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Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he reminds everyone that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella got engaged.

It is time to bring out the participants in the main event at Battleground. Out first is Daniel Bryan. He is followed by Randy Orton.

Jerry says that this is intended to be a verbal confrontation only so the physicality has to wait until Sunday.

Jerry mentions the controversy of stripping Daniel Bryan of the title.

Orton says that he was upset at the time when Triple H did not give him the title. However, it motivated and inspired him to reach the full potential as the Apex Predator. He was no longer the Viper who cared what the idiots thought. He was the Viper void of morality. The Viper who decimated the Miz in his hometown in front of his parents, while his mother begged him to stop.

Randy says that he will beat Daniel on Sunday because he is genetically superior to a weak, goat faced, B+ troll like Daniel Bryan.

Daniel says that Randy talks a great game. He says that Randy is a little monotone and he sounds like he practiced in front of the mirror. Why did Triple H feel the need to inspire and motivate Randy? Maybe it is because Randy is marketable and Hunter wants to put him on magazines or DVDs.

Maybe it is because Randy cannot reach his full potential without it. Daniel says that he might be some small, weak, pathetic, B+, goat face troll, but he never needed anyone’s motivation to reach his potential.

On Sunday, he will regain the WWE Championship when he beats RandyOrton.

Orton says that just because they chant ‘Yes’ that he can be champion? Daniel is on a roll. He is marrying a Bella. Randy wants to know what can be so incredibly wrong with Brie to settle for someone like Daniel.

One day, Brie is going to wake up and realize that she is not sleeping with a virile, handsome champion like him, but she is sleeping with a barnyard animal.

Bryan attacks Orton and he sends Orton over the top rope to the floor. Bryan attacks Orton but Orton sends Bryan into the ring steps and Orton punches Bryan. Orton sends Bryan into the ring post a few times.

Orton pulls Bryan into the ring post a few times. Orton drops Bryan on the ringside apron. Orton punches Bryan and then he hangs Daniel on the apron. Brie comes out and she watches Randy give Daniel the IEDDT.

Randy rearranges the announce table while Brie begs for Randy to stop. Randy sends Daniel into the announce table and then they get on top of the table. Orton looks around before he gives Bryan an RKO through the table.

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