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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring as he makes his return to Raw after returning last night at Fastlane.

Randy says that he is not the guy who come out here to talk your ears off for twenty minutes in a long promo or monologue but he has something to get off his chest. He has been out of action for the last four months because of the Authority and Seth Rollins. In case you forgot why Orton has been gone, we see the footage from November when he got curb stomped by Rollins.

Randy says for the last four month he has been replaying that moment over and over in his head. That is why he is back. He is here to say that he is just getting started. Last night, Seth Rollins got away, but it was just a stay of execution. There will be no more hiding or running.

Randy tells Seth to get his ass out right now.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Big Show, and Kane make their way to the ring.

Stephanie is going to be the spokesperson for the Authority. She welcomes Randy back and she says that Randy made a hell of a return at Fastlane as well as tonight. Even though it happened at the expense of the Authority, that is the Randy Orton that the people love. Stephanie says that is the Randy she wants as the face of the WWE.

Randy says that he is not part of the Authority. He will not forgive Seth Rollins. All he is going to do is bash his brains in.

Stephanie says that Randy can forgive Seth. The face and future of the WWE can co-exist. You left us no choice four months ago. We can forgive you so come back home.

Randy says that he would rather kick some ass than kiss some ass.

Big Show decides to talk some sense into Randy. He says he knows that Randy is frustrated. All that anger and frustration inside, he can understand. Show says that he has had to put some anger and frustration aside. Joining the Authority was the best decision that he ever made. Show says that he knows Orton.

Show says Orton coming back to the Authority is the best decision he could make.

Orton says coming back to the Authority would mean ‘selling out’.

Stephanie tells Randy to look her in the eyes. She says that Randy is not a good guy. He does what he does not for the love of the crowd, but for his own rewards. You have done deplorable things for those rewards. Some of those acts have been against her family. She mentions that some things have even happened against her. She says that she is asking Randy to listen to them. She is not trying to force his hands. She wants a business conference so they can discuss this as professionals. She wants Orton to come back home.

They leave the ring, except for Triple H, who stares at Orton. Hunter leaves the ring.

Randy tells them to wait a moment as they are about to go to the back. He says he will be there and he will see them for the business meeting.

Backstage: The Authority are with Randy Orton and Seth says that Hunter cannot be brought back, but Stephanie yells at Seth and tells him to show her respect.

Kane says that as Director of Operations, he thinks they should reconsider their decision. After what happened last night, maybe a more direct approach is necessary.

Stephanie tells Kane to think about the bigger picture. It is not about you, it is about the Authority. We have Big Show and Kane, the biggest men in the WWE. We have Mr. Money in the Bank. We have the Viper. She is talking about Absolute Power.

Seth wants to know how can they trust him again.

Stephanie says that if Randy can forgive Seth, then we can all forgive Randy. She asks Randy if he can move forward. If you say no, they can deal with the consequences later. If he says yes, she says that he will be part of their family and they will welcome him back with open arms.

Randy offers his hand and Seth shakes it.

Stephanie says that we will have a tag team match with Randy Orton and Seth Rollins against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Backstage: Seth Rollins stops by to talk to Randy Orton. Randy wants Seth to leave his pets at the door if he wants to talk strategy. Seth tells Jamie and Joey to hang outside, he has it. Seth tells Randy that he knows Randy hates him. Randy says hate is such a big word. He says for the sake of what is best for business, consider them on the same page. Seth says they can put the past behind them. Orton says he won’t put the past behind him. They are going to make sure Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns were lucky that he wasn’t in the Royal Rumble. Seth says they should send Daniel and Roman what the face and future are all about.

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins (with Big Show, Kane, and J&J Security) vs. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Bryan and Rollins start things off and Bryan with a side head lock into a hammer lock. Rollins with an elbow but Bryan with a knee to the midsection. Bryan tries for the surfboard and apparently people from Iowa know how to surf. Bryan tags in Reigns and Roman sends Rollins face first into the mat. Rollins tags in Orton.

They lock up and Reigns with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with a drop kick and then he runs his laces across the face. Orton with a hard Irish whip. Orton with an Irish whip but Reigns with an Orton-esque clothesline out of the corner. Bryan tags in and he hits a double sledge to the arm. Bryan works on the arm but Orton with a back breaker.

Orton drops Bryan on the top rope and Orton with a boot to the midsection. Rollins tags in and he kicks Bryan. Rollins with a kick but Bryan sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Orton pulls Rollins out of the way on a suicide dive attempt. Orton wants to talk strategy while Rollins gets a chance to rest and we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton and Rollins work over Reigns while Orton does the Garvin Stomp. We see footage of Reigns being attacked by Rollins while Mercury and Noble distract him. Reigns was also sent into the ringside barrier during the commercial break.

Reigns fights in the corner but Orton with a European uppercut. Orton with a clothesline out of the corner to show Reigns how it is done. Rollins tags in and he punches Reigns. Rollins with a rear chin lock but Reigns with punches to Rollins. Rollins with a punch but Reigns with a tilt-a-whirl slam and both men are down.

Bryan tags in and he drop kicks Orton off the apron. Bryan punches Rollins but Rollins with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner and he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with Kicks of Yes and he sets for the round kick but Rollins ducks down and he gets a near fall with a rollup, but Bryan tries to get Rollins into the Yes Lock and Orton breaks things up.

Reigns punches Orton and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Rollins sends Reigns to the floor and then Bryan sends Rollins to the floor and Bryan with a suicide dive. Bryan sends Rollins back in and Joey gets on the apron to distract the referee and Rollins crotches Bryan. Rollins gets a near fall. Orton tags back in and he kicks Bryan and sends him into the turnbuckles. Orton with head butts and European uppercuts in the corner.

Orton with a hard Irish whip and then Orton puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Orton punches Bryan and then he goes up top and sets for a superplex. Bryan blocks it and he knocks Orton off and to the mat with a series of head butts. Bryan misses the diving head butt when Orton moves. Bryan crawls to tag in Reigns and Rollins tags in as well.

Reigns with a clothesline and a flying clothesline. Reigns with Never Ending Story in the corner and the referee warns him. Reigns gets Rollins on his shoulder and he hits a flapjack and he hits a Superman punch on Joey to knock him off the apron. Rollins with an enzuigiri and Orton tags in.

Reigns punches Orton and Orton punches back. Orton with a power slam. Orton kicks Reigns on the apron and Rollins tags himself in before Orton can hit the IEDDT. Orton hits the IEDDT as he looks at Rollins and Orton has had enough. Orton yells at Show, Kane, Joey, and Jamie as Rollins sets for Black Out. Reigns moves and hits a Superman Punch. Bryan tags himself in and he hits the flying knee for the three count.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

After the match: Bryan and Reigns celebrate their victory briefly before leaving the ring. The referee checks on Rollins and Orton is not in a good mood.

We see Orton in the ring and Rollins is down in a position where Orton has been known to go for a field goal kick to the head. Orton is stopped by Noble and Noble gets an RKO. Mercury falls into the corner.

Orton puts Rollins in the corner and he walks away.

Rollins is in shock.

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