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Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Randy speaks of saying that tonight is the first Smackdown of 2013, he will make his New Year’s Resolution short and sweet. Randy said he will be World Heavyweight Champion. Orton says a while ago, Smackdown was his show. To change that, Orton says he has entered into the Royal Rumble. Sheamus interrupts and makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus says he isn’t here to steal Orton’s thunder, but came out to say he wants to be World Heavyweight Champion once again. Sheamus says he too will be in the Royal Rumble. Sheamus says he also came to thank Randy when he helped take out The Shield. Orton says he did it for him, just like the Rumble. Sheamus reminds Randy that he won last year, and Randy says that would make it better. Sheamus asks Randy if he Brouge Kicks Randy’s head off, but his body stays in the ring, would it count as elimination. Big Show interrupts.

Big Show says they might get a chance to get to his title, but all they will get a shot at is his fist. Show says Sheamus’ 2013 will be the same as 2012, him losing. Show says Orton can try, but will stomp the snake into the grown. Show says he is the most dominant champion the WWE has seen. Antonio Cesaro interrupts.

Cesaro says typical Americans. Sheamus reminds Antonio that he is Irish, but Cesaro says that is even worse. Antonio says he has been speaking of the fat, lazy Americans. Orton asks if he would like this fat, lazy American to RKO both him and Show. Booker T interrupts.
Booker says he knows none of them like each other, but Big Show will team up with Antonio Cesaro against Sheamus and Randy Orton later tonight.

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton and Sheamus
Sheamus and Cesaro start off with a lock up, as Cesaro locks in a Side Headlock. Sheamus backs Cesaro into the ropes, but Antonio takes him down with a shoulder. They lock up again, but Sheamus gets the Side Headlock. Cesaro backs Sheamus into the ropes, but he is taken down with shoulders. Orton is tagged, as he stomps Cesaro. Orton connects with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro puts Orton in the corner, and punches Orton;s gut. Orton has his whip reversed, but takes Cesaro out with a Lariat. Sheamus is tagged as he whips Cesaro into the corner. Antonio elbows Sheamus, putting him back in the corner. Cesaro is taken out with a shoulder after Sheamus explodes out of the corner. Orton is tagged, as he punches Cesaro from the top rope. Orton connects with a European Uppercut. Sheamus is tagged, as he goes for a Suplex. Cesaro knees Sheamus in the gut. Cesaro tags Show, as he punches Sheamus in the gut. Show continues the attack in the corner. Show goes to attack Orton, but Randy backs up. Sheamus and Orton take out Sheamus over the top rope.

Cesaro whips Sheamus to the corner, but is put on the apron. Sheamus hits Cesaro’s chest 10 times, following with a Suplex into the ring. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro connects with a Chin Breaker, and kicks Sheamus. Show makes the blind tag, Spearing Sheamus. Show whips Sheamus into the corner, as he stands on Sheamus’ chest. Show headbutts Sheamus. Show connects with a Body Slam, following with an Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Sheamus is punched in the corner, but Sheamus fights back. Show attempts to run into a cornered Sheamus, but missed. Sheamus is caught in a Chokeslam. Pin, but a kick out. Show misses with the KO Punch, but Sheamus connects with a Brouge Kick. Sheamus tags Orton, and Show tags Cesaro. Antonio is taken out with a Scoop Slam. Cesaro is put in a DDT, but throws Orton to the floor. Orton snaps Cesaro’s neck against the ropes. Sheamus tags Orton, as he takes out Cesaro with White Noise. Sheamus calls for a Brouge Kick, but Randy connects with an RKO. Sheamus reluctantly pins for the win.
Winners: Randy Orton and Sheamus via pinfall

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