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Evolution pulls into the arena in a limo and Hunter comes out first. The Shield run to the back and they go after Evolution. Meanwhile, in the back, Hunter is looking over some paperwork to sign while Orton and Batista stand behind him. They walk into the arena and the Shield ambush them. Officials separate the Shield and Evolution.

Evolution makes their way to the ring and Batista and Orton are dressed to wrestle while Hunter is still in his suit.

Orton says that he has had enough and it is time to take the gloves off and time to start treating the Shield the way they should. He knows that the Shield were Hunter’s boys in the past, but it is time to put the hounds to sleep.

Batista says that he has had enough. He says that he is done with this.

Hunter says that maybe it is time to take the gloves off and finish this thing with The Shield. At Extreme Rules, they proved how good they are. That is why he brought them, coddled them, and protected them. It was to make them into something. They got too big and he thought he could salvage something out of them.

That little ‘so called’ attempt at an ambush was the last straw. The Shield is undisciplined and they are like little kids waving a stick around.

Does the Shield want a rematch at Payback for a match they already won. They have their rematch and this one will be different. They will take them apart one by one.

First, Dean Amborse will be humbled. After they are done, they will move on to the architect, Seth Rollins. He will pull the wings off the hummingbird himself. Then they will move on to the big dog, Roman Reigns. Do you want us to believe in you? Hunter says that they will take their time with Roman and they will make an example out of Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns will be the member of the Shield that does not come back from Payback. Roman Reigns will fail to adapt. At Payback, you will per…

Seth Rollins takes Hunter down and then Reigns and Ambrose come into the ring and they attack Evolution. Hunter is sent out of the ring and so is Orton. Batista is sent out of the ring as well.

Batista says that he has had enough. He has had enough of all of you. Batista says that Reigns is the big dog. He wants to face him tonight.

Batista (with Randy Orton and Triple H) versus Roman Reigns (with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose)
Batista goes for a take down but Reigns sends him into the corner. They lock up and Batista with a knee and he sends Reigns into the corner. Batista with shoulders and the referee warns him. Reigns with punches and shoulders of his own. Reigns with a hard Irish whip and they go to the floor. Batista and Reigns fight by the ringside barrier and Reigns sends Batista’s head into the ring steps. Reigns sends Batista back into the ring.

Reigns misses a splash into the corner and Reigns hits the ring post. Batista with a punch and Irish whip followed by a clothesline into the corner. Batista sends Reigns shoulder first into the ring post and he gets a near fall. Batista with a boot to the chest. Reigns with a forearm across the eyes.

Batista with a kick followed by an Irish whip but Reigns with a clothesline out of the corner. Reigns blocks a punch and he punches Batista while the other four men return to the floor. Reigns with a boot and clothesline in the corner. Reigns with a punch and then he goes to the floor for the broad jump crop kick but Hunter and Orton get in the way. Rollins and Ambrose with suicide dives to Hunter and Orton and Reigns with the broad jump drop kick.

Reigns sets for the Superman punch but Hunter pulls him out of the ring for a Pedigree but Rollins with a splash onto Hunter. The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Hunter is Irish whipped into the ring steps and Hunter is brought back into the ring and the Shield surround them. Rollins kicks hUnter.

Stephanie sends wrestlers to the ring to go after The Shield. Ambrose is sent to the floor while everyone in the ring works over Reigns.

Hunter grabs a chair while Clay and Titus hold Reigns. Reigns gets free and hits a spear on Hunter. Rollins and Ambrose have chairs and they swing for the fences. Ambrose with the Dean Driver to Fandango on the chair. Rollins with Black Out to Axel on the chair. Reigns with a Superman punch to Slater. Ryback is the only one left in the ring and Reigns with a spear. Ryback falls victim to the Cerberus Bomb.

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