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Booker’s music hits and Cole says he never thought he’d be so glad to see Booker! Booker to the stage, but Punk says that no one wants to hear from him, this isn’t his show, hit the bricks.

Booker says that’s not true, as Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie allowed him to come out and decide Punk’s fate. He won’t he’s letting the fans do it.

Punk asks Booker if he’s drunk putting it in the hands of these people!

They’re on the Road To WrestleMania, so why not have Punk face one of his past WrestleMania opponents? WrestleMania 26, Rey? Like that? Or maybe WrestleMania 27, Orton? Or, maybe his last WrestleMania opponent, Jericho! “Y2J!” chants. Booker tells the ‘Universe’ to download the App and vote for who Punk should face.

Orton, on the WWE App says he beat Punk, in Atlanta, so he should face him tonight. Punk running his mouth? He can fix that with an RKO.

Cole talks about the App being overloaded and having to send people to King has the mic and talks about the voting for Punk’s match tonight.
Orton – 30%
Rey – 13%
Jericho – 57%

Orton vs Barrett
Orton to the ring. Barrett out to face him. Video of Dallas saying he eliminated Barrett at the Royal Rumble, then pinned Barrett in the ring the next night. It wasn’t a fluke, that underdog has a bite. Video of Barrett calling out Dallas last week on RAW, but then getting beaten by him. Barrett attacked Dallas backstage on Smackdown.

Barrett on Orton with blows and into a corner. The ref pulls Barrett off. Barrett ducks a clothesline, but into a Thesz Press and blows form Orton. Upper cuts from Orton, then a big clothesline. Barrett rolls out, Orton out after him and Barrett is face first into the apron a couple times, then back slammed on the barricade. King and Cole talk about Barrett’s nose and that it doesn’t need any more abuse after his bare fighting. Back in the ring Orton gets two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. Barrett tries to send Orton out, but he doesn’t go over, so Barrett keeps working him in the ring until Orton rolls out. Orton into the apron, then rolled back into the ring for two.

Elbow drops on Orton. Cole is talking about Barrett’s foot long scar, but is remembering the word knuckle now. Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton works to his feet, and elbows free. Rights to Barrett, then a couple big clotheslines. That sick power slam on Barrett. Barrett on the apron, and Barrett eats Orton’s DDT. Orton is ready, but Barrett rolls out. Orton out and rolls Barrett back in. Barrett with a big side slam on Orton for two.

Orton up on Barrett’s shoulders, but elbows free. Barrett ducks the RKO. Orton ducks Barrett’s big boot and comes back with his RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (4:55)

Orton poses and pops his pecs for the fans.

They stand over Maddox, and Cena’s music hits. Cena is coming through the stands. Then “Feed me more!” and Ryback is coming through the stands. Then Sheamus’ music and he struggles through the fans who are blocking him all the way. They get to ringside and they flee up the ramp, but the locker room clears to stop, led by Orton, but right with him is Funkasaurus, Santino, Kofi, Kane, Bryan.

The Shield flee back to the ring, trapped. Cena slowly up on the apron, as are Sheamus and Ryback. Ryback licks his lips. Cena smirks. They get into the ring together. Sheamus with Ambrose, Ryback with Rollins, Cena with Reigns. They gain control over The Shield. Reigns flees, then Rollins, and then Ambrose, all flee through the crowd. Cena’s music plays as they stare back down into the ring licking their wounds and making bad guy faces.

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