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Randy Orton is in the ring and he is sitting in the middle. We see Orton giving Aiden an RKO during the commercial break. Randy says he is not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. He throws the chair out of the ring and he reminds us that he tore into the WWE Champion last week. We take a look at what happened unless you missed it, or forgot. Randy says that pales in comparison to what he is going to do to Jinder if he does not get what he wants and that is a title match. You may ask why does Randy deserve a rematch? If he does not get it, he will go into the back and find Jinder and beat the holy hell out of him. After the show, he will beat the holy hell out of him in the parking lot. Then he might bump into Jinder tomorrow. If that does not do the job, next week, in whatever city they will be performing in, he will get there early and beat the holy hell out of Jinder.

Randy says it looks like he is going to the back to kick some ass. Before he can do any ass kicking, Shane McMahon’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Shane makes sure to do the Shane-O Shuffle when he gets into the ring. Shane reminds Randy they go back a long time and they are live in San Diego. Randy cannot threaten the safety of the WWE Champion. Randy asks Shane if he is going to fire him and he tells Shane to fire him. Randy says he will buy a ticket in every building and risk being arrested because Jinder disrespected him in front of his family. Shane can do the easy thing and give him a match or he can do the hard thing. Shane says the Singhs crossed the line at Money in the Bank, but you have done similar things in the past. Shane says he has never seen that look in Randy’s eye. Shane says he can empathize with Randy and Randy has his rematch. Randy will face the WWE Champion at Battleground and there will be a stipulation. Jinder Mahal will get to choose that stipulation.

Randy says he does not care what the stipulation is because the title is coming home. Jinder Mahal’s music plays and he comes out with the Singhs. Jinder says this is exactly what is wrong with Smackdown and management. This is what is wrong with all of you people. Jinder yells at Randy in Punjabi and he says that you support a snake like Randy Orton and he does not deserve a title match. Due to the prejudice and bias against him, he will announce a match made by a giant among men and his personal hero, the Great Khali. The name Battleground, it is fitting because it will be you and me locked in a Punjabi Prison Match.

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