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Triple H and Stephanie are in the office and Stephanie says that she cannot wait for Hunter to end the Yes Movement. Batista wants to know what is going on. This wouldn’t have happened if Hunter lost to Daniel Bryan. Hunter reminds Batista he tapped out. Batista says that he was not expecting a Triple Threat. Randy enters and he says that he wants his rematch. Hunter says that he is the COO and it is his job to run things the way he wants. They get their rematches, but not tonight.

Stephanie says that everyone is right. It will be settled after Raw. Tonight, they will be in a Tag Match against the Usos. Randy says that he does not want the tag titles. He wants his World Title back.

Hunter says this is happening for one reason and one reason only. When the three of them were on the same page, no one could stop them.

Randy Orton and Batista versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso for the WWE Tag Team Titles
Batista and Jimmy start things off and Jimmy with punches and a kick. Batista sends Jimmy into the corner and Orton tags in and he punches Jimmy. Jey tags in and Jimmy with a kick and uppercut. Jey with an uppercut. Orton with a kick and European uppercut.

Batista tags in and he kicks Jey. Orton tags in and he kicks Jey in the corner. Batista tags in and he continues to kick Jey. Jimmy goes after Batista and Orton but Batista sends Jimmy shoulder first into the post and Orton sends Jey to the floor.

Batista puts Jey onto the ringside barrier and then Orton sends Jimmy into the ring steps while the referee continues to count. Orton with an IEDDT to Jey off the ringside barrier and the referee makes the ten count.

Double Count Out

After the match, Batista with a Batista Bomb to Jimmy on the ring steps.

Orton and Batista stand in the ring and they raise their arms as if they won the match.

Randy Orton and Batista come to ringside, but they do not have their music play their way to the ring. Orton and Batista attack Bryan and punch him in the corner. Orton gives Bryan an RKO and then Batista gives Bryan a Batista Bomb. Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring. Kane says something to Orton and Batista and then he stands over Bryan and he grabs Bryan by the throat and gives him a choke slam.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring for his match and he is accompanied by Stephanie McMahon.

Mike Chioda refuses to ring the bell and Stephanie and Hunter tell him to do it if he wants to keep his job.

Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) versus Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Championship
Hunter stands over Bryan and picks him up and the music for the Shield plays and they make their way to the ring.

Hunter wants to know what they are doing since they appear to have everything under control already. Kane, Batista, and Orton get on the apron and the Shield climb on the apron on the other side of the ring.

Hunter says this is not going to happen.

The Shield get in the ring and Hunter tells them to stand down. Kane, Batista, and Orton get in the ring and he tells them no and this is not going to happen. Hunter pushes Kane back and he tells them this is not happening. Reigns with a spear to Hunter and Kane goes after Reigns while Ambrose and Rollins take care of Orton and Batista, sending them to the floor and then they hit suicide dives. Reigns with a Superman punch to Kane.

The Shield surrounds Hunter and Hunter is not sure of what to do. Bryan starts to get up in the corner and Hunter turns around into a flying knee from Bryan but Kane pulls Hunter to the floor.

Bryan and The Shield stand together in the ring.

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