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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for the Apology of Apologies. He says that on Monday night, an unspeakable accident took place. It was supposed to be a historical night. It turned into a melee when Stephanie McMahon was trampled on the mat. Randy says that he cannot get the image of Stephanie unconscious out of his head.

He is here to apologize and he wants to do it face to face.

Triple H comes out to the ring for the Acceptance of Acceptances or Refusal of Refusals to Randy’s Apology of Apologies.

Randy tells Hunter that they have been to hell and back. They have fought as enemies and friends. Hunter has to know that what happened on Monday night was an accident. He tells Hunter to watch the footage.

Randy says that if Hunter still doubts him that it was an accident, he has more footage. Randy has a different angle in slow motion to prove his innocence.

Orton says that a lot happened that night and a lot went wrong. There are a lot of people with things to apologize about. Randy says that he does not care about that. He wants Hunter and his wife, Stephanie McMahon to accept his humble apology.

Hunter says that if Randy called him out to see footage, he does not need to see it. Hunter reminds Randy that those are his cameras. A lot did go wrong on Monday and a lot have to apologize for their actions. Hunter says that he is not one of them because he is the Authority and he never has to apologize for his actions.

Hunter tells Randy that he could fire him for this.

Hunter tells Randy that he is not going to do that because it is not what is best for business. Because a lot of things went wrong on Monday, for this one time, and this time only, Hunter says that he will accept Randy’s apology.

Randy thanks Hunter and he says that he knows that Hunter has his back. Randy says that he saw something on Monday night. Randy wants Hunter to respond to what happened when John Cena was standing with Hunter, Stephanie, and Kane.

Randy says that he wants an explanation. What is Randy supposed to think? After beating John on Sunday, every Superstar past and present will know that he is the greatest of the great. When he beats John Cena on Sunday, he will be the Champion of Champions.

Randy wants to know if The Authority has the same amount of faith in Randy that Randy has in himself?

Hunter tells Randy not to worry about it. Hunter shakes Randy’s hand and he says that he knows exactly where their faith lies.

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