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Renee Young introduces Christian and Randy Orton backstage. Renee says they already have a storied rivalry which will only continue tonight. Christian says he’s already beaten Randy for the World Heavyweight Championship, and tonight, he’s putting everyone on notice when he wins. Randy says Christian is going to learn firsthand why he’s the one everyone should be worried about. He’s going to beat Christian in one. More. Match.
Michael Cole and JBL hype up the imminent debut on The Wyatt Family, before throwing to one of their vignettes.

Randy Orton vs. Christian
They lockup and Orton takes Christian down before applying a front headlock. Christian whips Orton, but Orton counters with a shoulder block. Christian whips Orton again and hits a back elbow smash. He puts Orton in the corner and whips him to another corner. Orton pops out and hits a clothesline. Quick pin attempt. Christian hangs Orton on the second rope and stands on Orton’s shoulders. He hops over the top rope and attempts his signature uppercut, but Orton backs out of the way. Christian attempts to get back into the ring, but Orton kicks him and sets him up for his rope-hung DDT. Christian wriggles out as we head to commercial.

Christian is in control. He stomps on Orton, and Orton fights to his feet. They trade strikes, and Orton hits a Thesz Press. Christian rolls to the apron, stands up, and pulls Orton’s neck down on the top rope. Christian climbs to the rop rope and hits a cross body for a two-count. Christian applies a headlock. Orton elbows out of the hold and whips Christian hard into the corner. Both men are down, and they trade strikes on their knees. Both men get up, still trading strikes. Christian runs the ropes and runs into a dropkick. Orton hits a couple of clotheslines and goes for his powerslam, but Christian stops short and kicks Orton in the gut. Orton backs Christian into the corner and hits a 10 mounted punches. He whips Christian into another corner and Christian counters. Orton picks Christian up and hits his modified pumphandle drop for a two-count. Christian runs up to the corner and goes for a springboard. Orton motions for the RKO but Christian doesn’t jump. Orton rolls Christian up for a close two-count. Orton then hits a powerslam and both men are down. Christian gets up and goes for the Killswitch. Orton counters into an RKO attempt, which Christian counters into a back suplex. Christian backs into the corner, motioning for the Spear. Orton gets up and Christian connects for another two-count. Christian motions for the Killswitch, but Orton counters and sends Christian to the apron. Orton hits his rope-hung DDT and gets the crowd fired up. Randy motions for the RKO, but Christian pushes him in mid-air. Christian climbs the turnbuckle and jumps over a charging Orton. Christian turns around and walks right into an RKO, which gets the win.
Winner: Randy Orton

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