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Randy Orton & Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars
Orton and Sandow lock up. Side headlock on Orton. Orton pushes out, Orton under then over and gives a back elbow. Another blow, then snap suplex on Sandow for two. Orton tags out. Sheamus with his battering ram on Sandow for two. Arm bar on Sandow, but Sheamus eats a forearm. Into the heel corner and Rhodes tags in. Rhodes on Sheamus, but then Rhodes up and eats a rolling senton on Rhodes for two. Big kick to Rhodes’ shoulder, but then Sheamus low roped from the ring. Clothesline to Sheamus by Sandow outside. Rhodes out and rolls Sheamus in for two.

Sandow tags in and on Sheamus with blows. Knee drop on Sheamus for two. Rhodes tags in and kicks Sheamus in the fans. More kicks, then a knee to Sheamus’ face for two. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up with blows, then blocks Rhodes and hits a short clothesline. Orton calls to Sheamus and gets the tag.

Clotheslines, then that power slam on Rhodes. T-bone from Orton for two. Rhodes to the apron, but Sandow pulls Rhodes from the apron. Orton out and on Sandow with blows, but Rhodes sends Orton into the post head first. Rhodes stomps his former mentor outside the ring, then sends him in. Rhodes in and tags out.

Sandow holds Orton’s arm up and drops knees to his ribs for two. Side Russian leg sweep followed by the elbow of disdain for two. Rhodes tags in and stomps Orton. Rhodes elevates Orton and lands him on the mat, but Orton lands more on his knee than anything. Rhodes climbs, but Orton trips him up and Rhodes is crotched. Orton up and hits his father’s superplex on Rhodes. Both hit the back of their heads and are down.
Both tag out. Clotheslines on Sandow, then a shoulder in the corner. High knee, then forearms to Sandow over the top rope. Sandow brought in the hard way. Sandow up and holds him there like he weighs nothing, then white noise. Sandow pulls himself up in a corner as Sheamus calls for it. Rhodes rushes in, Sheamus ducks him, but Rhodes right into an RKO. Brogue kick to Sandow for three.
Winners – Orton & Sheamus (8:03)

During the commercial Orton and Sheamus get into it with The Shield. Rollins with a flying knee to Orton’s head off the stage. Spear on the stage from Reigns leaves Sheamus in a heap. Cole asks who will stop The Shield?

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    Hi randy.I’m from iran.I think you are the next world heviweight champion ship.oh yea

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