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Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Barrett already in the ring. Orton out to face him.
They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. Barrett without a clean break. Barrett runs the ropes into a Thesz Press, then beats on Barrett. They end up outside. Barrett tries to get the upper hand, but Orton blocks. Barrett eats the top of announce. Upper cut, then Barrett into the barrier and hits the floor. Back into the ring Orton pins for two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. A boot to Barrett’s head. Orton sends Barrett out. Cole says this is episode 1,025, over 2,090 hours of TV entertainment.

Orton elbows out of a chinlock, but then right into a high knee. During the break Barrett blocked Orton and sent him out to the floor. He’s back on Orton with a reverse chinlock on the mat. The fans behind Orton as he gets to his feet and headbutts free. Barrett telegraphs and is kicked, but then Barrett takes Orton down again for two. Barrett sets Orton up on the apron, then kicks Orton in the head for two. Reverse chinlock on the mat, but Orton struggles to his knees, then reaches for the ropes. Orton to his feet and suplexes free of Barrett.

Both slow to their feet. They exchange blows. Kicks and blows from Barrett. Orton whipped, but comes out with a clothesline. More clothesline, then that sick power slam. Barrett on the apron, Orton approaches and Barrett hangs him up top. Orton in and feeds Barrett a backbreaker. Barrett to the apron and he eats Orton’s ‘vintage’ DDT! JBL calls it ‘vintage’, mocking Cole. Orton pounds the mat, but Barrett up and pushes Orton off. Orton shoulder first into the corner, then he eats Barrett’s elbow for three.
Winner – Barrett (10:04)

In Ring: Justin announces Mick Foley to the ring as the first inductee into the WWE HOF, Class of 2013. Fans were chanting for Foley before his music hit. He comes out in his Wanted shirt, flannel shirt, and black WWE shirt over it all. On announce they discuss which face will be inducted? “Foley!” chants.
He thanks for the chants, then a cheap pop for the fans, and then The Shield’s ‘music’ hits. The Shield comes through the stands. Foley drops the mic and gets ready for them. The surround the ring, but Foley motions for them to get in there.

“Feed me more!” Foley slides from the ring as they turn and wait for Ryback. They’re all over Ryback, but he tosses them off. Ambrose and Rollins out, then Reigns flattened. They come back in and jump Ryback. Orton in, but Ryback is down and they’re all on Orton. Sheamus rushes down and gets in the fray. An upper cut, then Reigns tossed out. Ambrose is left in the ring, so Ryback grabs him up, marches and hits shellshocked. The Shield back up the ramp together looking a bit worse for wear, Ryback pulls down his straps, this time a red singlet, and is ready for more. He, Orton and Sheamus line up inside the ring, still ready for more.

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