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EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie says that tonight is RAW Roulette. There’s three wheels – the wheel of Superstars, the wheel of stipulations, and third is Vickie Vegas Challenge. Tonight Cesaro will face Orton, the stipulation will be – she spins – Special Guest Ref!

Orton vs Cesaro w/ Special Guest Ref – Miz
Orton slowly to the ring. Orton poses in a corner. Cesaro out to face him. Miz out in zebra stripes.

Orton pins Cesaro for two. Orton sets Cesaro up and hits a suplex for two. Orton is blocked, then eats a corner. Cesaro beats Orton down with blows in a corner, but Miz cuts him off. Orton out, but whipped. Orton out with a big clothesline, then plants Cesaro for two. Back slam on Cesaro for two. Cesaro rolls out, Miz out after him. Cesaro with kicks and upper cuts outside. Miz starts to count. Orton blocks Cesaro, then lands Cesaro back first on the barrier. Cesaro sells the pain, then is sent partially in the ring. Orton with upper cuts on Cesaro who is hanging off the apron. Orton in and stomps Cesaro. Orton slingshots Cesaro up into the bottom rope for two.

Again Cesaro blocks Orton in a corner and comes back with blows. They exchange upper cuts. Cesaro gets the upper hand, but then Orton stops himself in the ropes and elevates Cesaro up and out. Orton out with a big clothesline outside.

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Beat The Clock Challenge Match – Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton
Cesaro is in the ring waving his USA flag. Orton’s music hits and he comes slowly to the ring. They circle. Cesaro quickly rolls Orton for two. Orton into a corner and rolls Cesaro up for two. Orton knocks Cesaro to the mat for two. Hammerlock on Orton who reverses and is reversed into a side headlock on Orton. Cesaro takes Orton down in the headlock, and keeps it on until they’re up. Cesaro with a shoulder block on Orton for two. Side headlock back on Orton. “Randy!” chants. To the ropes and Cesaro doesn’t give a clean break. Blows to Orton and Cesaro runs the ropes and into a Thesz Press. Blows on Cesaro, then Orton kicks Cesaro in the chest and runs his laces over Cesaro’s face. Cesaro grabs Orton in a small package for two. Drop kick on Cesaro for two.
Cesaro rolls out, Orton out with a clothesline, then rolls Cesaro back in for two. 3:00 into the match and both are on the mat.

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Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Barrett already in the ring. Orton out to face him.
They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. Barrett without a clean break. Barrett runs the ropes into a Thesz Press, then beats on Barrett. They end up outside. Barrett tries to get the upper hand, but Orton blocks. Barrett eats the top of announce. Upper cut, then Barrett into the barrier and hits the floor. Back into the ring Orton pins for two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. A boot to Barrett’s head. Orton sends Barrett out. Cole says this is episode 1,025, over 2,090 hours of TV entertainment.

Orton elbows out of a chinlock, but then right into a high knee. During the break Barrett blocked Orton and sent him out to the floor. He’s back on Orton with a reverse chinlock on the mat. The fans behind Orton as he gets to his feet and headbutts free. Barrett telegraphs and is kicked, but then Barrett takes Orton down again for two. Barrett sets Orton up on the apron, then kicks Orton in the head for two. Reverse chinlock on the mat, but Orton struggles to his knees, then reaches for the ropes. Orton to his feet and suplexes free of Barrett.

Both slow to their feet. They exchange blows. Kicks and blows from Barrett. Orton whipped, but comes out with a clothesline. More clothesline, then that sick power slam. Barrett on the apron, Orton approaches and Barrett hangs him up top. Orton in and feeds Barrett a backbreaker. Barrett to the apron and he eats Orton’s ‘vintage’ DDT! JBL calls it ‘vintage’, mocking Cole. Orton pounds the mat, but Barrett up and pushes Orton off. Orton shoulder first into the corner, then he eats Barrett’s elbow for three.
Winner – Barrett (10:04)

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Backstage: Striker says Orton will be in the Royal Rumble this year, as will Sheamus. Orton says he’s won before and will win again. 3MB comes in and Slater says they’re in the Royal Rumble, and one will go on to victory at WrestleMania. Orton asks who will face Orton tonight? Slater says to pick one. Orton says after tonight Slater won’t be playing lead guitar, he’ll be playing the harp.

Heath Slater w/ 3MB vs Orton
3MB are in the ring playing air guitar. Orton out to face Slater.
3MB leave the ring and Slater on Orton, but out back on Slater with a shoulder block. Orton runs the ropes over and under Slater into a hip toss, but then Orton takes Slater down for two. Slater back with blows on Orton, but the ref pulls Slater back and Orton back on him with kicks. Slater to the mat, then cowers, but sends Orton out. Both Drew and Mahal pay for going after Orton. Slater with a drop kick through the ropes on Orton, then 3MB attack him outside. Slater goes out, sends Orton back in and pins for two.

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