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Stephanie thanks everyone for coming to Raw tonight. Unfortunately Daniel Bryan will not be here tonight. She says that she has been reading on social media that what her and her husband did to Daniel Bryan was wrong and uncomfortable to watch. They agree but what they did was to send a message to the superstars and divas in the locker room that insubordination will not be tolerated. They will not let a fad like the Yes Movement cause a loss leader who will lead you down a path to self-destruction.

As leaders, their decisions will not always be popular. What is an army without a general? What is a company without a CEO? They need to be followed by a leader like her. For 50 years, the WWE has led everyone. She was born into this and she is the only one who can shoulder this burden of responsibility for everyone.

Daniel Bryan was reminded of who owns the WWE and who her husband is. Triple H is the most powerful man in the WWE. After beating Daniel Bryan, he will go on to become the new WWE World Champion.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He says that he is not out here to argue with one word that Stephanie said and he is not going to challenge what she said. He will have to beat her husband if he beats Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie corrects Randy to say when. Randy says that her family will be there along with sponsors and investors. Stephanie tells everyone that Daniel will not be here so they can stop chanting for Daniel. Orton says that he will beat Batista and Triple H to a pulp at Wrestlemania. Stephanie is an incredibly smart and savvy businesswoman. He says that Stephanie should let Hunter give Daniel Bryan the beating of a lifetime, but let him walk out a winner and not enter the WWE World Title Match.

Batista’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Batista says that this is really driving him crazy. Orton is squabbling while the crowd is making their stupid chants, but everyone is missing the point. Batista reminds everyone that he has been saying that he is going to be the next WWE World Champion. He does not care who it is, nothing is going to change that he is walking out of Wrestlemania XXX as the champion.

Batista gets a mic that works a little better and he says that he respects Hunter. The fact is that he has never beaten Batista. If he makes it to the Championship match at Wrestlemania, he won’t beat him there. Randy won’t beat him either. Batista tells Orton he makes him sick. One week he sucks up to Hunter. The next week, he sucks up to Stephanie. He tells Randy to get closer so he can drool all over her. Batista says that he thinks Stephanie has been drooled on before. Batista says that she has been drooled on a lot.

Stephanie slaps Batista and then she leaves the ring while Orton laughs at what he just saw. Batista does not appreciate Orton’s reaction so he spears Orton. Batista grabs the title belts and holds them over his head.

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