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We are back and most of the roster is on the stage to watch the Orto-Bration. The Shield are at ringside to protect everyone from coming down the ramp.

The COO and a Principal Owner of WWE make their way to the ring. Triple H says a decade ago, the Chairman of the WWE came to him and asked him point blank, who he thought would be the face of the WWE in the future. Triple H says that he chose one man. He put that man into a group called Evolution. He let him sit under the learning tree. He mentored him and made him a star. Then he watched that star do heinous and horrible things to everybody on that roster, including him and his family.

Frankenstein’s monster matured and he became the A Plus Player. That A Plus Player, inside Hell in a Cell became the Face of WWE. Not some B Plus player. Not some sawed off little troll who is sitting in a hospital bed right now.

The A Plus Player fulfilled his prophecy last night when he became the face of the WWE. When he became the WWE Champion. Triple H says that he is happy to present that person right now . . . Randy Orton.

We have a group hug between Orton and the Helmsleys.

Stephanie tells everyone on the stage that Randy Orton is everyone’s champion. Randy represents all of you. He is what you strive to be. He tells everyone to show Randy the respect that he so richly deserves.

Randy says that having this title and being the WWE Champion means that he is better than you. Randy turns to the stage and he says that he is better than all of you. All of you fantasize about the day that you will take that title from him. It will not happen. You are born a success or you are not.

Randy says that he is the face of the WWE. He is the face of your superior. He wants to know if he is making himself clear.

Big Show’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and The Shield try to stop him but Show takes care of all three men for a moment but they get him on the floor. The Usos, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust take care of the Shield. We have a brawl on the stage while Big Show prepares to make his way to the ring.

Show gets in the ring and Randy, Hunter, and Stephanie leave the ring.

Show says that he knows about the restraining order. He will not sit by and let this turn his stomach. He wants to know what the worst that can happen to him. Will they arrest him? He has friends who will pay his bail.

Show says that his lawsuit will cost Hunter millions of dollars. He does not care if he bankrupts his throne. Show says that he has nothing to lose. Orton hits Show in the head with the title belt. Hunter and Stephanie tell Orton to finish him.

Show punches Orton and Orton is down.

Hunter gets on the apron and he has taken off his jacket. Stephanie holds Hunter back. Hunter moves towards the ring but it looks like Hunter has to back off when Show’s music plays.

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    Big show randy finish you at extrem rules with 2 RKO’s and with a running punt.You touched the viper he is still here but the viper bites you,you can’t alive.

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