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Big Show is in the ring. He says that despite the fact that the Authority said that he came back for a paycheck, that is not completely correct. He is here to make the Authority’s life a living hell. That would be by rearranging the face of the WWE and becoming the WWE Champion. Show says that it has been ten years since he held the WWE Title and it could be his last chance. When he steps in the ring at Survivor Series, he is laying it all on the line.

Randy Orton’s music interrupts Show.
Orton tells Show that there are no maybes. He will be finished. Show might be a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he is all washed up. The only reason Show got his job back and the only reason he is facing Randy Orton was because Show filed a lawsuit like some kind of coward. Show says that he thought put one over on The Authority, but they brought him back to punish him.

Randy says that he is going to punish Big Show.

Show interrupts and he says that Orton is real tough talking from 50 yards away. Why not get up in his face like he did with the Authority. We see footage from Monday night. Show says that it looks like someone went to mom and dad one too many times. Randy has all of the talent in the world. He should be a locker room leader. He should be the face of the WWE. It should have happened years ago. All Orton has ever done is do what is best for Randy Orton. Orton waited until someone handed him the WWE Title.

Now, Randy is all alone. When he gets his hands on Randy at Survivor Series, no one is going to save him. The sad truth is that Randy is not the face of the WWE. He is just a spoiled brat. Randy says that he is not a spoiled brat and he will beat Show without any help.

Show wants to show Randy what happens every time they are alone. We see a footage of Show with an advantage on Orton. Show tells Randy to hold on to that championship real tight. That is the only thing that defines Randy as a man. On Sunday, he will take what Randy covets most. He will take the WWE Championship.

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