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Flair struts around the ring and he is interrupted by his former Evolution member, Randy Orton.

Randy shakes Ric’s hand and Ric congratulates him. Randy tells Ric that he has the utmost respect for him. When he broke into the business, Ric took him under his wing and mentored him. But, with that being said, tonight is not just about the legends, Hall of Famers, and Flair. It is about Randy. Randy says that Ric will agree that Randy is the greatest superstar of this or any generation. He is the Champion of Champions and he is the only WWE World Champion.

Randy says that this is his show and ring, and because he likes Ric so much, he wants Ric to give him the ring so he can gets something off his chest. Randy says that last week, Stephanie McMahon made an announcement that John Cena would get his rematch at the Royal Rumble.

Randy wants to know why they have to make decisions based on what the people like. The Authority did not consult with him. They thought it was best for business, but that is garbage. He showed that he was the best when he beat John Cena at TLC. He has nothing to prove to John Cena or anyone else.

Randy wants them to reverse their decision and take away John’s rematch. He has proven that he is the man.

Ric stops Randy and says that he doesn’t know if Randy is the man. Ric says that when he was the champion, you wrestled 7 nights a week and faced the best. He did that for three decades. That is why he has two Hall of Fame rings. That is how good he was and how hard he worked. He says that all Randy is doing is crying about this rematch. He tells Randy to go out there and wrestle the man again.

Randy says that Ric always had someone watching his back when he was the champion. Randy says that Ric was the most overrated superstar in history. Ric is good and he was great. Times have changed. Randy tells Ric to leave the ring or he will not be responsible for what happens next.

Ric tells Randy that he is not leaving the ring. Ric says that Hunter and him hand picked Randy a decade ago because he was the most physically talented athlete to come around in decades. Randy was also immature and he has never grown out of that. Orton may have the titles and he may call himself the man. He wonders if Randy is really a man when he goes home at night.

Randy says that if Ric wants him to be a man, why doesn’t he go old school on Ric’s ass right now.

John Cena’s music plays and he comes to the ring.

John hugs Ric and he congratulates Randy. Every single time he opens his mouth he sinks to a new level of scumbag. Randy has a problem that they have a rematch. Does Randy go to the Authority? Does he go to John Cena? He takes it out on Ric Flair. Randy has the gall to call Flair ‘overrated’. He is a sixteen time champion. He has two Hall of Fame rings. John says that Randy does not belong anywhere near Flair’s resume.

John says that Randy is thinking about going old school, if that means wanting to have a fight, maybe John will go old school. He tells Randall if he is feeling froggy, that he should jump.

Orton leaves the ring and Flair and Cena strut in the ring.

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