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Randy Orton vs Kane
Orton out to the ring. Fire erupts, and Kane comes out to the ring. Fire from all four.
Orton waves some smoke from a corner before a side headlock on Kane. Kane pushes off and hits a shoulder block on Orton. They circle, then Orton on Kane with blows, then on Kane’s left arm. Orton whipped, but puts a foot up for Kane. Orton sits up top and forearms on Kane’s chest over his shoulder. Kane comes back with a blow that knocks Orton to the floor!

Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton to his feet, elbows out, then kicks a telegraphing Kane. Orton runs the ropes, right into a big boot for a long two. Kane stomps Orton on the mat. Another boot to the head of Orton. Kane grinds his knee into Orton’s face. Orton eats corner, but then they exchange blows. Big DDT to Orton for two. Kane wrenches Orton’s head to the side, then locks on a chinlock. Kane yells at Randy to kick out, but then the “Randy!” chants start. Orton whipped, eats a clothesline. Orton whipped again, but side steps Kane and is up there on the corner with blows. Big drop kick on Kane. Orton stomps around on Kane. Kane comes back with blows and a low drop kick on a sitting Orton for two.

Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up and free through blows. Orton ducks Kane, then hits his (not the best) powerslam. Kane up and hits a ‘vintage’ sidewalk slam for two. Kane to the apron, then climbs. Kane flies and Orton ducks. Orton sends Kane to the apron, but Kane back through and then sends Orton over, but he gets caught on the top rope and lands badly up there. Bryan stomps out the ring to distract Kane. RKO and it’s over!
Winner – Orton (9:52)
Bryan stands outside staring at Kane in the ring as Orton poses. Video of the end of the match. Orton continues to pose, Kane is on the mat struggling to regain his composure.

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  1. sushrut
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    That was great Randy!, Totally awesome, that was a cool match and espcially when you gave RKO to kane!

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