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Aiden English is in the ring. He sings that he is the Shakespeare of song, the Mozart of melodies when Randy Orton’s music interrupts Aiden. Aiden asks Randy if he is finished because he wasn’t done. English hits Orton from behind with the mic and then hits him in the head. English sends Orton into the ring steps. Aiden returns to the ring and he resumes his song and we go to split screen so we cannot hear him singing.

Randy Orton versus Aiden English
The referee checks on Orton to see if he can go and then he starts the match. English attacks Orton and kicks him in the corner and sends Orton to the floor. English sends Orton into the announce table and then the ring steps another time. English sends Orton into the ringside barrier and English with a running elbow. English gets a near fall. English gets another near fall. English with a reverse chin lock. Orton with punches to English followed by a power slam. English is sent to the floor as Orton recovers and he goes to the floor as well. Orton with a clothesline on the floor and then he sends English over the announce table. Orton punches English against the announce table. Orton with an Irish whip that sends English into the ringside barrier and then the ring post. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the announce table. Orton removes the cover to the table and he hits an IEDDT. Orton picks up the top of the ring steps and the referee warns Orton that he will be disqualified if he uses the steps. Orton does not care and he hits English with them and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Aiden English (by disqualification)

After the match: They return to the ring and Orton looks around and he twists to the mat for an RKO and he hits it. Jinder Mahal appears on the stage with the Singhs and Jinder says the United States is the home of prejudice and the land of ignorance. You disrespect him for the way he talks and the color of his skin. Despite that, he is still your WWE Champion. If he could, he would take each and every one of you and put you in the Punjabi Prison. Watch what he does to Randy Orton at Battleground. He will destroy Randy’s once great legacy. Jinder says he will talk in Punjabi but Randy interrupts.

You think you have the advantage at Battleground. Nothing will stop him from punishing your ass in the Punjabi Prison. He might as well RKO your ass back to India. Nobody likes you, but it is not how you speak, how you look or where you come from. They hate you because you are a jackass.

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