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We are back and it is time for The Cutting Edge and Edge makes his way to the ring.

Edge says that Triple H has allowed him to come here and host The Cutting Edge because it’s what is good for business. Edge says that the only reason he is here is because of everyone in the arena. He says it doesn’t mean that he will forget what happened between him and Triple H on Raw. It does not mean that he will forget that he has no respect for Triple H. He will not forget that Triple H married into his job and somewhere he lost his genitals.

He is not going to forget what happened to his best friend Christian when Hunter’s goon squad attacked him. He tells Christian not to come back for one more match, but to tear them apart.

He hasn’t forgotten that the Cutting Edge is the show where you cut through the crap. He asks the tough questions. He brings out his guests, the two men who will compete for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

Edge brings out Randy Orton first.

Then Edge brings out Randy’s opponent on Sunday, Daniel Bryan.

Edge points out that there is an awkward amount of testosterone and he knows how these things end up so he wants to ask Randy the first question. Edge asks Randy how it feels to be a sell out.

Randy asks Edge if these are his tough questions. He says that it is nothing more than a cheap shot from a guy who is jealous that Randy is a ten time champion and is just a washed up talk show host who cannot wrestle any more.

Daniel wants Randy to show Edge some respect.

Edge says that Randy forget that he is an eleven time champion. This is about Daniel winning the title at Night of Champions.

Randy says that he is not a sell out. He did what Daniel or Edge would have done. He did what anyone would have done. He took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself him. The McMahons have looked to him to be the face of the company after ten years of John Cena. Unfortunately, Daniel Bryan was not part of that change.

He says that Daniel is a great wrestler and he has a nice little following. Daniel is good for business, but Randy says that he is best for business.

Edge says that he thinks he knows what is best for business. He says that the people think they know what is best for business. The crowd chants ‘Yes’. Edge asks Daniel if he thinks he is best for business.

Daniel says that he knows that the people want to put his fingers in the air and say ‘Yes’, but he doesn’t care what is best for business.

Randy calls Daniel naïve and says that Daniel will never be champion or the face of the business. He says that Daniel will just be a footnote.

Daniel tells Randy to shut up. He has been listening for weeks as Randy, Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon come out and talk about Randy is the face of WWE and what is best for business. This is not about adding numbers to a giant corporation. The best things in his life have nothing to do with what is best for business or what is best for the balance sheets or putting money in their pockets.

He is talking about love, satisfaction, passion, and about dreams. That is his dream and it is not on anybody else’s balance sheet. Daniel never dreamt of being the face of a corporation. All he ever dreamt about was holding that title. At Night of Champions, he will achieve his dream when he beats Randy and wins the WWE Championship.

Randy says that if Daniel wants the title so bad, he will do him one better. He will let Daniel achieve his dream tonight.

Orton attacks Bryan and he punches Daniel. Orton looks at Edge but Bryan puts Orton in the Yes Lock. Orton taps but it does not matter because this is not a match. Officials make their way to the ring to pull Bryan off Orton and Orton holds his shoulder.

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