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WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton was interviewed. He said that it didn’t matter if it was Batista, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan or anyone else, he was the true face of the WWE. He called Wyatt a Duck Dynasty lookalike Hillbilly reject. He said that tonight he was going to show the world that John Cena wasn’t the face of WWE, either.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

John Cena came out all smiles and played to the crowd. Uh, didn’t he want to murder Randy Orton last week for beating up his father? They locked up and Orton used a side headlock takedown and they began exchanging holds. Orton caught Cena with a right hand and stomped the hell out of him. The crowd chanted for Bryan.

Cena came back with a bulldog for a two count. The crowd chanted for Bryan, Randy Savage and Y2J. Orton cut off Cena who came back and attempted a Boston Crab. Orton kicked him out of the ring. The crowd chanted for Undertaker.

Orton locked in a chinlock. The crowd chanted “Boring” which wasn’t fair to them. Cena made a comeback and clotheslined Orton over the top to the floor. He followed Orton to the floor but was sent into the ring steps. Cena tried to go for the AA but Orton got free and worked over Cena with stomps. The crowd chanted, “You both suck.” Ouch!

Orton played to the crowd on the ropes. Cena slipped from behind and nailed him with the Electric Chair. Cena nailed his usual series of offensive maneuvers and was booed out of the building for it. He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but was kicked in the face and nailed with a snap powerslam for a two count.

Cena nailed a back suplex into a neckbreaker for a two count. Cena went to the top rope but Orton cut him off. Orton went for a superplex. He was knocked off. Cena hit the Sicilian Slice off the ropes for a two count. I bet Little Guido wishes he got royalties for that!

Cena went for the AA but Orton slipped out and nailed his backbreaker variation. He covered Cena for a two count. Orton went for the hanging DDT but Cena escaped and backdropped Orton over the top to the floor. Orton almost landed on the ring steps on the floor, which would have been disastrous. He recovered and caught Cena as he was leaving the ring with the hanging DDT on the floor.

Orton rolled him back in the ring and covered Cena for a two count. Orton went to grab Cena but was caught in the STF. Orton escaped but was nailed with the Blue Thunder Bomb and nailed with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He went for the AA but Orton grabbed the ropes and Cena tried to pull him off. The referee was nailed and was out.

Cena locked Orton in the STF and Orton tapped but there was no referee. A doctor checked on the referee as Orton drilled Cena with one of the title belts. Orton covered Cena as the referee recovered but Cena kicked out at two. Cena caught Orton with the AA and covered him for a two count. Orton nailed the RKO for a two count.
Orton went for the punt but missed. Orton reversed a STF attempt and put on his own. Cena broke free but Orton caught him with an AA for a two count. Cena nailed a RKO for a two count.

They went to the top and Cena pulled Orton on his shoulders for an AA. Orton slipped off and landed on the floor but was kicked in the face. Cena nailed a modified DDT off the top and locked on an STF. Orton almost made it to the ropes but Cena was pulled him back.

The Wyatts appared at ringisde standing on the apron. Cena nailed Bray and when he turned, Orton killed him with the RKO and pinned Cena.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton, evaded the Wyatts by exiting through the crowd.

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