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Beat The Clock Challenge Match – Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton
Cesaro is in the ring waving his USA flag. Orton’s music hits and he comes slowly to the ring. They circle. Cesaro quickly rolls Orton for two. Orton into a corner and rolls Cesaro up for two. Orton knocks Cesaro to the mat for two. Hammerlock on Orton who reverses and is reversed into a side headlock on Orton. Cesaro takes Orton down in the headlock, and keeps it on until they’re up. Cesaro with a shoulder block on Orton for two. Side headlock back on Orton. “Randy!” chants. To the ropes and Cesaro doesn’t give a clean break. Blows to Orton and Cesaro runs the ropes and into a Thesz Press. Blows on Cesaro, then Orton kicks Cesaro in the chest and runs his laces over Cesaro’s face. Cesaro grabs Orton in a small package for two. Drop kick on Cesaro for two.
Cesaro rolls out, Orton out with a clothesline, then rolls Cesaro back in for two. 3:00 into the match and both are on the mat.

Orton backed into a corner. Orton set up top, Cesaro climbs. Cesaro sets Orton up, but Orton with blows and knocks Cesaro down. Orton with blows, but Cesaro up and pushes Orton off the corner to the floor. Cesaro out and grabs Orton to send him back into the ring for two. Cesaro picks Orton up in a gut wrench and flings him. Cesaro pins Orton for two, twice. 8:20 and Cesaro locks on a reverse chinlock. Orton up and free through blows. Orton rushes Cesaro and into a scoop slam that Orton does a lot of the work.
Back to the reverse chinlock on Orton. Cesaro whipped, gets a foot up, but runs into Orton’s clotheslines. Power slam from Orton. Cesaro to the apron, but Cesaro counters with a jackknife counter at 10:00! Sick upper cut on Orton for two. Cesaro pins Orton again, but only gets two for his trouble. Cesaro pulls Orton to his knees, then to his feet. Orton shoulder first into the corner post. Orton hits the floor outside.
Cesaro out and sends Orton back into the ring. Cesaro slides in and eats an RKO for three.
Winner – Orton (11:36)

Orton celebrates in the ring while Cole talks about the other opponents and how they have to beat Orton’s time to pick their Royal Rumble Match number.

In Ring: Cena out to the stage and says, that’s the way to San Jose. It’s true, it’s calling my name. Cena to the ring and grabs a mic, then poses and his music keeps going. When it stops the heat can be heard. Lively bunch tonight, huh? Cena laughs through the heat and holds the mic out. They probably had a restful weekend, because on the 7th day is rest. Traditionally the 7th day was rest. Like him or not, it’s a day to do what you want. Cena points to one kid who looks like he could be Sheamus’ little brother, but wearing a Ryback shirt. Cena says he’s sure he likes Sunday as it’s a day off from school, right? Homework is always done early, right? He calls his friends and go out and play, right? Wait, kids today don’t use the phone and don’t go out and play. They probably play video games, right? You’re the 10th level prestige keeping me at noob on Black Ops 2, aren’t you? The kid nods and smiles. You’re ruining my cyber life, can you please give me a break? Between you and me, when we’re playing the game, my username is… Cena looks embarrassed, then says his username is skidmarks187. Don’t laugh, this is a judgment free Zone! I’m a grown man, I eat Fruity Pebbles, I play video games, I do what I want on a Sunday!

Like you, young lady in the hat and white shirt. He’s sure her Sundays are spent reliving her Saturdays. Lady’s night out, have some fun. Then on Sunday get up and post a few pictures, but only the ones you’re in, we know the rules. Probably off to the gym with a 12$ coffee, then yoga class and post a pic of you doing the downward dog. (Cena gives eyebrow here to show his meaning, because we have no clue what the innuendo is – as if she wasn’t blushing enough already.) Then back to the apartment and YouTube. Listen to some Taylor Swift, manage your last breakup, or maybe some Nicki Minaj because you met a guy last night you might have a future with. Here’s the problem with the guy you met last night is right there (the chubby guy who didn’t want to hug his friend earlier).

And you sir, I have lived your Sunday a thousand times. Wake up about 2pm surrounded by bodily fluids. Maybe yours, maybe not, I don’t know. There’s a receipt in your pocket for 168 Jager Bombs and two blow up dolls. And you can only find one doll. There’s a beautiful tattoo of Judge Joe Brown on your left shoulder and you have no idea how it got there. On top of that you find out you’ve Bret Farve’d yourself on Facebook. That don’t mean throwing a touchdown.

What he’s saying is that they all do different things on Sunday, except this Sunday! Because everybody in this building knows this Sunday is the Royal Rumble Match. And everyone around the world knows that if you win the Royal Rumble Match, you’ve got a golden ticket to WrestleMania! Right now everybody in the WWE ‘Universe’ is picking who they think will win or not win this Sunday. This Sunday, unlike any other Sunday, Superstars can be born! History can be made! This Sunday will be an all out war! (Very little reaction to Cena here.) So this Sunday, the video games will be on pause, the yoga at home, the hangovers have to wait to Sunday night. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Arizona or watching at home, the world will find out what he already knows! Dueling chants for Cena.

“This Sunday I will win the Royal Rumble!”
Sheamus’ music hits and he comes out and says it was a bizarre, creative, yet passionate speech, but he has it wrong, the man who wins the Royal Rumble this year is the man who won it last year. It’s a simple case of deja vous…
Prime Time Players’ music hit and out they come, O’Neil with his annoying whistle. He asks what he’s talking about fella? Saying he’s going to win the Royal Rumble…

Orton’s music and out he comes and says he didn’t come out to dance or talk deja vous, but he could. He came out to say you’re looking at the man who’s going to win the Royal Rumble.
Miz’s music and he comes out with really? Really? Really? He’s going to make it short and sweet. He’s going to win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event WrestleMania again because I’m the Miz and I’m…
Fire erupts and Bryan comes out with Kane. He asks Kane if he’s shocked that they’re all arguing about who’s going to win? Kane says he’s going to win the Royal Rumble Match. That starts them arguing.
Cesaro comes out and says he’s going to win the Royal Rumble Match and will dedicate his victory to his home away from home, the USA.
3MB comes out. Slater’s mic doesn’t work at first, then Drew says they’re delusional. Mahal says one member will record their name into history after they win the Royal Rumble Match.
The ring fills with more men and they all fight. Khali, Clay, Rhodes, McGillicutty, Usos, Yoshi. McGillicutty throws someone out of the ring. Gabriel, Young, Drew, McGillicutty are all tossed out of the ring. More fighting in the ring from Ryback. Another member of 3MB tossed out as RAW fades out.

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