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Randy Orton versus Sheamus
Orton goes for the RKO and Sheamus pushes him away and goes to the floor and grabs a mic. Sheamus tells everyone that he does not look stupid. He says you look stupid. Everyone watching looks stupid. Sheamus says you will ‘Respect the Hawk’. Orton trips Sheamus on the announce table and sends him back into the ring and Orton punches Sheamus. Orton with a European uppercut and drop kick. Sheamus goes to the floor again. Sheamus punches Orton on the floor and sends him into the ring post and connects with a clothesline. Sheamus sends Orton back into the ring and he goes up top. Sheamus with a knee drop to the head and he gets a near fall. Sheamus kicks Orton and connects with a boot to the chest. Sheamus with more kicks and he kicks Orton in the leg. Sheamus with a hard Irish whip. Sheamus kicks Orotn in the leg and knee. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker and he holds on to Orton for a second one and he asks if you are not entertained.

Sheamus with a knee to the back and he applies a reverse chin lock. Orton with elbows and a head butt. Sheamus with a knee to the midsection and Orton is down again. Sheamus with a knee drop across the head and he chokes Orton. Sheamus kicks Orton in the leg. Sheamus with punches to the midsection. Orton with European uppercuts. Sheamus kicks Orton in the midsection and connects with a back elbow. Sheamus with a reverse chin lock. Orton punches Sheamus and head butts Sheamus. Sheamus with an Irish whip and a knee lift but Orton with two clotheslines. Orton avoids a clothesline and Sheamus holds on to the ropes while Orton prepares for the power slam. Orton with a back breaker. Orton goes for the IEDDT but Sheamus gets back into the ring and Sheamus tries for the Finlay Slam but Orton gets to his feet and he sends Sheamus over the top rope with an Exploder. Orton with a running clothesline into the corner and he punches Sheamus from the turnbuckles. Sheamus sets for a running power slam and he hits it and gets a near fall.

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Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Sheamus acted as if he was ready to fight, then went to the floor to avoid Orton. The fans were all over him chanting, “You look stupid.” They locked up and Orton and Sheamus exchanged holds as they tried to attack the other’s arm.

Orton got the better of Sheamus, who went to the floor. This time, Orton followed and sent Sheamus into the barricade and tossed him into the ring. Sheamus immediately rolled to the outside where Orton caught him with a clothesline.

Orton tossed Sheamus back into the ring and drilled him with kicks. Sheamus and Orton exchanged uppercuts. Sheamus cut off Orton and nailed several backbreakers. He worked over Orton and locked him in a side chinlock. Orton fought his way out but was sent into the corner. Sheamus charged but Orton avoided him. Sheamus drilled his shoulder into the ringpost.

They battled back and forth while on their knees and then returned to their feet. Orton caught him with several clotheslines. He went for the snap powerslam but Sheamus held onto the ropes to avoid it. Sheamus went for White Noise but Orton avoided it and clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Sheamus pulled Orton to the floor. They battled and Orton slammed him on the announce table.

They returned to the ring where Sheamus missed The Brogue Kick and was caught with the Powerslam for a two count. Sheamus came back with the rolling Senton for a two count. Sheamus and Orton avoided each other’s finishers. Sheamus went for the Texas Cloverleaf but Orton escaped. Sheamus nailed White Noise for a two count.

Sheamus continued working him over with uppercuts but was cut off with several right hands and an exploder suplex. Orton stalked Sheamus, who was down in the corner, then beat him with right hands in the corner. Sheamus slipped out underneath and nailed Orton with Snake-Eyes. Sheamus went to the top but Orton caught him. They exchanged punches.

Orton went for a superplex and scored with it. JBL noted that was the move Orton’s father used to put a lot of people away. Randy, however, did not, as Sheamus kicked out. JBL said Scott Irwin created the superplex.

Orton went for the hanging DDT off the ropes and scored it. Sheamus came back and locked in the Texas Cloverleaf. Orton fought his way to the ropes but Sheamus pulled him back. Orton finally escaped and then caught Sheamus out of nowhere with the RKO for the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

Randy Orton vs. Neville vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Everyone battled to start off the match. Kingston pulled a ladder into the ring immediately to try and retrieve the briefcase while everyone else was fighting. That led to everyone stopping and going after him while trying to scramble up themselves. Sheamus and Kane cleared the ring. Sheamus nailed Kane and went to the top but Kane pulled him down and nailed him.

Ziggler charged but was caught. Kane went for a chokeslam but Ziggler slipped out and nailed a DDT. Ziggler went to the top but was pulled down by Sheamus. Ziggler went for a DDT but Sheamus shoved him off and nailed White Noise. Reigns tried to return to the ring but was kneed back down to the floor. Sheamus went to the floor and slammed Orton into the barricade.

Several ladders were placed in the corner. Sheamus went for White Noise on Kingston but he slippped out and nailed several kicks. Kingston went off the top but was caught and slammed. Neville nailed a missile dropkick on Sheamus but was blasted by a Kofi kick. Kingston then nailed Sheamus with a spinning kick to the head. Kingston set up the ladder in the center of the ring but was confronted by Neville. They battled in the corner. Neville monkeyflipped him but Kingston landed on his feet and ascended the ladder. Neville followed on the other side and they battled. Reigns hit the scene and took them out.

Reigns went to position the ladder but was attacked from behind by Kingston. Reigns slammed him on a ladder bridged in the corner. Neville went for a rana but was caught and powerbombed atop of Kingston and the ladder. Reigns climbed up but Kane attacked him. Kane climbed up but Orton nailed him. Orton went up but Kingston followed. Orton nailed an RKO on Kingston. Neville leapt onto the ladder but Randy nailed him with an RKO.

Sheamus and Orton battled over the briefcase and ladder. Sheamus had his hands on the case at one point but Orton pulled him down. Orton went to the top of the ladder but Sheamus nailed him and brought him down. They exchanged punches on the mat with Orton getting the better of the exchange. Sheamus shoved Orton into the adder and nailed him with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus climbed up but this time, Ziggler was there to meet him with right hands and headbutts. Ziggler almost got the case but Sheamus nailed him. They exchanged punches on the top of the ladder. Ziggler locked a sleeper on top of the ladder, dazing Sheamus and hitting the Zig Zag off the ladder. Neville went to the top and nailed the Red Arrow on Sheamus for good measure. That brought up a big “NXT” chant.

Neville and Ziggler fought their way to the top of the ladder. They fought atop of the ladder. Neville nailed Ziggler down. Neville went to grab the case but was pulled down by Kane. Kane went for a chokeslam but Ziggler superkicked him. Neville and Ziggler teamed up to use the ladder on Kane but he wiped them out instead. Reigns returned to nail the Superman Punch on Kane. Reigns did a running dive over the top rope onto everyone on the floor.

With everyone out, the other members of New Day ran out and tossed Kofi back into the ring. Kofi set up a ladder as they cheered him on. Reigns wiped out Big E and Xavier Woods with an apron dropkick. He pulled Kofi down and nailed a powerbomb over the top to the floor on everyone, only to turn into Randy Orton attempting an RKO. Reigns slipped out and nailed a spear.

Reigns went to get the case but when he was on top of the ladder, the lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring. He shoved the ladder over, sending Reigns toppling and then nailed Sister Abigail on him. With everyone else wiped out, Sheamus set up a ladder and went to remove the case. Neville confronted him but Sheamus overpowered him with what I think was a thumb jamming into his eye and shoved him off the ladder into the ring. Sheamus grabbed the case.

Winner: Sheamus

Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins in a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Everyone brawled at the bell. Ambrose hit a dive on Orton and Rollins but was attacked by J&J Security. Roman hit a big dive onto everyone. It came down to Orton and Ambrose in the ring and they had some great exchanges. They ended up on the outside as Rollins and Roman battled. Ambrose returned to the fray and now now it was Rollins getting worked over by his former Shield bretheren.

Ambrose nailed a short arm clothesline. Kane pulled Roman out of the ring and slammed him into the ringside barricade. Ambrose attacked him but was laid out. J&J Security attacked Orton and Kane jumped in.

This left Rollins in the ring to work over Ambrose and try to score the pin. Rollins scored with a flying knee for another two count. Rollins continued to work ove Ambrose, nailing a Bucklebomb and a kick for a two count. Ambrose made a comeback and went for Dirty Deeds but Kane hit the ring and chokeslammed him. Rollins covered Ambrose for a two count.

Orton pulled Kane off the apron, setting him up for a Roman apron dropkick. Rollins avoided the Orton powerslam but was nailed with an exploder for a two count. Rollins nailed him and went to the top but was caught and hit with a superplex for a two count.

Orton cleaned house on the floor and set up the announcer’s table to put Rollins through it. Rollins slammed Orton into the apron. The challengers all battled amongst themselves on the floor until The Shield opted to work together to beat down Orton and nail the triple power bomb through the table. Baltimore went nuts for this.

Rollins tried to at like they were reunited but the others weren’t interested and began beating the hell out of him. That was great. Ambrose and Rollins decided to do the same to Rollins and cleared out the other table. Before they could do it, Kane attacked. They overwhelmed Kane, then powerbombed him on top of Rollins, who was on top of the table, which didn’t break. Sheesh. The crowd chanted for another. Roman and Ambrose obliged and this time, the table shattered.

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Backstage: Kane encountered Randy Orton. Orton said they’ve known each other for a decade and they are too of the most dangerous men in WWE. Orton said that Kane put aside his mask and went corporate but he knows as well as anyone that when The Authority are done with him, they will throw Kane away like garbage. Orton said he knows who Kane is, even “you have forgotten.”

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

No J&J Security when Rollins came out.

They circled each other at the bell but Rollins then tried to scramble up the cage but failed. Orton worked him over but Rollins came back to nail a series of kicks in the corner. He whipped Orton into the buckles but Orton came charging out with a big clothesline. Rollins tried to escape but was pulled back into the ring.

Orton worked over Rollins and whipped him with authority into the buckles, sending him upside down. Randy stomped Seth and catpaulted him into the buckles but Seth landed and tried to climb out. Randy nailed him and drilled him with punches in the corner. Rollins, underneath, grabbed Orton and nailed a bucklebomb for a two count.

Rollins ordered Kane to open the door. Kane obliged but Orton cut him off. Seth rolled him up for a two count. Rollins maintained control and sent Orton into the cage several times. With Orton down, Rollins climbed to the top of the cage, only for Orton to meet him and bring him back down. Orton sent Rollins into the ropes but was caught and slammed down as Rollins rebounded.

Rollins nailed a forearm in the corner. Pretty standard so far. Orton mounts a comeback and they battle back and forth inside the cage. The crowd is getting behind the Orton comeback. Rollins is sent into the cage and then clotheslined. Orton went for the powerslam but Rollins nailed him and climbed to the top. Orton caught him and they battled on the top rope, kicking and punching each other. Orton was slammed into the cage and crashed into the ring. Rollins came off the ropes with a knee to head for a two count.

Orton caught Rollins on the top and they sat atop the cage wall, exchanging blows. Orton pulled himself down to the top rope and brought Rollins in with him. Orton was kicked into the ring. Rollins dove off the ropes but was caught with a powerslam in mid-air for a two count. Rollins rolled up Orton for a two count, then kicked him in the jaw for another near fall.

The crowd began dueling chants for Rollins. The champion climbed to the top and made his way across to the outside. Randy caught him to prevent him from climbing down just as J&J Security ran out hoping to help. Their arrival came too late, however, as Orton nailed a superplex off the top of the cage. That was impressive, but it only scored a two count.

J&J Security told Kane “it was time, so let’s do it” but Kane stood there stoically and told them to get away Mercury and Noble began scaling the cage but Orton ran Seth into the cage to shake them off. Orton smiled as he continued to work over Rollins and set him up for the hanging DDT. Rollins was able to pull Orton, smashing him into the cage. Seth tried to climb back up, but was exhausted. Orton nailed him and Rollins was crotched on the top rope.

Orton went to the cage door and looked at Kane but didn’t trust he would open the door. He went back to Rollins and DDT’d him off the top rope. The announcers noted this was nomally where Randy would for an RKO but instead, Orton nailed a Pedigee, sending HHH a message, but Rollins kicked up at the last second. Orton set up for the punt kick but missed. Rollins drilled Orton with a kick out of desperation.

Rollins called for the door to be opened. Kane opened it. He made it to the door but Orton caught him and nailed his backbreaker variation. Orton went to walk out the door but Kane closed it. Rollins went to dropkick Orton, who moved and the door slammed into Kane, laying him out. Rollins tried to escape but Orton caught him and they fought to see who would get out first. Kane slammed the door on both of them.
Kane had enough and took off his jacket. He entered the ring as J&J Security tried to stop him but they each ate a chokeslam for their troubles. Kane teased a chokeslam on Rollins, which the crowd went nuts for but he instead chokeslammed Orton. Rollins crawled out of the cage but was pulled back in…by Kane. Kane chokeslammed Rollins. I guess we’ll be seeing some Kane masks very soon. Kane put Rollins on top but Orton kicked out.

Kane was leaving but stopped when he realized Orton kicked out. Kane went for a powerslam but Orton slipped out and nailed a RKO on Kane. Rollins then nailed a RKO on Orton and scrambled out of the cage.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
The bell rings and Rollins and Orton begin circling each other. Rollins avoids a lockup with Orton and grins at the Viper. Orton locks in a headlock, and Rollins is able to turn things around. Orton tosses Rollins off, and Rollins connects with a shoulderblock. Rollins misses a dropkick, landing on his feet, and he eats a dropkick from Orton. Orton teases an RKO, but Rollins bails to the outside. Rollins heads into the ring, and leaps over Orton to the apron while Orton follows. Rollins grabs Orton’s head and drops his throat across the top rope before beating him down in the corner. Orton’s quick to come back with a series of huge forearms. Orton mounts Rollins in the corner and hits a couple of punches before Rollins grabs Orton and executes the buckle bomb. Orton pops right out of it and hits a big clothesline. J and J Security get involved, but Orton knocks them both from the apron, and puts them back up for a double suspension DDT to the floor, wiping out both Noble and Mercury. Rollins leaps through the ropes to wipe out Orton out of nowhere. Rollins brings Orton back into the ring for a quick near fall.

Rollins stomps on Orton in the corner before choking him with his boot. Rollins picks up Orton for a snap suplex, floating over into the cover for two. Rollins goes right for a rear chin lock, and Orton is quick to fight out of it, head butting and punching Rollins. Orton whips Rollins into the corner, but Rollins hits an STO into the corner, planting Orton’s face on the middle turnbuckle. Rollins hits a leaping forearm in the corner before hitting Randy with a couple of strikes to the midsection. Rollins charges Orton in the corner, but he’s backdropped to the apron. Rollins goes for a springboard, but Orton avoids it and hits a series of clotheslines. Rollins tries to score with a curb stomp, but Orton turns it into a powerslam. Orton beats on Rollins in the corner, and Rollins tries to hit the STO into the corner again, but Orton grabs Rollins and executes an exploder suplex that sends him across the ring. Orton tries for the suspension DDT, but Rollins fights out of it and enzugiri’s Orton to the floor. Rollins hits an asai moonsault, catching Orton and going back first right into the announcer’s table.

Rollins brings things back into the ring, heading to the top rope. Rollins is cut off by Orton, who crotches Rollins, then heads up after him. Rollins tries to fight of the superplex, beating Orton down, but Orton backdrops him from the top rope to the mat. Orton stands on the top rope and hits a cross body, but Rollins rolls through and gets a two count. Orton gets up and is able to hit the suspension DDT on Rollins, but he doesn’t go for the pin. Orton tries for the RKO, but Rollins counters with a roll up, and follows it with a superkick. Rollins tries for sliced bread, but Rollins lands on his feet and Orton hits the RKO. Orton goes for a pin, but Rollins kicks out at two, and Orton is shocked! Rollins gets to his knees and Orton backs up across the ring. Orton charges in, but Noble is in. He’s RKO’s. Mercury leaps from the second rope, and Orton catches him with an RKO. Their distraction leads to a curb stomp from Rollins, but Orton kicks out at two. Rollins is up and he pulls Orton over toward the corner. Rollins heads up in the corner and goes for the phoenix splash, but Orton moves and Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins goes for a giant curb stomp, but Orton counters into an RKO, and he gets the pin and the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

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