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Backstage: Renee is with Seth Rollins in the interview area. Renee asks Seth for his thoughts on the Brock suspension. He says Brock is out of control and he got what he deserved. How does Brock represent WWE after behavior like that? Seth says that he hopes Brock gets a hefty fine.

Seth says he earned the right to cash in the briefcase whenever he wanted. He did it at the perfect time when everyone least expected it.

Let’s focus on the fact that Seth Rollins walked out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. He is going to keep that title for a long time.

Randy Orton appears and he tells Seth to focus on the fact that he beat Seth before he cashed in. He damn near ripped his head off with an RKO. Seth has another problem staring him in the face and that is him. Randy says he never got his rematch.

Kane and Big Show show up and Randy says he may have a problem, but Randy has three. Seth says he will give Randy until the end of the night to find two partners to take on him, Show, and Kane. He says that Randy has a ton of friends so that should be easy.

Backstage: Randy Orton is in the locker room and Ryback is staring at the far wall. Ryback says when it comes to feeding time, one thing the big guy can’t get enough of is The Authority. If you are looking for a partner, feed him more.

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We take a look back at the end of Raw from last week when Randy Orton was joined by THE VIGILANTE Sting in the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins and J&J Security

Mercury starts off and they lock up but Orton sends Mercury to the mat and he wants Orton. Rollins wants to tag in but Mercury tags in Noble instead and Rollins wants to know if Orton is that stupid. Orton with a kick and he sends Noble to the mat. Orton with the Garvin Stomp and he sends Noble through the ropes as he tries to hit Rollins. Orton pulls Rollins to the apron but Mercury stops him.

Rollins hits Orton while the referee was not looking and Noble with forearms and kicks to Orton and he does the Garvin Stomp as well. Noble with a forearm to the back of the head. Orton with a European uppercut and clothesline to Noble. Orton with a clothesline to Mercury and then he sends Noble to the floor. Orton with a power slam to Mercury and he puts Mercury in the ropes. He grabs Noble as well and he hits a double IEDDT.

Orton looks around for the RKO set up and Rollins tries for Black Out but Orton moves. Rollins escapes an RKO and then Orton hits the RKO on Noble for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Randy’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage.

Randy tells Seth he is not the face of the WWE, he is just a guy. A guy who last week, made you look like a little bitch. He is the guy who is going to beat your ass tonight because he accepts Seth’s condition to respond to his challenge. Randy knows it will be five on one later tonight with the deck stacked against him. Seth, you need all the help you can get because he has enough venom for all of the Authority.

If he suffers a beatdown tonight, it will be worth it to get his hands on Seth at Wrestlemania. You better hope you get it done tonight because if you make it to Wrestlemania, he will finish Seth.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Before the match: Seth has something to say. He tells Randy it took you three weeks of scheming and conniving and cajoling to make every single member of the Authority look like fools.

Seth starts to laugh as if he is “PURE EVIL”, but it only took three hours to make a fool out of you.

Triple H’s music plays and the Authority is out and they are unified. Orton goes to the floor and he takes a chair because a steel chair can stop seven people.

The Authority surrounds the ring. Rollins signals to everyone and as he gets on the apron, everyone else does. They all get into the ring and the lights go out and a crow sounds. The lights go back on and STING is in the ring with his bat. Orton hits people with the chair while Sting hits people with his bat. Sting with a Vigilante Stinger Splash on Mercury and Noble. Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop to Noble. Orton twists to the mat and he hits Mercury with an RKO.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury are already in the ring. Kane tells Randy that they could have done this in private, behind closed doors before the show started, but they wanted to do this in the ring in public, to prove to everyone that you are one of us to rub it in their face and show their ignorance.

Kane says that he welcomes Randy back into the Authority.

Big Show says they go back a long time . . . and then Show waits to deal with the ignorant ‘You Sold Out’ chants before continuing. Show says that when he looks at Randy, he sees the most talented and sadistic Superstar. He is so ruthless that he would RKO his own father if he stood in the way of what he wanted. Show says that he stood up for Randy and told them what he could provide. He welcomes Randy back into the Authority.

Jamie Noble says that he is proud . . . he calls Randy a no good snake who cannot be trusted.

Seth tells Randy to excuse Jamie because he has always been the sensitive one. He asks Jamie if he was offended when Randy gave him an RKO. He says that Jamie is 100% thrilled that Randy is back, just like Joey.

Joey doesn’t want to say anything.

Seth tells Randy to cut them some slack. He wants to address the elephant in the room. Everyone in the WWE Universe has been saying the same thing. They are saying that Randy Orton is not part of the Authority. Randy is just biding his time until he gets his revenge on Seth Rollins. You guys must feel like the biggest idiots on Planet Earth right now.

Seth says it is not because you live in Pittsburgh, but because he is standing side by side with Randy Orton in the same ring as proud members of the Authority.

Seth says everyone had a little bit of doubt, including himself. He is willing to say that he had some doubt. Everyone had doubts, even Big Show, but no one cares what Big Show thinks. Seth wonders why everyone is so stressed out. He says they are all back together as one big happy family. Seth says that he wants to extend his hand and welcome Randy home.

Seth wants everyone to give it up for Randy Orton.

Randy says that was very touching. He thanks everyone for the kind words and he felt it in the bottom of his heart. It left him thinking about something. What the hell happened to the Authority? You guys are kissing his ass. Who do you think you are?

Kane was the Devil’s Favorite Demon, now are you the Devil’s Favorite Dumbass? Are you kicking ass and taking names or kissing ass and making coffee?

Why isn’t Big Show the most dominant man in the WWE. Instead, you bitch and moan about yourself. From the most dominant superstar to the most pathetic.

Jamie, you speak from your gut, but why do you despise him so much? Is it because people know who he is or is it because Randy can get on all the rides at Disneyland. Randy says his daughter feels the same way, but she is six years old.

Randy ignores Joey completely before going to Seth. You are the self proclaimed future of the WWE. You have been blinded by your ego so much that you cannot see. Randy has been getting close to your ‘family’ to make sure that you are safe and secure. At that time, he will strike. Not only will he beat Seth, he will make Seth his bitch. You are going to feel every stomp, kick, and punch as he takes him apart piece by piece until there is no future for Seth Rollins.

Randy says that he is just playing around with you. He is messing around and Seth laughs with him.

Seth tells Randy he had him good and maybe Randy should take over for Jon Stewart. Wait until you see what him and his partner do tonight when they really have fun when they dismantle Roman Reigns and derail him on his Road to Wrestlemania.

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Backstage: Randy Orton appears and he tells Seth that . . . was embarrassing. Where was Seth’s crack security team? They shouldn’t have let Roman within ten feet of Seth. He agrees with what Seth said. Randy says if that happened to him, he would go to the Authority and demand a one on one match against Roman Reigns to prove that not only could he out talk Jon Stewart but he can outwrestle Roman Reigns.

Seth says that he can outwrestle anyone on the roster and he will take care of this himself.

Backstage: Seth is in the office and he says that he cannot believe that Jon Stewart came into his ring and embarrassed him.

Randy Orton comes out and he says that he saved Seth’s career. If you had punched Jon, you would have been sued and you would have lost your job. Where is the thanks? Randy says that if Seth needs any help tonight, all you have to do is ask.

Kane and Big Show enter and they say they have Seth’s back. Jamie tells Orton they won’t need everybody out there.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (with Big Show, Kane and J&J Security)

Rollins with a side head lock and Reigns with a shoulder tackle and Rollins goes to the floor to regroup. Rollins returns to the ring and Reigns with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Reigns with a reverse atomic drop and a regular atomic drop as Reigns works on the area that Stewart weakened earlier in the night.

Rollins returns to the ring and Reigns blocks a kick and Reigns with a punch. Reigns with a hard Irish whip. Reigns with another hard Irish whip. Rollins with a punch but Reigns with an arm wringer and then he hits a leaping elbow drop and gets a near fall. Reigns with a head butt. Reigns sends Rollins into the turnbuckles but Rollins with punches.

Reigns with a knee to the midsection and Rollins with a drop kick. Rollins punches Reigns and then he chokes Reigns in the ropes. Rollins with a wrist lock and kick to the midsection and double sledge to the back. Reigns punches Rollins but Rollins with a kick and he sends Reigns to the floor. Mercury and Noble try to attack Reigns but it fails. Rollins goes for a suicide dive but Reigns with a punch. Reigns with a clothesline to Mercury. Reigns with a charge into the corner but he goes shoulder first into the ring post when Rollins moves.

Randy Orton’s music plays.

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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring as he makes his return to Raw after returning last night at Fastlane.

Randy says that he is not the guy who come out here to talk your ears off for twenty minutes in a long promo or monologue but he has something to get off his chest. He has been out of action for the last four months because of the Authority and Seth Rollins. In case you forgot why Orton has been gone, we see the footage from November when he got curb stomped by Rollins.

Randy says for the last four month he has been replaying that moment over and over in his head. That is why he is back. He is here to say that he is just getting started. Last night, Seth Rollins got away, but it was just a stay of execution. There will be no more hiding or running.

Randy tells Seth to get his ass out right now.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Big Show, and Kane make their way to the ring.

Stephanie is going to be the spokesperson for the Authority. She welcomes Randy back and she says that Randy made a hell of a return at Fastlane as well as tonight. Even though it happened at the expense of the Authority, that is the Randy Orton that the people love. Stephanie says that is the Randy she wants as the face of the WWE.

Randy says that he is not part of the Authority. He will not forgive Seth Rollins. All he is going to do is bash his brains in.

Stephanie says that Randy can forgive Seth. The face and future of the WWE can co-exist. You left us no choice four months ago. We can forgive you so come back home.

Randy says that he would rather kick some ass than kiss some ass.

Big Show decides to talk some sense into Randy. He says he knows that Randy is frustrated. All that anger and frustration inside, he can understand. Show says that he has had to put some anger and frustration aside. Joining the Authority was the best decision that he ever made. Show says that he knows Orton.

Show says Orton coming back to the Authority is the best decision he could make.

Orton says coming back to the Authority would mean ‘selling out’.

Stephanie tells Randy to look her in the eyes. She says that Randy is not a good guy. He does what he does not for the love of the crowd, but for his own rewards. You have done deplorable things for those rewards. Some of those acts have been against her family. She mentions that some things have even happened against her. She says that she is asking Randy to listen to them. She is not trying to force his hands. She wants a business conference so they can discuss this as professionals. She wants Orton to come back home.

They leave the ring, except for Triple H, who stares at Orton. Hunter leaves the ring.

Randy tells them to wait a moment as they are about to go to the back. He says he will be there and he will see them for the business meeting.

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