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Randy Orton’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Randy says that even though he is from St. Louis, he loves Chicago. After tonight, he is going to be able to drive home and sleep in his own bed. Randy says that he came out and mentions that while Dean was in Saudi Arabia representing the WWE, he was fighting the Wyatts. Randy says that he heard that at Hell in a Cell, you are going to be in the fight of your life against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Randy mentions that he will be Dean’s partner. If they want to win this fight . . . Dean says he knows how they are going to win this fight. He says that they will do well. He has been fighting the Wyatts for years and the line to knock the beards off those goons starts behind him and he tells Randy to follow him. Randy says that Dean is a talented guy and has done a lot in a short time in the WWE. When you were dreaming of becoming a WWE Superstar, Randy says that he was hearing voices in his head. He does not play well with others and neither does Dean. If there is someone he can see eye to eye with on this issue, it is Dean. If they are to end the war on the Wyatts and they need to be smart and follow his lead. Dean says he is not real good at taking direction. Randy says he is not either and he is not someone who will stand on the sidelines while Dean has fun. Dean says that he does not know if he can trust Randy. Randy says that there are times when he cannot even trust himself.

Before Dean and Randy can continue, we get the NEW DAY. Xavier says they are sorry to break up this heartfelt moment, but they slayed and stood tall at the end of Raw and all you can talk about are the Wyatts? Big E says he thought they were AmBROS. Kofi says you are talking about what you are talking about when you should be talking about the New Day. Xavier says they did the impossible. They took out Dolph Ziggler and redefined the term ‘Show Off’. They took care of the Dudley Boyz and turned Dudleyville into a retirement community. They took out WWE’s crowning achievement . . . JOHN CENA. Big E tells John that they can see him. They saw him last week laid out in the center of the ring at the hands of the New Day. They do a Bear hand growl.

Kofi says they accomplished more in one day than any team ever ever ever ever ever ever ever did. Xavier reminds Dean-O that the Shield never did that. Big E asks if the Authority ever did? Oh No Did Evolution? No. What about Legacy? No. Xavier asks Randy how many groups has he been a member of and Kofi says that Randy gives a new meaning to Groupie. Big E says that they have a new slogan. Out with the old and in with the New Day. Xavier tells Randy to do what Derrick Rose should do and sit on the bench so they can bask in the greatness of the New Day. Kane shows up on the TitanTron and he says the inmates are not running the asylum, he is . . . until the Authority shows up. He has a poster in his office that says if you play with fire you get burned. He says it is a fire safety poster. Kane tells the New Day if they think they are the top team in the WWE, they can face Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton versus Big E and Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods and the Trombone)
Kofi and Dean start things off and Dean with a take down but Kofi with an arm bar. Dean with a reversal and side head lock. Dean with a shoulder tackle and Dean with a forearm to the back of the head and Kofi goes to the floor. Dean teases a dive to the floor when Kofi moves out of the way.

We are back and Orton with a slingshot suplex to Kofi and Dean tags in. Dean kicks Kofi and Irish whips him but Kofi gets his boots up. Big E tags in and Dean with jabs and chops to Big E followed by a snap mare and sliding D and a second one for a near fall. Orton tags in and he kicks Big E in the midsection and then hits a drop kick for a near fall. Big E with punches to the midsection and Big E dances to the music. Big E with an Irish whip but Orton comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Orton with a kick and he tags in Ambrose. Dean kicks Big E and Orton kicks him before going to the apron. Ambrose sends Big E into the corner and punches him. Ambrose goes up top for a missile drop kick. Dean gets a near fall. Orton tags back in and he stomps on Big E’s foot and then kicks him. Orton with the Garvin Stomp followed by a snap mare and Ambrose makes the blind tag. Ambrose does his own Garvin Stomp. Orton tags himself back in and he looks at Ambrose before returning to the Garvin Stomp. Ambrose kicks Big E and then Randy and Dean have some words as Kofi tags in and he runs into a double back elbow and then they send Kofi over the top rope to the floor. We are back and Kofi with a quarter nelson and chin lock. We see footage from commercial when Xavier and the band distracted Orton to allow Big E to take over. Kofi with a drop kick and then he kicks Orton. Big E tags in and he kicks Orton. Kofi tags back in and he kicks Orton. Big E tags in and kicks Orton. Kofi tags back in and kicks Orton. Big E tags in and kicks Orton. Kofi tags in and it is time for the trombone Irish whip into a drop kick.

Kofi with a boot to Orton. Big E tags in and punches Orton and then he claps. Big E with an abdominal stretch. Orton escapes and he connects with elbows to Big E but Big E with a Tricep Meat Elbow and he does the Orton pose. Big E sends Orton to the floor and the Big E talks to the referee and Woods kicks Orton while the referee is not looking. Big E does the shimmy as Orton gets onto the apron and Big E goes for the spear but Orton moves. Big E gets back in and stops Orton for a moment but Orton kicks Big E away and Ambrose tags in and connects with a forearm and a bulldog. Dean sends Kofi to the floor and hits a plancha. Dean drops down and Big E goes over the top rope to the floor. Dean with a suicide dive and then he goes up top and hits the elbow drop on Big E for a near fall. Dean sets for the double underhook DDT but Big E escapes and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Kofi tags in and Orton tags in as well. Orton with two clotheslines and he ducks a clothesline and hits a power slam. Orton sends Kofi to the apron for the IEDDT and Woods grabs him while Big E distracts the referee. Dean with a suicide dive on Woods. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise and Orton sends Kofi to the apron and hits the IEDDT. Orton looks around and twists to the mat. Dean stops Big E in the ring and Kofi avoids the RKO and pushes Orton into Ambrose, sending Ambrose to the floor. Kofi with a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Big E

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