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We are back and The McMahons are in the ring, The Shield are protecting the ring and the rest of the roster is on the stage.

Triple H makes his way to the ring.

Vince says that this is a wonderful night. Tonight is the night for the coronation of a new champion that everyone can be proud of. Vince says that he is most proud of his son-in-law. In the end, he did the right thing and he saw the light. Vince hugs Hunter.

Hunter asks if this is the time that he has to explain why he would screw over Daniel Bryan. He says that everyone is so short sighted. He did this to insure the future of the WWE. He did this for everyone. He did it for the wrestlers on the ramp. He did it for Vince McMahon. He did it for his grandfather Jess McMahon and his father Vince McMahon Senior. He did it for the genius who gave this to everyone.

He did this for his wife and their children so this would exist for the future.

Hunter says that he likes Daniel Bryan and he is a fan of what he does in the ring. Daniel is a very good little technician. He gave John Cena a hell of a match and he deserved to win. WWE Champion? Face of the WWE?

The crowd chants ‘Yes’ while Hunter says ‘no’. He says that the people deserve better than that. Everyone deserves better than that. They deserve A+, not B.

Hunter says that we don’t have to worry about Daniel Bryan’s personal problems. Did Hunter want to throw away the 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears? Hunter says that it hurt him to do this to Daniel Bryan.

Hunter asks if he liked doing this with the new WWE Champion? There is no love lost between them. There is a lot of water under that bridge, but he buried his personal feelings for what was right for the people. He buried all of his bitter feelings to do what was right for everyone.

For Daniel Bryan to say that he had a problem with that, he doesn’t care. Hunter tells Daniel that saying he has a problem with that is selfish. It is not all about him. Hunter tells Daniel he needs to check his ego at the door, just like him. It is about the WWE Universe. You do what is best for business.

Hunter says that he will put his personal feelings aside and he brings out the future and face of the WWE. The coal that has become a diamond. He introduces the new WWE Champion . . . Randy Orton.

Randy makes his way to the ring as only Randy Orton can. Randy makes it into the ring and he shakes Vince and Hunter’s hand and then he holds his hand for Stephanie, but she hugs him.

Randy says that he told everyone that when he cashed in, you would not see it coming. Now he stands before you for the tenth time as the Apex Predator of the WWE. Randy says that he is usually not one for thank yous, but he can make an exception. After what Hunter did for him, he is not ashamed to tell him that he owes all of this to him.

Orton shakes Hunter’s hand and they do the hug of respect. Orton says that everyone should stand up on their feet and show Hunter the respect that he deserves.

Hunter knows that Daniel Bryan is in the building so he wants to get this out in the open like men. He wants Daniel to come to the ring and tell him face to face. Daniel can have a good cry so he can move on with his career.

Hunter tells The Shield to move to the side since they are probably intimidating Daniel. Hunter tells anyone who touches Daniel on his way to the ring, there will be problems.

Hunter asks the people if they want to see Daniel and he gets them to start a ‘Yes’ chant. He even tells them to play Daniel’s music.

Daniel makes his way to the ring.

Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose attack Bryan before he enters the ring, but Bryan fights them off and he sends Reigns into the ring steps. Bryan and Ambrose exchange forearms and then Rollins goes after Bryan but Bryan with kicks. Bryan with a hip toss to Ambrose.

Reigns with a spear to Bryan and then Ambrose and Rollins kick him. Hunter stops them from giving Bryan a Cerberus Bomb.

Hunter wants Daniel to come into the ring to say what he has to say.

Bryan climbs into the ring but Orton with an RKO.

Hunter holds Orton’s hand and the McMahons celebrate.

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