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The Shield vs. Evolution: No Holds Barred Elimination
They all started brawling and went to ringside and the stage fighting. It was all chaos early. It finally settled down and Evolution worked over Seth Rollins in the corner. He came back with a leg lariat on Orton for a two count. Shield took turns tagging in and out on Orton. If it’s No Holds Barred, why bother with the tags?

Batista tagged in but was controlled by Reigns and brought into the Shield’s corner. HHH tagged in and Rollins controlled him with a trio of suplexes. Ambrose and Rollins double-teamed HHH. Ambrose nailed a cannonball in the corner for a two count.

Ambrose went to come off the top with a fistdrop but was kicked in the face. Batista tagged in and brought Ambrose to the floor, slamming him into the barricade. He picked up Ambrose and dropped him on the barricade, then kicked him in the head as he was laid out on the apron. Batista nailed a catapult, slamming Ambrose’s throat under the bottom rope. Orton snapped Abrose down and began stomping the hell out of him.

Evolution began tagging in and out, taking Ambrose apart. Triple H nailed a big knee but is caught with a clothesline. Ambrose began crawling to tag one of his partners and made the tag to Reigns. Reigns met Batista in the center and worked him over, then nailed a big clothesline. Everyone started brawling again. Reigns nailed his dropkick onto the apron on Batista.

Reigns nailed the Superman Punch on Batista but Orton broke it up and everyone brawled. Everyone brawled into the crowd. Rollins went to dive off some production equipment but HHH drilled him with a piece of metal. Reigns began setting up the announcer’s table for destruction but Orton and HHH jumped him and sent him into the ring steps. They nailed a triple powerbomb through the announce table on Roman.

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Backstage: Renee Young stands with Evolution. Young says tonight they’ll finally get in the ring with The Shield. Hunter says they think Evolution’s egos will be their downfall. Hunter says they have massive egos, but they’re well deserved, because you’re looking at 31 World Championships between these three men. Batista is the most powerful, destructive man to walk into a WWE ring. Then there’s Randy Orton, the most naturally gifted athlete to ever walk into the squared circle. And tonight you’ll find out why they call him the cerebral assassin. They have egos, but they’re well deserved. Orton says you have to adapt or perish, and tonight, the Shield will perish, and you can believe in that. All three men put their fists in the middle to mock the Shield further.

Evolution vs. The Shield
The ref is hesitant to ring the bell, and things break down almost immediately with the Shield clearing he ring and sending Evolution scattering to the floor.

Hunter heads back into the ring and is dropped by Rollins. The bell is finally rung as Rollins is beating down Hunter in the corner. Hunter connects with a kick to the gut, but Rollins is quick to respond with a flying single leg dropkick. Rollins splashes Hunter in the corner and clotheslines him over the top before flying through the ropes with a suicide dive to the outside. Rollins tosses Hunter back into the ring and catches Randy Orton with a right for good measure. When Rollins gets back into the ring he’s met with a huge clothesline from Hunter. Batista tags in and launches Rollins into the corner hard, before burying his shoulder in Rollins’ midsection and allowing his partners to get in a couple of cheap shots.

Orton tags in and distracts the ref to allow more cheap shots from Hunter and Batista. Orton sends Rollins out to the apron and stomps repeatedly before slingshotting Rollins throat first into the bottom rope. Orton heads to the outside and gets in a good shot before tagging Hunter back in. Hunter kicks Rollins in the face, then hits a big right hand. Rollins reverses a whip, but eats a knee to the face that puts him down for two. Batista tags back into the match and brings things out to the floor where he hits Rollins in the side of the head before kicking him hard right on the ear. Batista sends things right back into the ring for another two count.

Orton tags in and stomps down on Rollins’ ankle, then his hand. Orton suplexes Rollins, setting him down hard on the top rope for another two count. Rollins struggles to reach his corner, but Orton stops him with a rear chin lock. Rollins fights to his feet, but Orton drags him back. Rollins connects with a belly to back suplex, and he crawls toward his corner. Batista and Hunter are in to knock Ambrose and Reigns from the corner. Orton grabs Rollins’ feet and yanks, but Rollins uses his leverage holding the ropes to land on his feet and knock Orton back. Ambrose makes the tag and lays in with a series of shots on Orton, then a cross body and more punches and kicks in the corner.

Ambrose knocks Batista from the apron and hits a rebound lariat on Orton. Ambrose teases the figure four on Hunter, and locks it in on Orton. Hunter breaks it up and things break down. Reigns comes in and fights with Batista to the outside, launching him into the barricade. Reigns goes for the spear on Hunter, but Hunter avoids it and Reigns crashes into the ring steps. frequent tags from the Shield allow everyone to get shots in on Ambrose in the corner.

Batista sends Ambrose to the outside where Hunter sends him head first into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a short-arm clothesline from Batista. Orton is back in, and he sends Ambrose into the corner, then follows up with a clothesline for two. Orton stomps down on Ambrose’s back and clamps on a rear chin lock.

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WWE World Championship Match: Randy Orton versus Batista versus Daniel Bryan
Bryan with a drop kick to Orton and Batista tries for a power bomb but Bryan with a rana to send Batista to the floor. Bryan with kicks to Orton but Orton wrings the arm and sends it to the mat. Orton with boots to Bryan. Batista with a clothesline to Orton and shoulders in the corner. Batista with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner.

Orton with a back breaker to Batista. Orton knocks Bryan off the apron with a shoulder and Batista clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor. Batista sends Orton into the apron and then into the announce table. Batista Irish whips Orton into the ringside barrier. Orton with a punch and head butt and European uppercut. Batista Irish whips Orton into the ring steps.

Batista sends Orton head first into the ring steps. Batista sets up the steps for a power bomb onto the steps but Orton back body drops Batista onto the steps. Orton sends Bryan into the ringside barrier and then he hits a back drop driver onto the barrier. Orton does the same thing to Batista. Orton poses on the steps for his adoring fans, and the other 74,500 who are booing him tonight.

Orton sends Batista back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Orton starts with the Garvin Stomp. Orton wants to hear the fans and they show how much they want him to win. Orton with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Bryan with a missile drop kick to Orton and Batista. Bryan tries to motivate himself to will through the pain.

Bryan with kicks to Orotn and Batista. Bryan with a round kick to Batista’s head. Orton blocks a kick and hits an Exploder suplex for a near fall on Bryan. Batista breaks up the cover and then Batista with a power slam for a near fall that is broken up by Bryan. Batista kicks Bryan in the head. Batista gets sent into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold.

Bryan with a running drop kick to Orton followed by one to Batista. He hits another set and a third one to Orton. Batista is down on the apron and Bryan puts Orton on the turnbuckles for a rana and he hits it. Bryan gets a near fall on Orton. Batista with a shoulder from the apron and he suplexes Bryan over the top rope to the floor.

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Elimination Chamber: WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Christian

Cena, Orton, Christian, Bryan are in the pods. So, opening will be Sheamus vs. Cesaro.

Cesaro controlled Sheamus and stomped him until he rolled out of the ring. Sheamus made a comeback but was sent over the top and to the steel outside again. Cesaro charged across the ring but was nailed with a flying shoulderblock into the ring. Sheamus nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

He whipped Cesaro into the corner and nailed him with a big knee lift. He clotheslined Cesaro over the top onto the steel outside and tried to set him up for the chest strikes. Cesaro fought to free himself but failed, getting drilled over and over with the shots. He was then clotheslined down on the steel.

Sheamus set up to suplex Cesaro into the ring but was blocked. Cesaro tried to reverse and they both ended up on the apron fighting. Cesaro came off the ropes with a double stomp onto the steel. Cesaro kept working over Sheamus but was fought off with kicks. Sheamus came back with a shoulderblock off the ropes.

The first man out of the pods was Daniel Bryan. He leapt into the ring with a missile dropkick and cleaned house on everyone. Bryan was a big favorite live, as you would imagine. He worked over them both. He placed Sheamus in a submission and hit a Northern Lights suplex on Cesaro at the same time.

Cesaro nailed a tilowhirl backbreaker across the knee on Bryan. He and Sheamus began slugging it out with Sheamus getting the better of the exchange. He nailed a clothesline. Cesaro battled back with knee strikes and clotheslined Sheamus over the ropes to the steel outside. Cesaro followed and drove his knee into Sheamus’ head, grinding it into the steel.

Bryan returned to the fray but an Irish Whip outside was reversed and he was sent into the pod, with the plastic exploding. Bryan went down with his shoulder hurt. Sheamus nailed his forward rolling Samoan Drop on Cesaro on the outside. Sheamus went to the top and battled with Bryan.

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WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton was interviewed. He said that it didn’t matter if it was Batista, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan or anyone else, he was the true face of the WWE. He called Wyatt a Duck Dynasty lookalike Hillbilly reject. He said that tonight he was going to show the world that John Cena wasn’t the face of WWE, either.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

John Cena came out all smiles and played to the crowd. Uh, didn’t he want to murder Randy Orton last week for beating up his father? They locked up and Orton used a side headlock takedown and they began exchanging holds. Orton caught Cena with a right hand and stomped the hell out of him. The crowd chanted for Bryan.

Cena came back with a bulldog for a two count. The crowd chanted for Bryan, Randy Savage and Y2J. Orton cut off Cena who came back and attempted a Boston Crab. Orton kicked him out of the ring. The crowd chanted for Undertaker.

Orton locked in a chinlock. The crowd chanted “Boring” which wasn’t fair to them. Cena made a comeback and clotheslined Orton over the top to the floor. He followed Orton to the floor but was sent into the ring steps. Cena tried to go for the AA but Orton got free and worked over Cena with stomps. The crowd chanted, “You both suck.” Ouch!

Orton played to the crowd on the ropes. Cena slipped from behind and nailed him with the Electric Chair. Cena nailed his usual series of offensive maneuvers and was booed out of the building for it. He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but was kicked in the face and nailed with a snap powerslam for a two count.

Cena nailed a back suplex into a neckbreaker for a two count. Cena went to the top rope but Orton cut him off. Orton went for a superplex. He was knocked off. Cena hit the Sicilian Slice off the ropes for a two count. I bet Little Guido wishes he got royalties for that!

Cena went for the AA but Orton slipped out and nailed his backbreaker variation. He covered Cena for a two count. Orton went for the hanging DDT but Cena escaped and backdropped Orton over the top to the floor. Orton almost landed on the ring steps on the floor, which would have been disastrous. He recovered and caught Cena as he was leaving the ring with the hanging DDT on the floor.

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Vince McMahon wished Randy Orton well in his match.

WWE champion John Cena vs. World champ Randy Orton TLC Match to determine the WWE World Heavyweight champion.
They were playing this up as the biggest match of all time. They are also acting like Chris Jericho didn’t unify the belts, so whatever – it’s their story.

They locked up and went back and forth grappling. Cena shoulderblocked Orton down and went for a ladder. Orton tried to stop him but he nailed Orton with it. Cena went for a table and brought it into the ring. Cena and Orton battled. Cena went for the AA but Orton went to the outside and grabbed a chair. He used the chair to keep Cena at bay and kicked the ladder out of the ring.

They battled over the chair but Orton kicked Cena in the gut and then drilled him twice with the chair. Cena went to the floor. Orton stalked him with a chair but missed and hit the ringpost, hurting his hands. Cena began unloading with the chair on the floor.

Cena set up another table on the outside of the ring on the floor. He went to use it against Orton but was fought off and sent into the ringside steel stairs. Orton brought Cena back into the ring and worked him over, using the Garvin Stomp and kicks to take Cena back down when he fought his way up.

Cena fought off Orton and set up a ladder. He tried to climb and retrieve the belts but Orton caught him and nailed a belly to back suplex into the ring below. Orton closed the ladder and charged Cena with it. Cena ducked and the ladder went to the floor. Orton grabbed a chair and beat the hell out of Orton with it.

Cena ducked a right hand and hit the tackles and the Blue Thunder Bomb, then went for thge Five Knuckle Shuffle. Orton kicked him in the face from the mat, then rammed Cena into a chair wedged in between the buckles. Orton went to the floor and retrieved a ladder.

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