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Randy Orton walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Brad Maddox is in the ring.

Brad reminds us what his name and job is before he introduces the WWE World Champion, Randy Orton.

Orton says the champ . . . is here. Despite what most of you thought was going to happen last night, he beat John Cena again and he has the two titles in his grasp. Some might say it was a hollow victory but he does not give a damn because he won.

Then he gets to work this morning and he finds out in less than a month, he has to defend his title against five other superstars in the Elimination Chamber. Randy wants to know whose idea that was. Randy demands respect because he is the Champion of Champions. He is the face of the WWE.

Batista’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Batista congratulates Randy on his victory. It was a hell of a performance last night. Like he said last week, he is back for three reasons. To win the Royal Rumble, to headline Wrestlemania, and walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion. Two down and one to go. He does not care who he faces at the Superdome. It is not personal. He does not care if it is Randy Orton, the Shield, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, or the winner of the Elimination Chamber match.

On April 6th, he doesn’t care if Randy or the Authority like it or not, he is walking out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion and there is nothing that Orton can do about that.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he comes to the stage with Paul Heyman and Brock does the Brock Bounce. Brock makes his way to the ring.

Paul Heyman tells Brad who he is and he stands before Brad as the advocate for BROCK LESNAR. His client has authorized him to inform Brad that his patience is running thin. Brad needs to go to the Authority that they have two choices tonight. Choice Number One is that since Brad is the GM and he is a promoter, let’s make history tonight in Cleveland, Ohio to authorize a match with the reigning and defending WWE Champion against the Beast Incarnate BROCK LESNAR.

Paul says that his client is not an unreasonable man so he is just suggesting. The other option is to put the obvious Number One Contender Brock Lesnar against the So Called Number One Contender Batista.

No matter who makes the decision, the winner is the WWE Universe.

Paul wants their answer tonight . . . or else.

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