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Randy Orton comes to the ring and he has something to say. Randy says he knows why Bray Wyatt likes to talk about fear. By playing mind games, you think you will take away his focus. You attack people from behind like you did at Backlash. You do it because you are afraid. People are afraid of many things . . . heights, spiders, snakes. He says Bray Wyatt, you are afraid of him. Enough mind games and sneak attacks. He wants Bray to get his ass to teh ring, if he is man enough and face your fears. The lights go out and Bray appears on the TitanTron. Bray asks if Randy ever heard of Hansel and Gretel. He says he heard Randy telling his kids about it. Two kids in a deep, dark place and they leave breadcrumbs to leave a trail home. Bray says he left his own trail and it takes Randy through the prison that is his mind. Bray says this is his world and he is a God. Bray says he makes the rules. Bray tells Randy to hurry because the sands of time wait for no mortal man.

Bray starts singing. Orton leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Backstage: Bray Wyatt’s music plays and we see Randy Orton walking through the bowels of the building looking for Wyatt. He sees a symbol on the wall and Orton turns it and then Orton hears a noise. Orton walks away and the symbol is turned again as we see Erick Rowan standing there.

Backstage: Randy Orton continues his tour of the bowels of the arena and he walks past a door that says “I Am a God” and another one that says to choose wisely. The other door says “Predator or Prey” Randy opens the door that says ‘I am a God” and there is a cardboard cutout of Randy inside. Randy goes to the other door and he opens it and it is Erick Rowan waiting inside for him. Orton does not open the door fully and closes it.

Backstage: Bray Wyatt shows up and he says he is disappointed in Randy Orton. He says the viper has no fangs and he has no poison. You are taking all of the fun out of his game. Where are you Randy? Bray wants to know where is the great predator? We see a masked man appear behind Bray and it is Randy Orton. Bray calls Randy a coward, not knowing Randy is standing right behind him. Orton punches Wyatt but Wyatt with a knee and he leaves. Randy sits down on Bray’s stool and he puts the mask on and he laughs and then there is a glitch so we see Bray again.

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