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Randy Orton comes out and he thanks the Authority for the opportunity to beat all of them on Sunday. Antonio is right that he underestimated him on Friday, but that won’t happen again. We know that John Cena cannot beat him when it counts. He has had some of his best matches with Christian, but he has beaten him every time. Tonight that Brogue Kick will not get anywhere close. There is a reason why the Authority has deemed him the face of the WWE.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He says that everyone came out and did their talking, but the people are here to talk for him. Daniel says that everyone knows how important the Elimination Chamber match is because it leads to Wrestlemania (as he points at the sign). No one will throw out other catchphrases on Sunday. They will be chanting one word in the arena on Sunday . . . YES. Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring. He has been given the power by the Authority to rectify recent events and he is in charge tonight. We know that Randy Orton will be facing Sheamus, so in all fairness to the champion, the other four will be in action.

Randy Orton is in the back and he tells Hunter that he appreciates everything that him and Stephanie have done for him. Hunter says that he thought the pressure was getting to him but he was wrong. Randy might have lost to Cena, Cesaro, and Bryan, but he is showing an effort. Randy says that he will prove it on Sunday at the Chamber. He appreciates everything that Hunter has done for him in the past and he appreciates everything that Hunter will do for him in the future.

Randy says that Batista is good but can you imagine him as the face of the WWE. Randy says that they carried his ass the entire way. Randy turns around to realize that Batista has been standing behind him.

Batista says that Randy is not the face of the WWE, he is the ass. Randy then leaves as Del Rio makes his way over and says that he now knows that Batista is an animal. Alberto says that he is a man. On Sunday, he will make Batista pay for what he did. He says that he hopes that Batista is not planning on using his arms at Wrestlemania because he will rip them off on Sunday. Batista pushes Alberto into a cart.

Randy Orton versus Sheamus

Orton points to the Wrestlemania sign and then they lock up. Orton goes to the floor so the crowd can chant for someone in the match. They lock up again and Orton backs Sheamus into the corner. Orton with a clean break. They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and Orton rolls to the floor.

While Orton massages his shoulder, Sheamus points at the Wrestlemania sign. Orton returns to the ring and Orton with a kick and forearm. Sheamus with punches and European uppercuts to Orton. Sheamus with punches to the midsection followed by a suplex. Orton goes back ot the floor and he is followed around the ring by Sheamus. Orton with a kick and then he sends Sheamus into the ring post.

Sheamus punches Orton and sends him into the announce table. They return to the ring and Sheamus with a series of knee drops and then he hits a leaping knee drop for a near fall. Sheamus with a European uppercut and he misses a Brogue Kick and he gets caught in the ropes. Sheamus is sent to the apron and then he is sent into the ring post. We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a reverse chin lock. Sheamus with elbows to get out of the hold and Sheamus with a belly-to-back suplex. Sheamus clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor. Orton is sent into the ringside barrier by Orton. Orton is sent into the ringside barrier on the other side of the ring. Orton Irish whips Sheamus into the ring steps.

Sheamus gets back into the ring and Orton runs his laces across the face. Orton puts Sheamus on the turnbuckles and he gives Sheamus a head butt. Orton tries for a superplex but Sheamus pushes Orton to the mat. Sheamus with a flying shoulder tackle and both men are down. Orton and Sheamus fight on the floor and Orton with a backdrop driver through the announce table.

Sheamus gets back into the ring at nine despite being driven through the announce table. Orton with the Garvin Stomp but he misses the leaping knee drop. Sheamus with two running double sledges and then he runs Orton into the turnbuckles with a shoulder. Orton side steps the running knee lift and Orton with a power slam for a near fall.

Orton gets Sheamus set up for the IEDDT but Sheamus gets into the ring and he back body drops Orton over the top rope but Orton lands on the apron. Sheamus with forearms across the chest. Sheamus gets Orton on his shoulders for the Finlay Slam but Orton escapes and he hits a back breaker.

Orton sends Sheamus to the apron and hits the IEDDT. Orton looks around and then he finds that point and he twists to the mat. Sheamus avoids the RKO and then he hits three uranage back breakers on Orton. Sheamus looks around for the place to set up for the Brogue Kick. The Shield attack Sheamus and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Sheamus (by disqualification)

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