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Chris welcomes everyone to Raw is Jericho. Chris gives us a cheap pop for Des Moines. He says that this is a holiday for hard working men and women like yourself. His guest is someone who has never worked a day in his life. He has been given everything in the WWE on a silver platter.

Chris brings out Randy Orton, but instead of Randy, it is Triple H and he is joined by Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton and they are dressed like they are in an attorney commercial on ROH TV. Chris says that he expected to see Randy come out tonight by himself and not with his law firm of Suck Up, Sell Out, and Schnozz.

Hunter tells Chris that he has never grown up, physically or literally. Hunter tells Chris that he has important business. Chris says Hunter does not conduct important business in the ring unless his wife is being thrown in jail. Hunter says that Chris should be thanking him instead of coming up with witty banter. Hunter comments on Chris’ scarf and Chris comments on Hunter’s pink tie. Hunter says that it is violet.

Hunter says that this is the most historic Highlight Reel in history. Hunter says that he reviewed the match at SummerSlam between John Cena and Brock Lesnar as well as the commentary about it. Hunter says that you can watch it on the WWE Network for $9.99. Hunter says that it might not be best for business to have a rematch between Cena and Lesnar. Hunter says that he is contemplating a new number one contender.
Chris says that even though he is giving Cena his mandatory rematch, who will Hunter give the match to? Randy says that there is only one person who can beat Brock Lesnar. He is a twelve time World Champion, a third generation wrestler, and someone who earned everything.

Kane suggests that it should be a masked man who can raise a demon to face the Beast Incarnate. Seth says that maybe the future has already arrived in Mr. Money in the Bank himself. He did take out Dean Ambrose and he has become one of the most intelligent and most dangerous Superstars in the locker room.

Chris suggests that you give the shot to a six time champion and the first Undisputed Champion in the business.

John Cena’s music interrupts Chris’ catchphrases and John is serious. John wants to know what the hell Hunter is talking about. Just because Flair and Shawn don’t think he can win doesn’t mean that he won’t. Those same two guys didn’t think he could beat Hunter at Wrestlemania 22, but Hunter tapped out. John tells Hunter he can watch it if he forgot. Hunter is running the company and he does not care how many times Hunter has seen the footage, John has invoked the rematch clause and Hunter has authorized it. John says that if he takes it away, he will sue Hunter and take all of his money. Then he will be in control and the first thing he will do is tell Hunter he is fired. John says the rematch is happening. He will not just beat Brock Lesnar, he will beat Brock’s ass. Hunter says wow. Is John going to sue? Now John is so desperate that he is threatening lawsuits? Maybe John is small minded like everyone else. He knows what his damn job is. He knows what being COO is. No matter what, he does what is best for business for the WWE every single day.

Hunter tells John that he is the first to admit that John as the WWE Champion is not what is best for business. John’s career ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar is not what is best for business. Seth says let him have the rematch. What is the worst that can happen? If an opportunity presents itself, there is always Plan B. Randy says Seth is right. Give him the rematch. Let me face the winner. Randy wants to know where his rematch is.

Chris says that this is still the Highlight Reel. Chris says that Randy has had 4,000 title matches since Wrestlemania and he has never succeeded. The last big match that Randy had, he was Superman punched and speared by Roman Reigns. Randy says that meant nothing. Roman means nothing and if Roman was here, he would drop him like the piece of crap he is. Randy says that if Chris wants to make a joke of him, he will not like the punchline.

Roman Reigns’ music finally plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Roman tells Randy that he is here, so drop him. Just like he thought, Randy is all talk. Roman asks Kane and Seth if they are angry about breaking up the eulogy or maybe they are pissed about almost being destroyed by a cinder block. Roman says that he should be in the mix. Hunter says that everyone seems like they can take on Brock Cena at Night of Champions. Everyone in the ring gets an opportunity to prove themselves. They will get a chance to stand tall. We will have a six man tag match. Chris Jericho, John Cena, and Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Kane. Who can earn their spot? Who can prove it? Hunter says that he will be sitting at ringside and he will be watching.

Rollins tries to hit Reigns with the briefcase but he misses and Reigns punches Rollins. Rollins drops the briefcase and leaves the ring. Reigns with a chest pass of the briefcase to Cena.

Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton are talking quietly in the back as we go to commercial

John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho versus Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton
Reigns and Orton get their SummerSlam rematch teased by starting off and Reigns with punches to Orton followed by shoulders and a punch. Reigns with a head butt, but Orton with kicks and a head butt. Reigns with a back elbow and Orton with a kick and forearm. Reigns with a head butt and Orton goes down. Reigns gets a near fall.

Reigns punches Orton. Orton with an Irish whip and Reigns with an Ortonesque clothesline out of the corner. Reigns punches Kane off the apron and he biels Rollins into the ring. Reigns punches Rollins even though Orton is still the legal man. Reigns with an uppercut and clothesline that sends Orton over the top rope to the floor. We are back and Kane with a DDT and he gets a near fall. Orton tags in and he kicks Reigns. Orton with punches but Reigns blocks and he connects with punches. Orton with a kick but Reigns with a flying clothesline. Reigns with a Samoan drop and he gets a near fall. Reigns with clotheslines in the corner followed by punches in the corner. Orton gets out of the corner and he connects with forearms to the back and then he pulls Reigns off the turnbuckles for a back breaker and he gets a near fall.

Rollins tags in and he goes to the floor after Reigns and Rollins sends Reigns into the apron and ringside barrier. Rollins gets a near fall and then he applies a choke using Reigns’ arm. Rollins with a sleeper but Reigns backs into the corner. Rollins pulls Reigns to the mat and Kane tags in. Rollins with a double stomp before Kane kicks Reigns.

Kane with a rear chin lock. Reigns with a belly-to-back suplex. Orton tags in and he stomps on Reigns and gets a near fall. Orton kicks Reigns and he tries to listen to some of the fan suggestions. Orton kicks Reigns. Reigns with a clothesline and both men are down. Rollins and Jericho tag in and Jericho goes after Orton on the apron. Jericho with shoulder tackles and then Jericho with a springboard drop kick to knock Kane off the apron. Jericho with a bulldog on Rollins and he goes for the Lionsault and he connects.

Jericho with a double leg take down and he applies the Walls of Jericho. Orton breaks up the hold but Reigns with a Superman punch to Orton. Kane with a choke slam to Reigns. Cena gives Kane an Attitude Adjustment. Rollins with a springboard knee to Cena’s head. Jericho with a rollup for a near fall.

Rollins with an enzuigiri to Jericho for a near fall. Jericho with a Codebreaker and we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a reverse chin lock on Jericho. Jericho chops Orton but Orton with a power slam. We see footage from the commercial break when Jericho was sent into the ring steps. Rollins tags in and he chops Jericho in the corner and follows with a punch. Rollins with a running forearm into the corner. Rollins goes up top but Jericho with a drop kick as Rollins comes off the turnbuckles.

Kane tags in and he keeps Jericho from making the tag. Kane with an uppercut and he gets a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip and side slam for a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Jericho with chops but Kane with an Irish whip. Kane runs into a boot but Jericho goes to the turnbuckles and he is met with an uppercut. Kane gets a near fall.

Orton tags in and he kicks Jericho in the ribs. Orton with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Orton with punches to the back and then he puts Jericho on the turnbuckles. Orton with punches and he goes up top for a superplex. Jericho blocks it and he punches Orton and punches Orton and chops him to the mat. Jericho with a cross body and he gets a near fall. Kane tags in and he knocks Reigns off the apron. Kane goes for a slam but Jericho escapes and he hits Kane from behind and Cena tags in. Cena with a flying shoulder tackle followed by a blue thunder bomb. Cena with a boot to Rollins. Kane goes for a choke slam but Jericho stops Kane. Cena with a clothesline followed by a German suplex to Rollins. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment to Kane and then he looks at Reigns and he tags in Roman.

Roman with a spear for the three count.

Winners: John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns

After the match: Rollins tries to attack Cena but Cena stops Rollins and gives Rollins an Attitude Adjustment onto the table. Cena tells Hunter he will face Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions.

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