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WWE championship: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
They went back and forth with some nice wrestling early. Orton worked him over with a side headlock. Bryan came back working over his arm and nailing some kicks. Orton cut him off with a hard shot to the head. Orton nailed a series of knees to the face.

Orton began working over Bryan’s arm but Bryan reversed and nailed a series of kicks to the chest. He scored with a Dragon Screw Legwhip and began working over Orton’s knee and ankle. He tied up Orton’s leg and began nailing forearms. Bryan followed up with chops and kicks in the corner.

Bryan set Orton on the top and followed but Orton shoved him off. Bryan was crotched on the top rope. Orton clotheslined him off the ropes and followed up with another short arm clothesline. Orton beat Bryan in the corner with punches.

Orton nailed a running clothesline in the corner. He went for another but Bryan kicked him off and nailed a clothesline for a two count. Orton nailed a big knee as Bryan charged him. He picked up Bryan and dropped him across the top rope.

Orton whipped Bryan into the corner but Bryan went up and over. Orton tossed him over the top but Bryan skinned the cat and nailed a rana over the top to the floor. Bryan pulled himself in and nailed a dive to the outside. He drilled Orton with a series of kicks to the chest and whipped him into the guard rail, then charged with a big dropkick on the floor.

Bryan tossed Orton in and went to the top rope for a big missile dropkick attempt. Orton caught him and slammed Bryan down with a powerbomb or a two count, then locked in a Boston Crab. Bryan tried to make it to the ropes but was dragged back to the center of the ring. The crowd chanted for Bryan, who turned himself around and went for a small package for a two count.

Bryan went for the Yes Lock but Orton grabbed the ropes before it could be cinched in and rolled outside. Bryan went for a sliding kick to the outside, but Randy avoided it and sent him into the steps. Orton grabbed Bryan’s arm and yanked him into the ringpost shoulder-first, then hit a belly to back suplex on the guard rail.

Orton dragged Bryan back into the ring and began beating him with right hands. Orton placed him on the top but was fought off. Bryan went to come off the ropes but Orton cut him off and nailed a superplex into the ring. Orton was dazed but covered Bryan for a two count.

Orton and Bryan battled back and forth with forearms, strikes and chops. Bryan got the better of the exchange but was kicked in the gut. He turned Orton’s offense into a backslide and a kick to the head for a two count. Orton rolled to the outside. Bryan went to suplex him into the ring but Orton reversed and Bryan took a suplex to the floor.

Orton began setting up the Spanish announcing table for plunder. He went for a powerbomb onto it but Bryan escaped, nailed a series of kicks and whipped Orton into the ringsteps. Bryan broke the referee’s count and went to the top with a flying attack to the floor.

Orton was tossed back into the ring and Bryan went to the top for the flying headbutt. He connected and covered Orton for a close two count. Bryan exploded with charging dropkick after charging dropkick un the corner, wiping Orton out.

Bryan began measuring and kicking Orton in the chest. Out of nowhere, Orton grabbed him with an exploder suplex. Orton nailed the hanging DDT off the ropes. He mocked Bryan and set up for the RKO. He went for it and missed. Bryan missed a kick. Orton rolled him up. Bryan kicked out and locked on the Yes Lock.

The Big Show’s music hit.

Show came out and pulled the referee out of the ring. Bryan questioned him and Show nailed a KO punch, then stood there outside angry with himself.

Brad Maddox sent another referee, who was the “fired” Scott Armstrong, out to the ring. He counted two, but Show pulled him out and KO’d Armstrong as well.

Maddox looked shocked and Orton was in the ring angry and disgusted.

Show got into the ring and stood over Orton. Orton began yelling at him about how much trouble Show is in and shoved him. Show KO’d Orton. The place went nuts for that.

They played Show’s music.

Maddox stood on the stage completely worried about what the hell just went down.

Show celebrated and yes, they went off the air with no winner.

So, there is no new champion.

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