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Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Big Show and Rusev (with Summer Rae) versus Ryback, Randy Orton, Cesaro, and Dolph Ziggler (with Lana)
Ryback and Rusev start things off and they lock up. Rusev with a knee to the midsection followed by a forearm to the back and Ryback with a Thesz press and he sends Rusev’s head to the mat. Cesaro tags in and he punches Rusev in the ribs. Cesaro with a side head lock. Cesaro catches Rusev on a leap frog and Cesaro with a power slam for a near fall. Cesaro with a wrist lock and he tags in Ziggler and Ziggler with a drop kick. Ziggler tries for a hesitation DDT but Rusev stops him. Rusev avoids a super kick attempt and he takes his time getting back into the ring so Ryback with a running shoulder tackle and we have a staredown that rivals the Sharks and the Jets.

We are back and Big Show stands in the center of the ring while Ziggler punches him and looks very tiny. Show sends Ziggler into the corner but Ziggler with an elbow. Ziggler comes off the turnbuckles into a chop. Show with a Shhhh chop to Ziggler and Ziggler goes down. Show with a slam to Ziggler. Ziggler with kicks and punches. Show with a shoulder tackle. Show grabs Ziggler by the ankle and tags in Owens. Owens punches Ziggler and then he drops Ziggler onto the top rope and hits a back senton for a near fall. Owens mocks Ziggler and kicks him. Owens runs Ziggler into the corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with a suplex throw to Ziggler. Sheamus with a stretch muffler and he elevates Ziggler off the mat. Ziggler with punches to get out of the hold. Ziggler charges at his corner but Sheamus stops him with a uranage back breaker. We are back and Show and Ziggler are back in the match and Show grabs Ziggler by the throat for a choke slam but Ziggler with a kick and a DDT. Rusev tags in and he kicks Ziggler and then Rusev looks at Ziggler’s partners in the match. Rusev kicks Ziggler in the back and chokes him in the ropes. Sheamus gets in a kick and Summer with a slap. Lana with a spear to Summer.

Rusev looks around and sees Lana. Ziggler with a kick and Fameasser. Owens tags in and he stops Ziggler from making the tag, but Cesaro is tagged in. Cesaro with European uppercuts followed by an Irish whip and European uppercut. Cesaro with four total and it is time for the Giant Swing but Rusev tries to get involved so he is the swingee. Owens with a kick but Ryback tags in and him and Owens go back and forth with punches. Owens sends Ryback into the turnbuckles and then Owens prepares for the cannonball but Ryback with a spinebuster. Ryback with the lariat and he gets Owens up for the marching muscle buster but Owens escapes. Show pushes Ryback to Owens for a rollup and a near fall. Owens and Ryback with clotheslines at the same time and both men are down. Sheamus and Orton tag in and Orton with two clotheslines and he ducks a clothesline and hits a power slam. Orton puts Sheamus in the ropes and he hits the IEDDT. Orton with a drop kick to Show and that allows Sheamus to try for a power slam. Sheamus is accidentally punched by Show and Orton with an RKO for the three count.

Winners: Randy Orton, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback

After the match: Rusev yells at Show and so does Owens. Show tries to explain himself. Owens talks about how Show has been letting him down since he was 13 years old. Show pushes Owens and Rusev down. Show grabs Owens by the throat and then Rusev with a jumping thrust kick. Owens sends Show into the corner and Owens is Irish whipped into the corner by Rusev for a cannonball. Ryback, Orton, Cesaro, and Ziggler come into the ring and Ziggler with a super kick. Ryback and Cesaro press Show over their heads for an RKO.

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