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Randy Orton’s music interrupts Jinder and he appears on the stage. Randy says Jinder is either the bravest SOB or he is not that bright. You are choosing to be locked up in that prison with him? You are making a conscious decision to lock yourself up like an animal. The Singh Brothers were the only reason you took his title from him in the first place. We will be locked in this Punjabi Prison. There will be no escape. There will be no running and no hiding. Randy climbs the outer cage and he says he has nothing to lose. You took his title and embarrassed his family. You tried to take his dignity and you left him for dead. Randy climbs higher. He says he has nothing to lose while Jinder has everything to lose. You are the fiftieth WWE Champion ever. You have the weight of the entire country of India on your shoulders. You have the weight of 1.3 billion souls on your back.

What will happen when those 1.3 Billion souls call you a disgrace. Orton climbs to the top of the outer cage. This Sunday, this will be his view when he leaves your jacked up ass in the ring. This is his view before he takes back what is his. This will be your view when you hear ‘YOUR NEW WWE CHAMPION . . . Randy Orton’.

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