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30 Man Royal Rumble
#23 was Randy Orton. Big pop for him. He clotheslined everyone he came in contact with and nailed Corbin with a RKO. He then nailed one on Rusev. Zayn tried to come off the ropes and was nailed with one in mid-air. He looked at Bray and pulled him up. Everyone battled.

#24 was Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler hit the ring and teamed with Miz to hit a double DDT on Crew, then superkicked Miz and Crews. He tossed Miz over the top but Miz was able to land on the apron. Ziggler and Ambrose battled. Dean was tossed over the top but was able to hang on. More Goldberg chants. Orton battled Corbin. Jericho worked over Miz. Rusev battled Crews.

#25 was Luke Harper. He went right after Crews and tossed him, then locked eyes with Randy Orton. That was playing off of their recent issues. Wyatt tried to calm them. Harper nailed Bray with a lariat and drilled Orton with a kick. Didn’t see that one coming! Luke grabbed Bray and set him up for Sister Abigail but Orton caught him with a RKO. #26 was Brock Lesnar. He tossed Ziggler and Ambrose immediately, eliminating them. He nailed a German suplex on Rusev then wiped out Orton and Miz with F-5s. He wiped out the entire ring and stood over the ring when the countdown came and it was… #27 Enzo Amore was next. He was not advertised, so he was the 7th surprise entrant. So, the surprise was there are no surprise entrants! Enzo came to the ring with a determined look and faced off with Brock after psyching himself up. Brock, like Negan on “The Walking Dead”, shut that sh** down real fast! Adios Enzo. He was tossed.

#28 was Bill Goldberg. The Alamodome went nuts. Lesnar waited for him. Lots of Goldberg chants. He made the big entrance, complete with his pyro as Brock waited and bounced in the ring. Goldberg immediately speared Brock and took him down, then clotheslined him over the top, eliminating him. See you at Wrestlemania, Brock! Goldberg clotheslined Jericho, trying to get revenge for the time Jericho choked him out backstage. I kid, I kid. Sami was hit with the Jackhammer. Orton and Bray attacked Goldberg. He was sent into the ropes and speared them both. Orton grabbed at his leg right away. #29 was The Undertaker. The lights went out and when they returned, Taker was in the ring with Goldberg. He grabbed him by the throat but everyone else attacked. Taker tossed Corbin. Goldberg speared him. Goldberg tossed Harper but Taker tossed him from behind. Miz and Zayn worked over Taker but didn’t get the better of him. Undertaker chokeslammed Miz. He then grabbed Zayn and nailed one. Wyatt tried to nail Taker but was drilled.

#30 was Roman Reigns. That’s seven of the eight unadvertised talents. So, the surprise was there were no surprises outside the roster. He and Taker faced off and brawled. That looks like a Wrestlemania match right there. The crowd was chanting, “This is bullsh**” about Roman being the last guy. Taker clotheslined him. He then clotheslined Miz over the top and tossed out Zayn, eliminating them. Roman was tossed over the top but saved himself. Undertaker chokeslammed Jericho. Taker was grabbed and tossed out by Reigns. The crowd HATED that. Taker stared at him with a look that could kill. More “bullsh**” chants. The last four are Jericho, Reigns, Wyatt and Orton. Reigns tossed Jericho, who saved himself. He nailed Roman and went to the top but was hit with a Superman Punch off the top and sent to the floor.

Roman vs. the Wyatts. They attacked Roman and stomped the hell out of him. There was a “Let’s go Wyatt” chant. Orton nailed the hanging DDT off the ropes. They set up Roman but he hit the Superman Punch on Bray and tossed him over the top.

Orton caught him with the RKO and clotheslined Roman over the top to the floor.

Winner: Randy Orton

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