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Backstage: Renee Young is outside Randy Orton’s locker room and she asks him about what he did last week. Randy says after what he did to Bray’s compound, who knows what will he do tonight. Orton says that AJ is Phenomenal, but Orton says he is one RKO from Wrestlemania. Orton says that if he was AJ, he would be afraid. He suggests that AJ . . . RUN.

AJ Styles versus Randy Orton in a Number One Contender Match for the WWE Title Match at Wrestlemania
They circle each other after the bell rings and then Styles charges at Orton and Orton moves. Orton goes for an RKO but Styles escapes and goes to the floor. Orton points to the Wrestlemania sign. Styles returns to the ring and they lock up. Orton backs Styles into the corner and Orton with a clean break with some help from the referee. Styles with a side head lock and Styles holds on when Orton tries to send him off the ropes. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex and Styles holds on. Orton with a shoulder tackle that staggers Styles and he has trouble getting back to his feet. Styles with a kick and punches followed by shoulders in the corner. Orton with a hard Irish whip and then Orton stomps on the back and he continues with the Garvin Stomp. Orton drops Styles on the top rope and he gets a near fall when Styles gets his hand on the rope. Orton sends Styles into the turnbuckles and follows with a European uppercut and he kicks Styles and chokes him in the corner.Orton punches Styles but Styles kicks Orton in the leg. Styles with more kicks to the leg and Orton goes into the corner. Orton with an Irish whip and then Orton with an exploder. Styles goes to the floor and Orton follows. Orton with a backdrop driver onto the ringside barrier. Orton sends Styles back into the ring and Styles clips Orton as he enters the ring.

We are back and Styles works on the ankle. Orton punches Styles to get Styles to release the hold. Styles grabs the leg again and he punches Orton in the leg. Orton kicks Styles away and Orton gets a near fall. Styles goes for the leg again and Orton escapes and sends Styles to the mat. Styles kicks Orton in the back of the leg and he takes Orton down and applies a reverse chin lock. Orton with punches and then he clotheslines Styles twice. Styles misses a clothesline and Orton with a power slam. Orton with a full nelson slam and he gets a near fall. Orton stomps on AJ’s leg and then he puts Styles on the turnbuckles. Orton punches Styles and with the Wrestlemania sign in the background, Orton sets for a superplex. Styles gets away and he drops Orton on the top turnbuckle. Styles gets Orton on his shoulders for an Ushigoroshi and Styles gets a near fall. Styles with a kick and he sets for the Styles Clash but Orton blocks it and he back drops Styles over the top rope. Styles tries to skin the cat but Orton with a kick and Orton sets for the IEDDT. Styles escapes and he applies the Calf Crusher. Orton reaches for the ropes and he gets there, forcing Styles to release the hold. Styles misses a splash and then Orton runs into a boot. Styles goes for a springboard move but Orton stops him and Orton with the IEDDT. Orton looks around and he twists to the mat to set up the RKO. Styles counters with a Pele Kick. Styles is sent to the apron and Styles with a forearm and then he goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but he knows Orton is going to try for the RKO so Styles lands on the apron. Styles misses the springboard 450 splash. Orton with an RKO for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

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