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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to kick off tonight’s broadcast and he grabs a microphone because he has something to say. Orton says that WWE Payback is a fitting name for a pay-per-view and he will be getting payback on Seth Rollins in two weeks. Orton talks about how the fans also voted Roman Reigns into the match and he will still leave WWE Champion at the event. Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd, interrupting Orton’s talking time in the ring. Reigns grabs a microphone as he comes into the ring, Reigns says that it will be him getting payback on Rollins.

The fans chant “RKO” as Orton urges them on, Reigns tells Orton that his fans will not be fighting for him in the ring. Reigns says that if Orton comes near him at WWE Payback, he will not be standing for much longer. Orton talks about his history in the WWE, while downplaying what Reigns has done in the WWE thus far. Reigns then says that he defeated Orton this past year at WWE Summerslam and he will defeat Orton again if he has to so he can win the WWE Championship. The New Day come to the stage with a microphone in hand, Xavier Woods says since Orton and Reigns are so negative, that the New Day will be a positive.

Woods references the Montreal Screwjob while calling both men a bunch of whiners, a “New Day Sucks” chant breaks out. Big E talks about how Reigns cannot win the big one and the Rollins seemingly has Orton’s number. Big E wants both Orton and Reigns to clap along with them, which neither wrestler obliges them in doing so. Big E announces that the New Day will face Orton and Reigns in a handicapped match, as ordered by Kane, the match will start right now.

Non-Title Handicap Match: The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods) (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs. Randy Orton & Roman Reigns
We return from commercial with Orton and Kingston locking up to start the match, Orton catches a charging Kingston with a clothesline before dropping him on the top rope. Reigns tags in and he catches a hanging Kingston with a suplex, Kingston runs away before tagging Woods in. Woods applies a headlock to Reigns, Reigns uses his power to send Xavier into the ropes to hit him with a shoulder tackle. Reigns then hits Woods with a samoan drop before tagging Orton in, Orton lands a suplex for a near fall. Orton stomps on the back of Woods before landing a knee drop, Reigns tags in and he punches Woods in the gut.

Reigns then kicks a sitting Woods directly in the face, Orton tags in and he resumes his stomping session on Woods. Woods tries fighting back and Orton kicks him in the face, Kingston distracts Orton as Big E tags in to hit him with a belly to belly suplex. Kingston tags in and he chokes Orton on the middle rope before tagging Woods in, Woods slows the match down by locking Orton in a chin lock. Orton tries fighting back and Woods drops him with a dropkick as we head to commercial.

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Five larger-than-life WWE® Superstars and Divas will be in attendance at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago when The Undertaker®, Sting™, Randy Orton®, Daniel Bryan®, and WWE Diva Paige™ appear during the pop culture extravaganza, set for August 20-23 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Randy Orton (4:30-8:00 p.m.) and Daniel Bryan (5:30-8:30 p.m.) will appear on Thursday, August 20, greeting fans, signing autographs and posing for photo ops (Bryan will also conduct a question and answer panel at 8 p.m.). The Undertaker (3-7 p.m.) and Paige (3:30-7:30 p.m.) will attend on Friday, August 21 (Paige’s question and answer panel is set for 7 p.m.). Sting is scheduled for Saturday, August 22 (11 a.m.-3 p.m.), and will make a rare appearance in face paint.

“I love coming back to Wizard World, the fans always make me feel at home,” says Daniel Bryan. “I am honored to be here and look forward to meeting the WWE Universe in Chicago.” “The fans in Chicago have consistently supported WWE at Wizard World, and we have always strived to bring them the biggest and the best,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. “We are in absolute awe of The Undertaker, Sting, Randy, Daniel and Paige and are proud to be able to bring this remarkable lineup of WWE talent to Chicago!.”


Eden Stiles introduces WWE World Champion Seth Rollins, who comes to the ring flanked by J&J Security and Kane. Highlights from the WWE World Title Match between Rollins and Randy Orton at WWE Extreme Rules were shown as Rollins comes to the ring. Rollins has the microphone and he talks about how he outsmarted Orton last night at the pay-per-view. Rollins says that he single handedly built and destroyed The Shield, while reminding us that he also cashed in Money In The Bank at WWE Wrestlemania 31 to win the WWE World Title.

Rollins says that he proved he is a valiant and fighting champion last night, while he had Orton right where he wanted him last night. Rollins states that he beat Orton all by himself last night, while Kane looks at Rollins with a confused look on his face. Rollins talks about how he defeated Orton with an SKO, which is his version on Orton’s RKO finishing maneuver. Rollins then decides to thank Kane for doing what was “best for business”, before calling him the crypt keeper. Rollins starts mocking Kane about his age before Kane interrupts him, Kane says that Rollins illegally used the RKO last night.

Kane calls Rollins a spoiled little brat, Kane then says that he would rather be the WWE version of the crypt keeper instead of the WWE’s Justin Bieber. Kane says that Rollins is only champion because he has six people helping him out every night, Orton’s music plays and he comes to the stage with a microphone in hand. Orton says that since a member of The Authority said that Rollins cheated, that he should get a rematch. Rollins says that Orton should only get one opportunity at the gold, Kane is about to speak when Roman Reigns makes his way to the ringside area.

Reigns takes a moment to pose on the announce table before Rollins starts insulting him, Reigns grabs a microphone and he tells Rollins to shut up. Reign’s talks about how he took out the Big Show last night at WWE Extreme Rules, Reigns then says Orton had his shot and he now wants a shot at Rollins and the title. The crowd erupts in a chant of “Justin Bieber” towards a disgusted Rollins, Rollins says that he has already defeated both men and neither will get a title shot. Kane interrupts Rollins and he says that both men made good arguments for a title shot, Kane then makes a tag match for tonight pitting himself and Rollins against Orton and Reigns. Kane then states that the WWE Universe will decide who gets a title shot at WWE Payback.

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Backstage: Kane encountered Randy Orton. Orton said they’ve known each other for a decade and they are too of the most dangerous men in WWE. Orton said that Kane put aside his mask and went corporate but he knows as well as anyone that when The Authority are done with him, they will throw Kane away like garbage. Orton said he knows who Kane is, even “you have forgotten.”

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

No J&J Security when Rollins came out.

They circled each other at the bell but Rollins then tried to scramble up the cage but failed. Orton worked him over but Rollins came back to nail a series of kicks in the corner. He whipped Orton into the buckles but Orton came charging out with a big clothesline. Rollins tried to escape but was pulled back into the ring.

Orton worked over Rollins and whipped him with authority into the buckles, sending him upside down. Randy stomped Seth and catpaulted him into the buckles but Seth landed and tried to climb out. Randy nailed him and drilled him with punches in the corner. Rollins, underneath, grabbed Orton and nailed a bucklebomb for a two count.

Rollins ordered Kane to open the door. Kane obliged but Orton cut him off. Seth rolled him up for a two count. Rollins maintained control and sent Orton into the cage several times. With Orton down, Rollins climbed to the top of the cage, only for Orton to meet him and bring him back down. Orton sent Rollins into the ropes but was caught and slammed down as Rollins rebounded.

Rollins nailed a forearm in the corner. Pretty standard so far. Orton mounts a comeback and they battle back and forth inside the cage. The crowd is getting behind the Orton comeback. Rollins is sent into the cage and then clotheslined. Orton went for the powerslam but Rollins nailed him and climbed to the top. Orton caught him and they battled on the top rope, kicking and punching each other. Orton was slammed into the cage and crashed into the ring. Rollins came off the ropes with a knee to head for a two count.

Orton caught Rollins on the top and they sat atop the cage wall, exchanging blows. Orton pulled himself down to the top rope and brought Rollins in with him. Orton was kicked into the ring. Rollins dove off the ropes but was caught with a powerslam in mid-air for a two count. Rollins rolled up Orton for a two count, then kicked him in the jaw for another near fall.

The crowd began dueling chants for Rollins. The champion climbed to the top and made his way across to the outside. Randy caught him to prevent him from climbing down just as J&J Security ran out hoping to help. Their arrival came too late, however, as Orton nailed a superplex off the top of the cage. That was impressive, but it only scored a two count.

J&J Security told Kane “it was time, so let’s do it” but Kane stood there stoically and told them to get away Mercury and Noble began scaling the cage but Orton ran Seth into the cage to shake them off. Orton smiled as he continued to work over Rollins and set him up for the hanging DDT. Rollins was able to pull Orton, smashing him into the cage. Seth tried to climb back up, but was exhausted. Orton nailed him and Rollins was crotched on the top rope.

Orton went to the cage door and looked at Kane but didn’t trust he would open the door. He went back to Rollins and DDT’d him off the top rope. The announcers noted this was nomally where Randy would for an RKO but instead, Orton nailed a Pedigee, sending HHH a message, but Rollins kicked up at the last second. Orton set up for the punt kick but missed. Rollins drilled Orton with a kick out of desperation.

Rollins called for the door to be opened. Kane opened it. He made it to the door but Orton caught him and nailed his backbreaker variation. Orton went to walk out the door but Kane closed it. Rollins went to dropkick Orton, who moved and the door slammed into Kane, laying him out. Rollins tried to escape but Orton caught him and they fought to see who would get out first. Kane slammed the door on both of them.
Kane had enough and took off his jacket. He entered the ring as J&J Security tried to stop him but they each ate a chokeslam for their troubles. Kane teased a chokeslam on Rollins, which the crowd went nuts for but he instead chokeslammed Orton. Rollins crawled out of the cage but was pulled back in…by Kane. Kane chokeslammed Rollins. I guess we’ll be seeing some Kane masks very soon. Kane put Rollins on top but Orton kicked out.

Kane was leaving but stopped when he realized Orton kicked out. Kane went for a powerslam but Orton slipped out and nailed a RKO on Kane. Rollins then nailed a RKO on Orton and scrambled out of the cage.

Winner: Seth Rollins


@JoeyStyles: In an interesting series of twists, champion Seth Rollins chose to have Randy Orton’s outta nowhere RKO banned and the challenger chose a Steel Cage Match so The Authority could not interfere. Orton can use something else to beat Rollins, but Rollins can’t use somebody else to help him because his new adversary Kane will make sure of it, right? Wrong! I don’t buy that Kane is fed up with being The Authority’s hired muscle. I think Triple H having to keep the peace between Rollins and Kane is a ruse. As WWE’s longest tenured Superstar, Kane knows that you grin and bear whatever position The Authority gives you. When it seems that Orton is about to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from The Authority-installed Rollins, Kane will interject himself into the Steel Cage Match (which has no disqualifications) and personally see that Rollins remains champion. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Anthony Benigno: If this were just a regular Steel Cage Match minus the RKO, I’d go with Orton. The Viper’s got the deeper arsenal, more experience in these sorts of matches, plus, he’s got the dreaded punt in his back pocket. However, this match will hinge on Kane’s status as keeper of the keys for the steel cage. The Director of Operations has been on the outs with Rollins for some time now, and no amount of smoothing-over on the part of Triple H seems to have swayed him from his general disdain for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s still an Authority employee, though, so expect this match to go much as Rollins’ Money in the Bank victory did: The Architect will earn the win on the shoulders of The Devil’s Favorite Demon. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Scott Taylor: Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kane’s role as “gatekeeper,” I have no doubt that Seth Rollins has plans B, C and D ready to go. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn’t get to where he is without outsmarting the competition along the way. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Matthew Artus: As one of two Extreme Rules grapplers whose experience at this event dates back to its ECW One Night Stand days, Randy Orton feels like an obvious choice. However, the banned RKO and Seth Rollins’ record of escaping cagey confines due to unannounced guests (Bray Wyatt or Brock Lesnar, anyone?) put the odds in favor of The Authority’s golden boy. WINNER: Seth Rollins

@HowardFinkel: Getting the RKO banned was smart strategy from Rollins. But you can’t downgrade Orton’s chances of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship just due to that. Orton’s got Rollins exactly where he wants him — in the cage — and you know how that can go. I am also curious as to what frame of mind Kane will be in this Sunday as gatekeeper of the cage. Regardless, I look for Rollins to eke out a victory and retain his championship. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: 5, Randy Orton: 0

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and he stands inside the cage. Randy says for someone who prides himself about being the smartest in the room, you are a dumb bastard Seth. Seth chose to ban the RKO last week for his stipulation. Seth thinks the RKO is his greatest weapon, but his greatest weapon is to unleash great pain on those who deserve it. Randy says he does not need the RKO to win. That would be too quick and too easy. Seth made this slow and agonizingly painful on Sunday. When the bell rings, he is going to break Seth’s jaw. He is going to break his jaw so we don’t have to listen to you run your mouth week in and week out. Then he is going to drag his carcass into a corner of the cage that he is going to put his boot in your ribs. Then he will pick you up by your stupid blonde streak and I am going to run you into the cold steel until every inch of your body is aching. When the misery ends and the beating is over, so will your reign as WWE World Champion.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the stage with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Seth says he doesn’t want to come out and state the obvious, but Randy has an anger problem. Randy is shocked that it took him so long to figure that out. He says he has a Seth Rollins problem and he will do everything to make that go away on Sunday. Seth tells Randy he didn’t listen to a lot of what Randy was saying, but he wants to make sure he got the gist of it. Seth is a jerk and Randy is going to beat him up and the losers in the crowd ate it up.

Seth says he plays this game of human chess better than anybody. That is why he is well on track to being the Greatest WWE Champion of All Time. Inside that ring, he can outmaneuver anyone. Outside the ring, he can outthink anyone. All of this, he is the best at it. If you don’t believe him, he has the title to prove it. He is not going to take anything away from Randy. He is one of the greatest and a surefire Hall of Famer. As good as Randy is, Seth says he is that much better. Cage or no cage, Authority or no Authority, you can make all the threats you want. At Extreme Rules, you will not walk out of the show as the WWE Champion, that is a promise. Randy says that Seth gave him a good idea so he will get it out of his system. Randy says that he is going to go into the back and RKO every son of a bitch he sees. Then he will RKO Seth before the end of the show. That is a promise.

Kalisto and Sin Cara versus Kofi Kingston and Big E
After the match, Orton comes from out of nowhere and he gives an RKO to Woods and Kofi after sending Big E to the floor. Big E gets on the apron and then he backs away from Orton.

Backstage: We go to the back where the Rosebuds are in catering and Heath Slater sits down next to Erick Rowan and he says he is accepting the John Cena Open Challenge. Rowan gets up and leaves and Slater yells at Rowan about walking away from the new US Champion Randy Orton gives Slater an RKO through the table and then he eats a chip and the count is at THREE.

Miz versus Damien Sandow (with Summer Rae)

After the match, Miz says on behalf of his momentous victory he says this one more time. He tells us who he is and that he’s . . .Getting an RKO.

Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) versus Dolph Ziggler
Seth Rollins

After the match, Seth says that he said what he would do. He is the man. He tells Randy Orton that at Extreme Rules, your little RKO won’t save you. He will prove once and for all . . .The cage lowers and Kane is held back. Orton makes his way into the cage before it lowers and Orton grabs Rollins. Rollins kicks Orton but Orton pulls Rollins off the top rope and hits an RKO for the thumb. Kane smirks while Orton’s music plays and we go to credits.

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