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The Shield vs Randy Orton, Big Show, and Sheamus

The Shield make their way through the huge crowd, as is tradition.
Reigns and Sheamus start things off. They lock up and Reigns with punches but Sheamus punches back. Sheamus with a knee and he sends Reigns into the turnbuckles. Reigns punches Sheamus. Sheamus with an Irish whip but Reigns with an elbow. Sheamus with a clothesline and forearm to the back. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and Sheamus with punches and a short arm clothesline for a near fall.

Orton tags in and they send Reigns to the mat. Orton with a leaping knee drop and then he stomps on Reigns’ head and he does the Garvin stomp. Reigns with a knee and forearm. He tags in Rollins and Orton with a drop kick. Orton sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and Orton climbs the turnbuckles and punches Rollins. Orton with a slingshot suplex and he tags in Sheamus.

Sheamus with a punch to the midsection and forearm to the back. Sheamus misses a short arm clothesline and Rollins with a drop kick to the knee. Ambrose tags in and he kicks Sheamus until the referee pulls him off. Sheamus with punches and a knee. Sheamus with a power slam and he gets a near fall.

Show makes the tag because he did not want to be left out and Show with a head butt. Show pulls off Ambrose’s vest and Show with a chop to the exposed flesh. Show with more chops followed by an Irish whip and running butt splash but Ambrose with a drop kick to the knee. Rollins tags in and he hits a knee off the turnbuckles followed by boots to the head to keep Show on the mat.

Rollins with a near fall but a powerful kick out. Reigns tags in and he hits a flying forearm and he gets a near fall. Reigns with a forearm to the head and he tags in Ambrose. Ambrose kicks Show and connects with forearms. Ambrose with a kick and then he rubs his forearm across Show’s brow.

Rollins tags in and he kicks Show and punches him. Rollins with a forearm to the back and kicks. Rollins with a flying knee and he takes Show down again and he gets a near fall. Reigns tags in and he connects with a head butt. Reigns with a reverse chin lock. Show with a Saito suplex and both men are down.

Rollins tags in and he kicks Orton off the apron and then Show with a back drop from his knees. Sheamus tags in and he hits two running double sledges and he sends Rollins into the corner and then he hits the running knee lift. Sheamus sends Rollins to the apron for the forearms across the chest and then Ambrose makes the blind tag. Sheamus with the forearms across the chest to Ambrose.

Sheamus brings Ambrose in and he hits the Finlay slam. He does the same to Rollins and he lands on Ambrose. Sheamus goes up top but Reigns pulls Sheamus off the turnbuckles. Ambrose and Reigns go after Sheamus. Orton fights off Ambrose and Reigns but Rollins with a suicide dive and he hits the ringside barrier.

They get Sheamus up for the Cerberus Bomb but Show spears all three men. Sheamus crawls to his corner and Show wants the tag but Orton steals the tag and he clotheslines Ambrose twice. Ambrose misses a clothesline and Orton with a power slam and he sends Ambrose into the ropes for the IEDDT and he connects. Orton twists into the mat and he waits for the RKO but Rollins comes off the turnbuckles. Orton RKOs Rollins off the turnbuckles and Reigns with a spear to Orton and Ambrose gets the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins

Post Match: Show gets into the ring and he takes off his knee pad and he wants to know what Orton did taking the tag. Sheamus is on the floor. Show punches Sheamus when he enters the ring and then Show punches Orton.

2 Comments on “Wrestlemania 29 Results and Photos

  1. Kristan Dean
    / Reply

    I think this is really messed up. Show doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and instead of recognizing that his partners tried really hard, he turns on them. Show reminds me of a big child, pouting and throwing a tantrum every time he doesn’t get what he wants. Show is a big man, and he has the potential to be something great, and to be loved by many, but his attitude ruins his image completely. He’s more focused on being a huge monster rather than an amazing wrestler. As far as Randy taking the tag, if Sheamus offered it to him then he was right to take it. At least he got in there to try. Show needs an attitude adjustment and Randy & Sheamus need to find a better partner, one that they can trust. They need someone like Kofi Kingston.

  2. Montasia
    / Reply

    I love Randy he’s so cute<3 and a really good wrestler I only watch it wen hes on XD<3

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