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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Randy says at TLC he cemented his legacy in the most monumental match in the history of the WWE. He beat John Cena and became the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What did the Authority do to reward him? Nothing. They put him in a match the next night against an undeserving little troll named Daniel Bryan.

He beat Daniel and then when his buddy John Cena came to the ring to save the day, he left John lying facing down in the ring next to his buddy.

Randy says that he just don’t give a damn.

John Cena’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Cena is not ready to fight . . . yet, because he has something to say.

Randy tells John that he can feel the jealousy oozing through is pores. It is pathetic. Randy is standing where he belongs and Randy is in John’s spotlight.

John tells Randy he is not out here for that. He is out here to stop Randy from looking like a damn fool. That match on Sunday was historic because of the title belts. Now he holds the richest prize in the WWE. If you don’t want to be champion, you should walk out the door.

John says that Randy got his wish. He is the center of the WWE as the champion. What Randy fails to recognize is that everyone is watching Randy. We are watching every little thing that Randy does. John says that he is here to ask Randy how he wants to be remembered: As a true champion of champions or a giant coward.

Randy says that he did what he had to do to win.

John points out that Randy did not ‘win’ because Daniel Bryan won by disqualification.

John says that he came out for weeks and said that Randy always takes short cuts and makes excuses. He crossed his fingers to prove that he was the man John Cena said that Orton could be. He was a man at TLC, but that lasted for one day because on Monday, he took the easy way out.

Randy says that Daniel is not getting another rematch and Daniel does not deserve it.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Daniel tells Randy that he gets it. He gets why Randy did what he did on Monday and he gets why Randy won’t give him a rematch. It is because Randy Orton is afraid. He is afraid that when he finally beats Randy, it will tear down all of the myths that Randy is better than everyone else. Daniel says that Randy is not better than him. If you want to talk about people who deserve stuff, Randy does not deserve to be called the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Daniel says that he is at peace and he knows that when John Cena gets his rematch, he will beat Randy. When John beats him, John is a man of his word and he will finally get a fair shot at the WWE World Championship.

Randy says that will never happen. He will never let Daniel fight for the title and neither will the Authority. After Monday night, he has proven that he is the one true face of the WWE.

Daniel asks Randy if he is the face of the WWE. Daniel asks the fans if they feel that Randy is the face of the WWE. These people can say it louder than him and they say the answer is NO. The music for The Shield plays and they make their way through the crowd while Orton slides out of the ring.

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