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Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre w/ Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
Draw kicks Orton into the corner, stomping him to the mat. Drew throws Orton into the opposite corner, but is taken out with a Lariat. Drew is hit with a Scoop Slam. Orton is elbowed by a cornered Drew, but connects with a Backbreaker. Drew is put on the apron, but Jinder interferes. Orton connects with an RKO. Drew is hit with a Rope-Hung DDT. Heath interferes, but is also hit with an RKO. Finally, Drew is taken out with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton via disqualification

Beat The Clock Challenge Match – Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton
Cesaro is in the ring waving his USA flag. Orton’s music hits and he comes slowly to the ring. They circle. Cesaro quickly rolls Orton for two. Orton into a corner and rolls Cesaro up for two. Orton knocks Cesaro to the mat for two. Hammerlock on Orton who reverses and is reversed into a side headlock on Orton. Cesaro takes Orton down in the headlock, and keeps it on until they’re up. Cesaro with a shoulder block on Orton for two. Side headlock back on Orton. “Randy!” chants. To the ropes and Cesaro doesn’t give a clean break. Blows to Orton and Cesaro runs the ropes and into a Thesz Press. Blows on Cesaro, then Orton kicks Cesaro in the chest and runs his laces over Cesaro’s face. Cesaro grabs Orton in a small package for two. Drop kick on Cesaro for two.
Cesaro rolls out, Orton out with a clothesline, then rolls Cesaro back in for two. 3:00 into the match and both are on the mat.

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Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Kane are talking about Dr Shelby backstage. Daniel says he doesn’t get why Rhodes Scholars were brought in. Kane asks what was with Rhodes’ mustache. Daniel says he doesn’t like when people let their facial hair grow out of proportion. Kane and Daniel start a Yes/No chant. Randy Orton asks if they want to be 2nd graders or deliver pain. Kane says both, and walks away. Daniel says they were sorting out their differences and they are champions. Daniel says they will win tonight and then group hug. Orton says he isn’t much of a hugger, but Daniel says not yet.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and Randy Orton vs. Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) and WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett
Orton and Rhodes start off, as Orton whips Cody. Cody is taken out with a shoulder, as Kane is tagged. Kane connects with a Snapmare, following with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel is tagged, as he dives off the top rope onto Rhodes’ arm. Daniel gets the arm of Cody, snapping it against his shoulder. Cody is kicked in the chest, but Rhodes dodges the last kick. Sandow is tagged, as he is almost put in the No Lock. Sandow rolls to the floor.

Sandow stomps on Kane as Cody is tagged. Rhodes kicks Kane’s ribs, punching him in the corner. Sandow is tagged, as he connects with the Elbow of Disdain. Pin, but a kick out. Wade is tagged as he kicks Kane in the gut. Barrett follows with punches to a cornered Kane. Kane connects with an Uppercut, but is hit with the Winds of Change. Pin, but a kick out. Cody is tagged, as he goes for a Disaster Kick. Kane connects with an uppercut. Sandow is tagged, as he is hit with a Back Body Drop by Kane. Orton is tagged, as he connects with a Scoop Slam to Sandow. Rhodes is sent to the floor, as Wade goes to attack Orton from the apron. Wade is punched to the floor, as Cody is kneed from Daniel off the apron. Orton goes for an RKO to Rhodes, but Cody reveres into a Cross Rhodes. Sandow goes for a quick pin, but a kick out. Everyone is thrown to the floor, as Orton connects with an RKO to Sandow for the win.

Winners: Hell No and Randy Orton via pinfall

Kane and Daniel ask for a hug, but Orton denies. Kane and Daniel hug Orton anyway, as he stands shocked in the ring. Orton shrugs, and celebrates on the corner.

A Shield promo is shown, where they call attention. Dean said they interrupted Mick Foley’s celebration due to the broken bodies he is responsible for. Dean says there are 236 bones in a body. They broke one of Orton’s, but they are just getting started. They end with believe in the Shield.

Backstage: Orton and Sheamus speak backstage about the Shield, as Orton says he doesn’t need Sheamus’ help. Orton says in two weeks at Royal Rumble, he will win. Orton says although Sheamus has as answer for everything, he wont have an answer for him.

Randy Orton versus Antonio Cesaro in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Orton with a side head lock and take down. Cesaro tries for a head scissors but Orton is able to avoid it for a moment. Cesaro finally gets the head scissors applied but Orton quickly escapes. They lock up again and Cesaro with a side head lock. Orton with a drop toe hold into a front face lock but Cesaro escapes.

They lock up again and they go around the ring. Orton with a front face lock but Cesaro escapes. Cesaro with a punch on the break followed by a kick and European uppercut. Orton misses a clothesline but he hits the Thesz Press and he punches Cesaro. Orton with a European uppercut that sends Cesaro into the corner. Orton with another European uppercut for a near fall.

Orton with a reverse chin lock. Cesaro with a shoulder tackle and Orton goes to the floor to regroup. Cesaro punches Orton and connects with a European uppercut. Cesaro hot shots Orton on the ringside barrier. Cesaro with a European uppercut and he returns Orton to the ring and Cesaro gets a near fall. Orton sends Cesaro over the top rope to the floor.

Orton goes to the floor and then he sends Cesaro’s head into the announce table. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the ringside barrier. Orton sends Cesaro back into the ring but Cesaro rolls to the floor. Orton follows but Cesaro with a kick and European uppercut followed by an Irish whip into the ring steps. We go to commercial.

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Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Barrett already in the ring. Orton out to face him.
They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. Barrett without a clean break. Barrett runs the ropes into a Thesz Press, then beats on Barrett. They end up outside. Barrett tries to get the upper hand, but Orton blocks. Barrett eats the top of announce. Upper cut, then Barrett into the barrier and hits the floor. Back into the ring Orton pins for two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. A boot to Barrett’s head. Orton sends Barrett out. Cole says this is episode 1,025, over 2,090 hours of TV entertainment.

Orton elbows out of a chinlock, but then right into a high knee. During the break Barrett blocked Orton and sent him out to the floor. He’s back on Orton with a reverse chinlock on the mat. The fans behind Orton as he gets to his feet and headbutts free. Barrett telegraphs and is kicked, but then Barrett takes Orton down again for two. Barrett sets Orton up on the apron, then kicks Orton in the head for two. Reverse chinlock on the mat, but Orton struggles to his knees, then reaches for the ropes. Orton to his feet and suplexes free of Barrett.

Both slow to their feet. They exchange blows. Kicks and blows from Barrett. Orton whipped, but comes out with a clothesline. More clothesline, then that sick power slam. Barrett on the apron, Orton approaches and Barrett hangs him up top. Orton in and feeds Barrett a backbreaker. Barrett to the apron and he eats Orton’s ‘vintage’ DDT! JBL calls it ‘vintage’, mocking Cole. Orton pounds the mat, but Barrett up and pushes Orton off. Orton shoulder first into the corner, then he eats Barrett’s elbow for three.
Winner – Barrett (10:04)

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We see footage from last week when Randy Orton interrupted a Damien Sandow interview with Natalya.

Randy Orton versus Damien Sandow
They lock up and Orton backs Sandow into the corner and Sandow tells the referee to do his job while Sandow goes to the apron. They lock up again and Orton with a hammer lock but Sandow with a reversal and side head lock. Orton with forearms and Sandow with a shoulder tackle. Sandow takes a bow.

They lock up and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackles. Orton blocks a hip toss and gives Sandow a hip toss of his own and Sandow goes to the floor but Orton goes after Sandow and knocks Sandow down outside the ring. Orton returns to the ring and we go to commercial.

During the commercial break during the Orton/Sandow match, they showed a video package of Kofi Kingston talking about how he was bullied as a child and talked about the Be A Star program.

We are back and Sandow with a side head lock but Orton with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold and Orton gets a near fall. Orton with a European uppercut but Sandow tries to send Orton into the turnbuckles but Orton sends Sandow into the turnbuckles. Orton with a drop kick for a near fall.

Orton stomps on the chest and then he drops a knee to the head. Orton misses a leaping knee drop when Sandow moves out of the way. Orton blocks a suplex attempt and Orton hits a suplex of his own. Orton gets a near fall. Orton runs the laces of his boot against Sandow’s face.

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