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We see footage from last week when Randy Orton interrupted a Damien Sandow interview with Natalya.

Randy Orton versus Damien Sandow
They lock up and Orton backs Sandow into the corner and Sandow tells the referee to do his job while Sandow goes to the apron. They lock up again and Orton with a hammer lock but Sandow with a reversal and side head lock. Orton with forearms and Sandow with a shoulder tackle. Sandow takes a bow.

They lock up and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackles. Orton blocks a hip toss and gives Sandow a hip toss of his own and Sandow goes to the floor but Orton goes after Sandow and knocks Sandow down outside the ring. Orton returns to the ring and we go to commercial.

During the commercial break during the Orton/Sandow match, they showed a video package of Kofi Kingston talking about how he was bullied as a child and talked about the Be A Star program.

We are back and Sandow with a side head lock but Orton with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold and Orton gets a near fall. Orton with a European uppercut but Sandow tries to send Orton into the turnbuckles but Orton sends Sandow into the turnbuckles. Orton with a drop kick for a near fall.

Orton stomps on the chest and then he drops a knee to the head. Orton misses a leaping knee drop when Sandow moves out of the way. Orton blocks a suplex attempt and Orton hits a suplex of his own. Orton gets a near fall. Orton runs the laces of his boot against Sandow’s face.

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Sandow will perform next week on Saturday Morning Slam to clean up the rubbish. He will compete in the ring and implement a rigorous syllabus of English, Science, Astronomy, Spelling…

Randy Orton interrupts and he has a spelling lesson for Damien and he spells out RKO. He says that he will be happy to teach him in the ring next week.

Orton leaves and Sandow says that does not spell anything.

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