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Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring while Michael Cole talks about Randy Orton’s comments about Daniel being the weak link. Daniel mentions that on Monday night, something happened to him that has never happened before. In his thirteen years in this industry, he has never had a match stopped due to injury. When the doctor asked him if he could continue, he said ‘YES’. Unfortunately, the doctor and WWE Officials did not agree. Officially the company line is that they were concerned for his health, so they stopped the match.

Daniel says that they stopped the match because he is the weak link and that he is not tough enough. That is not the worst part of it. The worst offender and perpetrator is Randy Orton. Daniel shows us footage from the match. Daniel says that instead of fighting to keep that match going and pleading with doctors and officials to continue the match, Randy Orton picked him up and patted him on the head like he was his little brother or worse, like a little dog. He said ‘Don’t worry little Daniel, it will be okay.”

Daniel says that he saw nothing but pity. He does not care what the doctors or WWE officials think. He does not care what Randy Orton thinks. He will show that he is not the weak link and he will beat Randy Orton tonight. Daniel says ‘YES’ until Randy Orton’s music plays.

Randy makes his way to the ring and he tells Dan that he has it all wrong. The reason why the match was stopped was because people were concerned for his well-being. Randy wanted to stop but Daniel kept fighting. Randy says that made him respect Daniel more. Randy says that when he helped Daniel up, it was not because of pity. It was because of respect.

Daniel tells Randy not to patronize him. He can look Randy in the eye and he does not see an ounce of respect. All he sees is pity. He knows that Randy thinks he is the weak link. Daniel says that he will prove it tonight just like he proved it last week against the Shield. He will take all of this respect and shove it down Randy’s throat. Randy tells Daniel that he is way out of line. If he wants it that badly, they will fight. Orton tells Daniel that he will hurt him and tonight, when the officials stop the match, Daniel won’t be walking out, he will be carried out.

He tells Daniel to respect that and then he leaves the ring.

Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan
Bryan with a running knee to the head and then he punches Orton in the corner. Orton with punches of his own. Bryan with kicks to the leg and a head butt. Orton sends Bryan into the turnbuckles and he punches Bryan. Orton with a European uppercut to Bryan and then he stands on the leg and he stomps on it. Orton with a head butt and punch. Orton with more head butts and Bryan with punches and kicks.

Bryan climbs the turnbuckles and punches Orton. Orton blocks a suplex and then he hits a suplex of his own. Orton stomps on Bryan’s head but he misses a leaping knee drop. Bryan with kicks and then he applies a leg submission. Orton with a side head lock after escaping. Bryan with an atomic drop to the knee and then he tries for the No Lock but Orton is able to fight Bryan off.

Orotn with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Orton gets back to his feet first and Orton drops Bryan on the top rope. Orton tries to suplex Bryan to the floor but Daniel blocks it. Bryan with punches to the midsection and head. Orton drops Bryan on the top rope and then he suplexes Bryan over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bryan punches Orton but Orton with a drop kick and Randy gets a near fall. Orton puts Bryan on the turnbuckles and he punches Daniel. Orton sets for the superplex but Bryan blocks it. Bryan with punches and he sends Orton to the mat with a head butt. Bryan with a missile drop kick.

Bryan hits the running drop kick into the corner and then he connects with kicks of Yes and then he hits a hesitation drop kick and gets a near fall. Bryan with punches and kicks while he tells Orton that he is not the weak link. Bryan flips out of the corner on an Irish whip and Orton anticipates the flying clothesline and he is able to hit a power slam for a near fall.

Orton with European uppercuts but Bryan with a backslide for a near fall. Bryan with Kicks of Yes to the chest and then he hits the round kick but Orton kicks out at two. Bryan goes up top for the diving head butt, but Orton recovers and he crotches Bryan. Orton punches Bryan on the turnbuckle and then he hits the superplex.

Orton gets a near fall. Orton sends Bryan to the apron for the IEDDT and he hits it. Orton looks around for the spot for the RKO and then he twists to the at for the push ups. Bryan rolls to the floor and Orton follows. Orton with a back drop driver onto the ringside barrier and then Orton tries for an IEDDT from the apron to the floor but Bryan sends Orton into the ringside barrier.

Bryan with a flying knee off the apron and the referee makes his count. Bryan with a suicide dive onto Orton and the referee starts his count again. Both men are down but Bryan is able to get back into the ring at nine while Orton cannot beat the ten count.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (by count out)

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