbing a steel chair to clobber Edge, but The Rated-R Superstar avoided the attack. In the end, Edge gave Orton a taste of his own medicine, rolling him up with his feet on the ropes for leverage to retain his title.

#36 Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: Street Fight (June 24, 2013)


Given recent events, it seems like a lifetime ago that Daniel Bryan battled a self-imposed perception of being a “weak link,” but there Bryan was in the summer of 2013, picking a fight with anyone who looked at him the wrong way, especially — in an eerie bit of foreshadowing — Randy Orton. With his first two tilts with The Apex Predator having ended either controversially or indecisively, Bryan and The Viper collided in a Street Fight rubber match with bragging rights on the line, and the “Yes!” man rose rather magnificently to his latest and greatest challenge.

Orton has long been touted as the more vicious of these two competitors, yet Bryan certainly didn’t shy from embracing the gritty stipulation. The introduction of a steel chair proved costly for both men in more ways than one, yet for every attack Orton unleashed, the former WWE Tag Team Champion responded immediately in kind. In the end, Bryan won the way he always promised he would, locking The Viper in a Kendo stick-assisted “Yes!” Lock to force Orton into a rare submission victory. The effort was enough to earn Bryan a handshake from The Apex Predator that showed respect for the beard, respect the fight, and — as is only appropriate after a match like this — respect for the victor.


I’ve added 6 photos of Randy meeting with Make-A-Wish honoree, Jesue into the gallery. Be sure to check them out.

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