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EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie says that tonight is RAW Roulette. There’s three wheels – the wheel of Superstars, the wheel of stipulations, and third is Vickie Vegas Challenge. Tonight Cesaro will face Orton, the stipulation will be – she spins – Special Guest Ref!

Orton vs Cesaro w/ Special Guest Ref – Miz
Orton slowly to the ring. Orton poses in a corner. Cesaro out to face him. Miz out in zebra stripes.

Orton pins Cesaro for two. Orton sets Cesaro up and hits a suplex for two. Orton is blocked, then eats a corner. Cesaro beats Orton down with blows in a corner, but Miz cuts him off. Orton out, but whipped. Orton out with a big clothesline, then plants Cesaro for two. Back slam on Cesaro for two. Cesaro rolls out, Miz out after him. Cesaro with kicks and upper cuts outside. Miz starts to count. Orton blocks Cesaro, then lands Cesaro back first on the barrier. Cesaro sells the pain, then is sent partially in the ring. Orton with upper cuts on Cesaro who is hanging off the apron. Orton in and stomps Cesaro. Orton slingshots Cesaro up into the bottom rope for two.

Again Cesaro blocks Orton in a corner and comes back with blows. They exchange upper cuts. Cesaro gets the upper hand, but then Orton stops himself in the ropes and elevates Cesaro up and out. Orton out with a big clothesline outside.

Side headlock on Orton, but Cesaro back slams free of the hold. Both are down on the mat. JBL is shocked that Miz is being unbiased. Cesaro and Orton fight on the apron over a corner. Orton gets hung up top. Cesaro out to send Orton back in for two. Reverse chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton really sells the hold. “Let’s go Randy!” chants. Orton up and blows on Cesaro, but then Orton runs into a big slam for two. Double foot drop on Orton, then Cesaro picks Orton up into a gut wrench slam for two. Cesaro slaps the back of Orton’s head a couple times, mocking him.

Another chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up and free through blows. Orton blocks a slam and hits a couple clotheslines, then his power slam. Cesaro is whipped, but gets a knee up. Beautiful flying upper cut off the corner on Orton for two. Cesaro in Miz’s face arguing about the count. Back breaker on Cesaro who rolls to the apron. Orton sets up, but an eye poke from Cesaro stops the move. Cesaro with blows to Orton in a corner. Miz pulls him back, they are arguing a lot. Miz backs off as Orton approaches Cesaro from behind. RKO and it’s over as JBL screams about the bias!

Winner – Orton (12:45)

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